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  1. Ric with regen is 5/7, so you have to 'kill' him to halve him... There was a Luke Xwing at Aus SOS that was effectively 7/10! Having to overkill a ship to only get half due to regen is OTT. Build: Luke + R2D2 + Spare Parts Canister
  2. Lots, just remember that you can't afterburners after using advanced sensors.
  3. Well done Nathan and thanks for the shout out. Can't wait for OTC and Team BEEF (NZ).
  4. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=coEQ4Tg00TI&feature=youtu.be&t=559
  5. Just FYI, timing swaps around on red maneuvers due to timing windows on the cards. White move>Afterburners>Action Red move>Pattern Analyzer>Afterburners
  6. I flew a variant of this at the Aus SOS Hyperspace event and ended up winning a World's invite. Very strong but you need to be able to fly it aggressively but also carefully. You don't want to get caught out and loose Kylo or QD before they have done their job. You also can't give your opponent time to set up their approach to their advantage. I would swap out Shield for Afterburners on QD and try to get sense onto Kylo.
  7. Agree, watch it on YouTube and be astounded.
  8. I flew Kylo + three Crack/AO experts on the weekend at SOS. Went 3-3 and was in every game (all went to time) . Only lost due to not being able to get damage through. First game an E-wing survived 4 range 1 modded attacks, only taking one crit (lost shields previous round). Then in the last two turns I couldn't do one damage to the other E-wing with two double modded shots from Kylo (his evade dice were super hot) to win. Third game I got into a winning position until my opponent's Torrent decided to roll natties on offence and pop two SF's in subsequent turns. His Plo then rolled natties three turns in a row to kill my Kylo. Last game a 1hp Bastion survived 4 turns of shooting. Because I couldn't kill him his other ships took advantage and killed off my SF's.
  9. Fire alarm also went off during the final!
  10. Yes, afterburners is good on QD. Yesterday it got me out of three Arcs in one game, helped me chase down a Guri and reposition for a range 1 double modded shot after Muse went down. You may not use both charges in every game but just the threat of it can scare opponents into other moves or get you out of trouble if you've been caught out.
  11. Full Frontal (76) Kylo Ren [TIE/vn Silencer] (5) Sense (4) Advanced Optics Points: 85 (45) "Quickdraw" [TIE/sf Fighter] (10) Special Forces Gunner (6) Afterburners (2) Fire-Control System (3) Elusive (5) Pattern Analyzer Points: 71 (31) "Muse" [TIE/fo Fighter] (6) Squad Leader (1) Biohexacrypt Codes Points: 38 Total points: 194
  12. Squad Leader Muse got me a World's ticket for next year in the Hyperspace side event @ Aust SOS!
  13. There are two strong 5sf lists around atm. 5x I3's with Fanatical + AO Backdraft & 4x I3's with Crack + AO It really is FO beef too as you just fly simply and focus, with the occasional sloop or barrel roll.
  14. Yep, elusive needs to be paired with PA. 71pt QD though...
  15. It gives you more options, starting in the corner allows you to reduce your opponents channels of attack and forces them to come at you through the rocks or a straight joust. Once you know where your opponent is going you can break out and manouvre towards them. If they set up for a straight joust you come straight out with hard 2's and joust. Tavson should be facing towards the other side of the starting zone and the SKB is facing the close edge but far enough back that a hard two keeps you on the board. Tavson can hard two, straight three or three bank out, or wait for the SKB to come out with the hard two and then any move will work. If they come from the far side of the board then you can hard two twice with SKB while Tavson stops then one straights or two banks. You can see my starting spots below (from back in March with different points) :
  16. With QD/Kylo/Tavson it's generally only Fanatical + FCS + Gunner on QD @199pts or 200 with Biohex on Tavson. All three give your opponent bad choices to shoot at: QD with revenge shot, Tavson with actions and Kylo with 3agi+force+ISYTDS. Either split all ships up to try to flank from both sides or Kylo off on his own and Tavson with QD for a joust. With Kylo+2UPS it's always Tavson and a SBP because of how awesome Tavson is. When I ran this list I would have both UPS facing each other in a corner for the first 2 (maybe three) rounds generally. Fly aggressive with Kylo to bait your opponent into a direction then release the UPS to take advantage of Kylo drawing them to you. It gives you an indication of what channels through the rocks you can safely fly the UPS and break up your opponent's formation. Nowadays it might be frowned upon stalling them for more than 2 rounds. Tavson further up front to give an appealing target with the SKB a range band back. I almost never reinforced unless I was up against a Swarm as it allowed the most efficient actions for offence. Focus first then when taking damage TL a good target and Coordinate the other UPS for mods on both 4 die shots. If they go for the SKB then ok you still have a single modded shot with Tavson and he gets more dangerous once your opponent has less ships on the board. The UPS job is to kill and carry Kylo to the end game, not survive, so focus on being aggressive and disruptive with those big bases. Don't be afraid to self bump as 4-5 die shots u modded can still be devastating.
  17. Thinking like 4pts for non force users, 8pts for force users. I mean Kylo can take AO now for offence and no-one seems to be complaining about that
  18. I feel the generic I3 Tie/SF's are now 1pt undercosted, possibly the I2's too. Backdraft is fine at 39 but +5pts over an I3 is too much of a gap and BD shouldn't come down. It would help open up the viability and value of the FO's.
  19. Sensor Cluster: I hate blanking out on 3-4 greens and waste that focus I was saving for defense.
  20. Running Backdraft + 4x I3's all with Crack and AO at the Aus SOS in two weeks and the OTC in three weeks. Stronger early and mid game, hopefully being able to crack a ship or two off the board quicker than the Fanatical version.
  21. Would love 1.0 Sensor Cluster back to help with the occasional blank outs on my silencers.
  22. It comes down to preference: Do you want three ships moving at the same initiative with 6 Arcs to shoot from but will only put out 2 hits most of the time? or An I4 who can occasionally dole out 4 hit/crits at range 1 but is more vulnerable to blank outs on defence and restricted to blue moves to get most value out of?
  23. Just imagine if the new 2 charge upgrade card in the Vonreng tie was regen for FO... The whining would be unbareable.
  24. I'd look at something different on Malarus, Elusive or Juke could work well
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