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  1. Rogue one starter set, right? Cause we need a new damage deck, that will be the only legal damage deck, until it is not.
  2. By Dark Side they of course mean lawfully appointed Emperor and his glorious Imperial navy.
  3. Choppas and chain axes reduced people's armour saves! Ultramarines had white flags because those Limeys were making fun of the French!
  4. So instead of Soontir, you will have Vader, and instead of the Inquisitor, you'll have Vessery. I dunno, something like: Vader: VI, EU, X1, ATC Vessery: Juke(or VI, or Crackshot...), Mk2, X7 OGP: Palpatine Total: 100(99) Could even do Rexlar with VI so you care little for Init bids, or Merrik with Calc if you wanted as well. Vessery is probably the best option. maybe I'm just trying to squeeze my ol pal Vader in with his best wingman, me(rrik)! I suppose Whisper and Omega Leader could do well as well... Edit: right, autothrusters. Huh. For some reason I keep forgetting about it, so yeah, it'll probably be more polite without those hanging around. Perhaps people will still use Soontir and the Inquistor, and simply be more careful about how they use their stress, and only pop it when it's safe.
  5. Kids these days with their free Razorbacks and actual drop pods. Back in my day, the only place you could get pods was from Forge World! And the cast sucked! Now every kid on the block has melta suicide stern guards! And don't even get me started on dreadnought squads! Or terminators rolling in a 2+ instead of on a 3+ on 2d6!
  6. Am I weird that I put a tractor beam on my shuttle? Sure, it doesn't help me get a shot, but Palpatine putting someone on a rock or into a position where they aren't getting a shot next turn is fun. I like to imagine him using the force to throw the ship around, rather than the shuttle having a tractor.
  7. Might mean a shift way from Soontir. Ol' boy can use a break, fighting in almost every battle for this glorious Empire for the last few years...
  8. It should be an alt art of wingman., clearly. Something nobody would use, but would be neat to have.
  9. I don't see the Biggs deal. It's not hard to kill an Xwing, is it? A decently lined up pair of shots and you can send him off to that sweet Darklighter. He has a nice stache, though.
  10. Imagine if they turned off posting gifs and pictures.
  11. Clealry we need a Bob Commander Black Eight, who will rise up and slay the antichrist of the gunboaters.
  12. Rebels: Gunboat Imperials: Xwing repaint Scum: Tie/Pacman The former to make imperials cry, the middle to make rebels cry, the latter to make everyone cry.
  13. The problem is that it's very hard to come up with a system that can't be abused. I've heard plenty of stories about people who were very friendly and good sports who got a 0 because they were also very good at the game and stomped the other guy, or just won for that matter. That's how my last Regionals went. I found out about 4 days prior that I was going, so I had nothing prepared or practiced. I brought a list I was half-decent at in relaxed FLGS play. I was totally stomped. Like, brutally. My first match was against a Denagroo list (that at that point I had neither heard of nor played against) and was tabled in 17 minutes. To be fair, it was the tournament winner that did it. Did I care? Nope. I was the ultimate in Fly Casual that day. I went 0-5 with one bye, and managed to squeak in as the 64th place player so got my Hera card. Again, did I care? No. Did I have fun, and stayed for all my matches even though I knew I was going to be clobbered each match? Sure. It was fun.So, to all the trolls...FLY CASUAL It's more fun than you can possibly understand. I remember when I first started doing 40k tournaments, using whatever I owned for my marines, I'd get full sportsmanship points as I loved everygame.Now that I play Grav Cents (without Draigo!), and win more than I lose, I get no sportsmanship votes. The Vancouver area is pretty big on sportsmanship - which is fine, we don't want any of that super power gaming thunderwolf dark stars - but I can tell that people tend to get salty when they lose. Hell, I tend to vote for a gracious loser for my favorite opponent before I vote for someone who beat me down, unless he was really chill. I'm pretty sure that is a sign of the end times.
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