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  1. Not sure about Biohex on Malarus as you need to do a red target lock action then a red coordinate action to use it on friendly ships. While you can red lock first round Mal still like staying in coordinate range for her rerolls anyway. For the Jam side of it you need to do a red lock while in range of the enemy, when you'd rather be coordinating or focusing. That said, at one point it won't make or break your list. I've run a similar list with two /fo I1's with ATP and an I1 Silencer. The Silencer gives the extra tankyness and better blocking abilities as well as being able to shoot last with an extra die over the /SF's or /fo's. The list initiative is 2x I5 and 3xI1 for a bit more ease in activation order and better blocking power. How are you finding having 2x I2, 1x I4 and 2xI5?
  2. A previous idea I had for a FO bomber ship's ability: Dive Bomber - After fully executing a manouvre, if you have not dropped or launched a device this round, you may drop or launch a bomb using the straight template equal to the speed of your executed manouvre. If you do, gain one disarm token. Unique pilot abilities (only rough) : PS4 - You may perform primary attacks while you have one disarm token. (Or if 3 die primary: While you have one disarm token you may gain one deplete token to perform your standard primary attack) PS3 - Setup (1 charge): After placing ships you may move your charge token to an equipped upgrade card (maybe restrict to Missile/Torp/Bomb upgrade) PS1 - You ignore the effects of bombs that hit at least one other ship
  3. FYI you can't burn all three in 1 round, only one calculate As to the OP, Agent Terex is good. Other options is Fanatical on Mal or even ATP on all 6 /fo's
  4. I've been really enjoying swapping two cadets for an I1 Silencer. Extra blocking ability, another 3-4 die gun but it's shooting last. Got some points to play around with so I added ATP on the Cadets and Fanatical on Mal as I found I was coordinating more often than any other action so having an additional passive mod helps. (53) "Holo" [TIE/ba Interceptor] (2) Daredevil Points: 55 (43) Commander Malarus [Xi-class Light Shuttle] (2) Fanatical Points: 45 (48) Sienar-Jaemus Engineer [TIE/vn Silencer] Points: 48 (25) Epsilon Squadron Cadet [TIE/fo Fighter] (1) Automated Target Priority Points: 26 (25) Epsilon Squadron Cadet [TIE/fo Fighter] (1) Automated Target Priority Points: 26 Total points: 200
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