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  1. It is gaining momentum. With Miniature Market carrying the current product now and many items selling out with in the first few days. I play twice a month at 2 different game stores. Several new factions being released in the year. They are celebrating their 10th Annv. at GenCon. It's a good time to be Dusty
  2. I rarely use one at home, but I will at work I always do since I don't like to waste paint. But if I am mixing a color then I always do. That way I can mix a batch and it will keep for a few days.
  3. eng621

    Protecting tokens

    I was just planning on putting the wound tokens on the cards. Like x wing
  4. eng621

    ATST back magnetized

    When mine popped off and shot halfway across the room! It scared the tar out of me,I thought it broke in half! I like the idea of magnetizing the back as a weapon storage compartment might have to do that too
  5. eng621


    Pre-ordered 2 K-Wings.