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  1. It was more of an offhand thought than anything and I agree with you. My issue with this study was the whole Russian bots thing to start then the methodology once I read the whole thing, the NPC business just happened to flare up since then and I find the comparison amusing.
  2. I wonder if someone did a study similar to this and declared that the majority of the TLJ supporters were NPCs if it would get the same traction?
  3. I also find it hard to give peer review these days much credence now with things like sokal 1 & 2.
  4. I'm impressed by Polygon on this one. Characters seem a little floaty sometimes but the colors are great and the motions are fluid. They've come a long way from their earlier series.
  5. What in the world is the point of polls if their margin for error is so big?
  6. For a political poll that may be enough but the 2016 US elections are a good indicator just how skewed and incorrect polls can be. In this particular case though they are looking at tweets directed towards Johnson specifically. As mithril2098 points out it's probably going to be the most disgruntled or purposeful people out of a wider community who are going to tweet angrily to the director as opposed to having an open conversation so I don't think the numbers are indicative of the whole. I suspect though if the dislike of TLJ was more numerous in the sample then the conclusion would have more emphasis on the haters being racist, sexist, white males (which was already pointed out quite a bit in the summaries of the groupings).
  7. TL:DR This study was based on tweets specifically directed at Rian Johnson within an 8 month period after the release. It counted tweets from 967 separate users, of those 206 were negative and about 50% were from people labeled as bots/ trolls or politically motivated. In this particular sample it get's the authors point across but is a laughably small section of the actual discussion of TLJ.
  8. I think this is more of the same. Reasons why disliking the movie are bad and 'reasons' why it's totally not actually all that disliked guys, honest.
  9. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/star-wars-last-jedi-was-targeted-by-russian-trolls-study-says-1148475 Those pesky Russians, always ruining America's great institutions.
  10. Poor George, if only they kept someone around to wrangle him we'd be in a better place.
  11. Comparing child actors to adults is always a good plan. Either way it goes it does not reflect on the adults well at all.
  12. Interesting to see Disney giving Polygon a second shot after Tron Uprising failed. I don't dislike the style they use but the colors are a bit bright for it. I also don't see the show doing well but we'll see. Thoroughly enjoying the like to dislike ratio. Must be those pesky haters again, god can't you all just get over TLJ.
  13. Considering this scumbag https://www.mercurynews.com/2018/08/09/california-anti-trump-protester-gets-probation-for-assault/ Only got probation and it was pretty high profile then there is no reason to expect anything to come out of this incident. Ultimately both of them are just playing it up for attention.
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