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  1. I also like this version of the black squadron Darth Vader — TIE Advanced 29 Squad Leader 2 Advanced Targeting Computer 1 Experimental Interface 3 TIE/x1 0 Ship Total: 35 "Mauler Mithel" — TIE Fighter 17 Wingman 2 Ship Total: 19 "Backstabber" — TIE Fighter 16 Ship Total: 16 "Dark Curse" — TIE Fighter 16 Ship Total: 16 "Wampa" — TIE Fighter 14 Ship Total: 14
  2. Any plans for update soon? C-ROC is out, next wave pretty soon... Thanks in advance, great job!!!
  3. I have been playing with Manaroo for a while now and I just noticed this now in the rules reference: • If an effect removes a blue or red target lock token from a ship, the matching red or blue target lock token is also removed (unless the blue target lock is assigned to another ship). ​Does this men that when Manaroo assigns TL tokens to another ship, only the blue ones stick and red ones are removed as their corresponding blue token from enemy ship is removed?
  4. after the learn to play session as suggested in the booklet next step could be blues vs epsilons, you just need another t-70 and tie/fo... "Blue Ace" + Blue Squadron Novice vs "Epsilon Leader" + "Epsilon Ace" + Epsilon Squadron Pilot 51pts each, nice for learning all the advanced rules and mechanics with pilot abilities... seems a pretty balanced match-up
  5. I will have to try this. I've been on a Bro-Bot kick for a while, but I have always had a soft spot for the Vipers. I have one more tournament coming up and then I will be trying out some Viper lists. Haven't hashed much out yet but: Xizor and the Party Bus Xizor: VI, Virago, FCS, ID, AT Trandoshan Slaver: Bossk, Gunner, Zuckuss, ID Binayre Pirate Binayre Pirate or maybe something like this... Prince Xizor (31) Veteran Instincts (1) Fire-Control System (2) Autothrusters (2) Virago (1) Trandoshan Slaver (29) Dengar (3) 4-LOM (1) Zuckuss (1) Feedback Array (2) Syndicate Thug (18) Twin Laser Turret (6) R5-P8 (3)
  6. If a ship with K4 Security Droid bumps another ship while executing green maneuver does it still get to acquire a target lock?
  7. Just cut Greedo, dumpeners and N'Dru for 2 pirates... I will also be testing this list tomorrow
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