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  1. Nihm

    Lost my darn AT_RT antenna!

    Tooth brush bristles work great. Flexible and size appropriate.
  2. Nihm

    Sarlacc Pit

    I used a chunk of Celfort foam, dug it out and used toothpicks as teeth
  3. Nihm

    So far painted... (Updated: Rebel Commandos)

    I really like the matte finish look and soft tones. Very nice!
  4. Nihm

    3D Printed Terrain: Buy Or Print It Yourself

    Check local library. They might offer 3d printing services. Ours does
  5. Nihm

    Alt Art: Thrawn

    No image?
  6. Nihm

    First yaay

    looking forward to this thread
  7. Nihm

    The Story So Far

    Am I drunk or is the pic upside? ?
  8. Nihm

    Generic bases

    Yeah. I had to use a emory board to sand them back down after bases were finished.
  9. Nihm

    Han and comandos

    Take the legion one and put him in carbonite for objective
  10. Nihm

    My first figure mod

    That my friend is cool and hillarious.
  11. Nihm

    Humble painter having fun

    Keep up the good work!
  12. Nihm

    Emperor Palpatine expansion announced.

    Welp...there goes the neighborhood lol
  13. Nihm


  14. Nihm


    Nice work Yeah, black out view ports to break up grey tone.
  15. Nihm

    Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi needs your help!

    Force Power Force Speed...increase units movement by 1