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  1. Are you sure that everything should be told? It is written somewhere? Because I think it will take a lot of fun away and make overlord life terribly dificult. When heroes knows all winning conditions they can focus on that from beginning. Anyway thank you for the blast info.
  2. Hi, I do have two questions and can't find answers anywhere. Maybe somebody will help me here. 1.) It is regarding Blast. When there are also status effects in place like stun, poison, etc. is this affecting all character in blast area or just the one who was targeted for attack? 2.) How much should overlord say regarding encounter and objects in there. In case that there are some special items (? tokens) should he say at beginning of scenario what it is or not? I don't wanna know what will happen if heroes pickup something, what test they should do and so on. I just want to know if he should mention if heroes can interact with object or not. Something like "those are rocks buried in the ground, but you are too week to dig them out" or "there is hidden leaver somewhere" or at least "those doors are locked". You know, some indicator which way should heroes goes, because there is a lot of unclear missions where we just running from place to place totally blind and just trying to figure out what should be our mission and we are spending actions just to hear from overlord that we can't do nothing with that object. Thank you
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