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  1. https://pinksquadron.dk/pbm/?sid=18&q=seasonoverview
  2. Half baked idea that I'm sure people will be able to poke holes in in five seconds: Max numbers per list (printed attack dice): 4x 2-die generic small ships 3x 3-die generic small ships 3x 2-die generic med ships 2x 3-die generic med ships 2x 2-die generic large ships 1x 3/4-die generic large ship (ie. effectively turning the generic deci into a unique) To encourage more variability in lists while giving the devs the ability to lower the price of generic ships that really need it without turning them into oppressive spam (J5k, Kimo, Falcon etc.)
  3. While true, this is a bit misleading, because for AO to work you need a Focus token, so under the same scenario with Outmaneuver you'd also have a focus token.
  4. Where is Le Huse going to get a lock from? All your ships want to Focus to use AO and get no advantage out of locking, so you are spending their action to give Le Huse a double modded shot. Unless you are using him as a Generic I5 ship of course.
  5. Deffly

    First Orders tool box

    Optics is better at low initiative, normally people will try to focus down one ship so having AO + Focus on the others guarantee you using the focus (unless you roll natties) and knowing that you won't need it for defence. In FO the only high I ship I would use AO on is Kylo, due to having force.
  6. Would love to see 7 man teams.... All factions must be represented!
  7. No joke, I'm tempted to run this full 200 list: (76) Kylo Ren [TIE/vn Silencer] (1) Instinctive Aim (4) Advanced Optics (13) Proton Torpedoes Points: 94 (54) "Holo" [TIE/ba Interceptor] (2) Proud Tradition Points: 56 (25) Epsilon Squadron Cadet [TIE/fo Fighter] (25) Epsilon Squadron Cadet [TIE/fo Fighter] Basically any ship moving after you can be shot with 4 die in a very large area. If you pass Holo's Focus to Kylo you have a 74% chance of 4 hits/crits (AO works on all attacks)... Fenn is nopeing out of that area of the board!
  8. Yeah, Same Team, but I think they may never break the <51pt barrier..... Provocateur's are 15, yes 15, points more expensive than the v1 Baron. Whereas the /fo is only 3pts more than the regular /ln. Yes the /ba gets more extra things but also gives up quite a bit to get action economy.
  9. The I3 /ba's are horribly overcosted for what they are. The fact that the other generic FO ships are amazing value make it even more vexing.
  10. I am currently testing out this 5 ship list and am enjoying the synergy with the I2's. Critical Rush (57) "Rush" [TIE/vn Silencer] (4) Advanced Optics Points: 61 (54) "Holo" [TIE/ba Interceptor] (2) Proud Tradition Points: 56 (28) TN-3465 [TIE/fo Fighter] Points: 28 (26) Zeta Squadron Pilot [TIE/fo Fighter] Points: 26 (26) Zeta Squadron Pilot [TIE/fo Fighter] Points: 26 Total points: 197 4x I2 ships allow good activation and engagement variability, and the opponent is incentivised to shoot at TN to try and take the Crit bomb off the board before she explodes. Rush also gives the opponent a disincentive to take random shots at him as they don't want him going to I6 early on. Holo works as a support or dmg piece depending on where everyone is at the start of engagement, no shots on Holo, maybe pass your focus/Evade to a ship that will be under fire. Holo being shot?, then pass off the strain (pro tip: R1 have all ships TL Holo so if you have to pass a token but want to keep your focus/Evade, pass off one TL).
  11. A good local player was making very good use of SD Boba with Party Bus Bossk by making them in to rediculous ace killers. New HS cards and points have made it less good but still, his Boba could be untouchable in some games. Bossk was the hammer who pushed through the damage while Boba was accurate even at R3.
  12. It's all in the timing of the ability. If Vonreg was at the start of engagement then he'd be like 4-10pts more, a double modded Wedge every turn....
  13. I think Holo is vital to the list, being able to pass a token to a ship in need at the best time. But give it a try to see
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