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  1. Metamorphosis: You need to rest and get a 6 to take it out. Reckoning: Lose 1 point of your highest stat and gain 1 on your lowest (You can choose if there's a tie) It all goes away once you take the condition out. Also, to know how many times you have changed, you get 1 eldritch token every reckoning.
  2. Well, how many times will you get the arcane tome on turn 1 or fast enough, though?
  3. I go 100% random unless I am with newcomers, then I let them choose one they like and then we shuffle a deck of investigators that go well with the investigator he picked and draw randomly. We do this to make his game ''easier'', although we also try to get in trouble on purpose so he can feel the tension.
  4. Isn't the ''banishing'' spell just like what you described? Also, I like diceman's rules, if I ever want to make it harder, I'll use those for sure.
  5. I guess this could come, actually, as some kind of deck box, more than on a small expansion box. I'd certainly buy it, but I'd expect stuff slightly different than what you said. Obviously, we are different people. Anyway, this feels like you just want to tell us an idea of how to make the game harder rather than just suggesting a hard-mode expansion.
  6. So, for reasons unknown, you now work for FFG. Your job? To make the game board BIGGER. Yes, they don't care if you don't like the idea, you have to do it and have to do it good. You have to add at least 3 big cities more. The rest is up to you, but they all should have logical connections with the rest of the board, so feel free to add some of that too. It should stay as balanced and fun as possible, otherwise you will be fired and put in jail for killing joy. I would add, and you can use this, of course, Mexico D.F., Paris and Delhi. Mexico: recover health. Paris: Gain Glamour spells. Delhi: Recover sanity. Ok, now work while I have lunch, this is FFG, **** it!
  7. I don't know. It just sounds as basically Arkham on an Eldritch board and some half-baked translations. I'm sure there must be a better way but I sincerely am not interested. Just for the record, I'm actually working on a 4v4 Eldritch Horror game, just for fun, and so far it is.
  8. Yup, don't worry. Just an epic monster.
  9. I just want to see a New England sideboard. Seriously, I don't find an egypt sideboard THAT interesting. As for investigators. I hope to see Harvey walters (when he comes, of course) with a leg injury condition every reckoning as his passive ability, with the upside of a very good action or very good stats to begin with (4+2 lore anyone?)
  10. One of his abilitys is to get a focus everytime you kill a monster. Also, I'm not so sure about him getting ''purifying the world''. I mean, they could easily add a couple more of those cards but, I don't know, it feels off to me.
  11. Can I insta-gib epic monsters with Diana? Given there is a cultist chillin' with the big guy, of course.
  12. Don't you think preludes offer way too many advantages for what it's supposed to hurt you? I was hoping for harder preludes on this expansion but it seems that they will be as easy as the older ones.
  13. We need latino investigators! Right? right??
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