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  1. Hello there, In my game, The pcs encountered a bunch of zombies. Zombies have the attribute "unholy" which is: "if the attack succeed, the character becomes Afflicted in the last ring he used" Afflicted is " the GM can switch any dice to the"opp+conflict" side before the dice are kept (therefore, before the explosive successes) + character's vigilance is 1 + the extraordinary effect that depends on the ring + two weeks from the affliction he must succeed a Fitness roll or becomes tainted in the ring, receiving the corresponding adversity" The only way to remove it is the Cleasing spirit ritual which is not that easy to perform 4 drawbacks for something pretty common after all , easy to catch, not that easy to overcome. What do you think ? Did such affliction ever occured in your games ?
  2. Hello there ! For French and Canadian users, do nor hesitate to tell me should you see any typo or mistake I might have overlooked on the french version. Your friendly neighbourhood,
  3. Just dropping by to to say "Arigato Gozaimasu" for this fantastic idea, job and result ! Keep up the good work !
  4. The FFG dice app on Google Play or Appstore, works fine ! it's 3.99 € (about 5 US$ I guess ..)
  5. Konnichi wa mina, As far as I understood, in this game steel, don't bite unless you're hit by a critical strike. You receive points of fatigue instead, to simulate you somehow dodge or parry the blows and that your armour protects you. Therefore, the "damages" of weapon only show how much fatigue you undergo, Am I correct ? I f the damages are Supernatural, do you undergo Fatigue as well ? My concern is the following: When you defend, you actually aren't hit at all, but in some kata or kiho we can see "if character cannot defend" ... you inflict twice the deadliness of the weapon (for exemple) . If he cannot defend, which means, he's undergone too much fatigue, he's either incapacitated or unconscious ; inflict a critical then is irrelevant. What do I miss ? Miss and critical: If I got 2 opportunities but no success, is my attack a critical nonetheless ? (I look at the entry corresponding the deadliness of my weapon) Recovery: After a wound, you have to wait 7 days to recover (or less with medical attention) I'm a bit surprised there are no kiho or invocation to heal or help the recovery. Again, did I miss something ? Arigato !
  6. Thank you for your fast and efficient reply ! Yes it does work now !
  7. Hello, First of all, thank you for your application, it looks amazing. I dl it, set it up, unzipped and launched it ; i have the message: "the local data is missing or older than the bundled data, do you want to overwrite it ? wether I select yes or no, when I click "new" on the menu the application closes. Do I miss something ? Thanks for your reply.
  8. Greetings, The rules state out that, with the " assist" action, a helping character give one black die to keep to the performing character (or a white die should he have the correponding skill) and, the number of characters who can help depends basically on the narrative, moreover, Conflict can be spread out between everyone. The most difficult task becomes therefore a walk in the park. I find that a little too easy and, besides overruling, I don't know what to do what do you think ?
  9. I understood like this: The rarity of the weapon you're smithing will be the TN to reach to forge / smith it. Yes forging a katana from scratch is an outstanding Fire TN 7 ! You reduce this TN depending on the facilities you're using (With a kakita or Kaiu forge it would be TN 4 for exemple) You can also begin the work during one downtime and finish it during another one with a TN based on Air instead of fire since you continue an existing work. This would also reduce the TN of both action And every opportunity, you would add qualities such as durable or resplendent or such ... providing you have enough material and GM approval. Although there are no ruling for it, we can imagine a Momentum system with one Momentum per week of hard work. 7 weeks to forge a katana seems legit. Therefore, double that time would reduce the rarity, To me, when the weapon becomes 'Damaged" it looses half its rarity, so to repair ir would be TN 3 (earth). and I don't see a way to add any quality.
  10. Ohayo Gazaimasu, I have a question: Are archers that skillfull to fire an arrow on an ennemy without any chance to harm an ally who fights the same ennemy in melee ? let's have an exemple: Lion fights one bandit. At range 4, Kaito fires an arrow on the same bandit. Well either the kamis favor the archers or there is a gap in the rules ...
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