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  1. Two in one day here which they didn't even let me know which posts did it, just 'abusive behaviour' what ever that means on the internet. Mods were already getting lazy and now they are gone.
  2. There isn't one really. The best outcome would be economic sanctions driving to country wide Hong Kong style protests. From there the CCP leadership is ousted. Of course at that point another strong arm leader takes their place and the anger is redirected outwards and they start the cycle anew. There isn't really an answer (moral that is) to China which is why not much of anything will happen. I can give you what IMO is the most effective solution that upholds the western status quo if you want.
  3. Ontario is doing a staggered re-opening on a month by month basis which looks promising as things are already on the upturn. Thankfully there are many programs in place in Canada to support people but economically we are ******. We can mitigate but there's no stopping what's coming now. I'd prefer that things stay closed for awhile to keep people safe but I also understand why people want things to open. My one hope from all this is that the West bullies the **** out of China and knock them back a decade or two so they don't sprint to first place in anymore fields.
  4. Disregard that, I got duped by a friend trying to rile me up with a modified article.
  5. Looks promising, I want this to be good and it's on the right track.
  6. Some people's "suffering" is more comical than anything so it can't be helped. Over the past 5 years there have been unscrupulous individuals who would have you believe that those who disliked tfa and TLJ were trying to ruin the franchise for those that didn't. Given that Disney went and did it themselves is just sublime. 👌
  7. In retrospect and entirely unironically, Palp coming back was the highlight of the ST.
  8. No emoji is suitable for my current mirth.
  9. Other than the creator maybe, I might be the only person who genuinely likes the Suncrusher. Other than looking a bit goofy it's a 10/10 superweapon.
  10. Easily the greatest loss from the EU.
  11. Its also seems like that's another supremacy type ship just hovering as opposed to a building.
  12. They literally take over the galaxy in a day or so between tfa and TLJ. Why wouldn't they take over the old capitol now that the new one is vaporized?
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