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  1. 2 hours ago, SabineKey said:

    The problem with both this study and your suggested one just provide a label to throw out to negate a point of view. I don't think any of the users who have posted in this thread about their dislike for TLJ are Russian bots, thus should not be ignored as such. Even if the conclusions of the study that sparked this thread are correct (I don’t know, I have not looked into it myself), there still are people out there who dislike TLJ and they shouldn’t have their opinions thrown away because bots were programmed to echo a similar sentiment.

    And this is all still true when you switch sides with your suggested study. There would still be non-“npc” Defenders who also should not be dismissed for the labels of others. 

    Thus we are left with two group who disagree, which is what we started with. The studies might be interesting, but both are, in my opinion, ultimately useless.

    It was more of an offhand thought than anything and I agree with you. My issue with this study was the whole Russian bots thing to start then the methodology once I read the whole thing, the NPC business just happened to flare up since then and I find the comparison amusing.

  2. 12 hours ago, Sasajak said:

    Political polls are usually based on a 1000 people here in the U.K. on a voting population of 45 million... laughably small or statistically enough to draw conclusions?

    For a political poll that may be enough but the 2016 US elections are a good indicator just how skewed and incorrect polls can be. In this particular case though they are looking at tweets directed towards Johnson specifically. As mithril2098 points out it's probably going to be the most disgruntled or purposeful people out of a wider community who are going to tweet angrily to the director as opposed to having an open conversation so I don't think the numbers are indicative of the whole. 

    I suspect though if the dislike of TLJ was more numerous in the sample then the conclusion would have more emphasis on the haters being racist, sexist, white males (which was already pointed out quite a bit in the summaries of the groupings).

  3. TL:DR 

    This study was based on tweets specifically directed at Rian Johnson within an 8 month period after the release. It counted tweets from 967 separate users, of those 206 were negative and about 50% were from people labeled as bots/ trolls or politically motivated. In this particular sample it get's the authors point across but is a laughably small section of the actual discussion of TLJ.

  4. Interesting to see Disney giving Polygon a second shot after Tron Uprising failed. I don't dislike the style they use but the colors are a bit bright for it. I also don't see the show doing well but we'll see.

    Thoroughly enjoying the like to dislike ratio. Must be those pesky haters again, god can't you all just get over TLJ.

  5. 9 minutes ago, Sekac said:

    There's a difference between hating a choice and being vocal about it, and attacking the actors for their participation.

    I still hate Jar Jar Binks, but I have never, and would never lay my issues at Ahmed Best's feet.

    Agreed, but Jar Jar and by extension Ahmed have been getting **** from a way bigger proportion of Star Wars fans for almost two decades. It might have been less noteworthy though because he didn't have an Instagram account to shut down back then.

  6. 11 hours ago, Admiral Deathrain said:

    Don't forget SJW, cuck, snowflakes...both sides burry themselves in buzzwords that through their thoughtless use have become meaningless. The extremists reflect badly on us and I want them to go away, because they do not in any way represent the star wars community I experienced around here and in real life.

    The community has room for people who hate movies from the franchise, in fact that is one of its defining features. You are free to hate the sequels or the prequels, even the OT, and you are free to express that. What this community doesn't have room for are bullies with pea-sized egos that feel the need to output so much hate on to individual actors (Jake Lloyd was just a kid ffs). KMT is just another case of a series that shouldn't have started in the first place.

    This thread is not about telling people to go out and become cringeworthy bullyhunters. It is just highlighting an issue and asking those who cause it to get lost.

    I did say in a later post that I should have included slurs aimed at the left as well there. That post has since been reported and removed for questionable reasons (I understand why, I just don't particularly agree with it). I don't condone the attacks but I don't especially care either. Celebrities on social media should anticipate some harassment, that's just how it works since throwing rotting vegetables is assault now in most places. Granted some is not what KMT has been receiving as I've gathered from this thread.

  7. 10 minutes ago, kris40k said:

    You know, Blod, you aint helping the situation with that broad brush you keep painting with. You keep repeating yourself like it means something while being totally off-base.

    You can not like Rian Johnson, Kathleen Kennedy, etc., without being a alt-right a-hole.

    The easiest way to silence opinions you disagree with is to label the people with those opinions as something vehement. See racists, misogynists, deplorables, etc. It's a simple way to elevate themselves and their position in the same vein of virtue signalling which we see of a lot of in this thread.

  8. 5 minutes ago, xanderf said:

    Uhhh...that's, like, been there since 1977.

    "Hey, we don't serve their kind, here!"

    I mean...you get where that phrase has been used before, right?  Especially in 1977.  That can't have been accidental.  It's true that the main Star Wars stories about the Skywalker family haven't really done much more with that arc, but it's definitely always been there in the background - like a lot of stuff we saw more clearly in Solo than in previous movies.

    Not to say that isn't the point of that scene but would you really want clunky things taking up space in your cantina if they weren't going to order anything?

  9. Well yes. If a droid gets completely vaporized or what have you then it's done but standard damage we see to them is a few blasters hits and the lights go out. You can resuscitate a human after their heart stops too and they'll live. Difference is you have to do substantially more destructive damage to a droid to 'kill' it in the same way as a biologic. Whatever their entity is stored in can typically be saved in the cases of character droids we see dying. We see exactly that with L3.

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