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  1. Thanks for the reply. Is there much point in paying the exp for mechadendrite use weapon then? It seems rather pointless at this point. Unless I also need that to make the utility mechadendrite attack.
  2. My group is about to start a new campaign and we've decided to start from scratch. I'm thinking of playing a tech priest but I'm a little confused by the rule for weapon mechadendrite. It says they end in either a ranged or melee weapon but the only example of a ranged mechadendrite is the ballistic mechadendrite and it's only armed with a las pistol. The ones capable of melee attacks all come under the utility version of the rule, utility and manipulators, with no examples of other weapon mechadrendrites. My questions are. What weapons can be used on a mechadendrite and which can't? Common sense says heavy weapons can't be. But could a melta gun or flamer? Are they used to attack like a normal weapon is or only fired as a reaction like the ballistic mechadendrite? Would I need to also have flame weapon training to use a flamer? And finally what would the weight be? I'd assume weapon weight added to mechadendrite weight.
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