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  1. I did some playtesting of the existing 4 missions on Vassal and I had some thoughts. The existing rules might give out too much exp. By the end of mission 4 I had PS5 with every upgrade slot filled. In HOTAC that took more like 7-8 missions. I like the idea of a team pool for escaped ships, but maybe everyone getting a point when one pilot gets a kill is too much. Although I do think there should be incentive to preventing rebels from escaping. Also if the exp gets tones down, then the missions need to be rebalanced. Even with fully kitted ties, throwing 2 red dice against As and Xs is rough. Mission 2: the shuttle is too slow for the amount of turns given. If you bump once in a maneuver, you probably wont be able to do a full lap and escape off the edge (and that's assuming you do not miss one of the satellites.) I think we should either get a faster ship/engine upgrade, or put the satellites one box closer to the middle so that there is a little more wiggle room on maneuvering. Mission 4: I was unclear on the rules, are the bwings not able to shoot the fuel containers until the shields are down completely? or do they just get evade dice from the remaining shields? Either way, with the spawn points being where they are, both times I played this mission the b-wings took out both shield generators very quickly. It did not seem like there was much I could do about it, because the bwings spawn in range of one of them, and half of my squad has to come from the hangars. I think this might not be as much of a problem with the 2 player or 6 player station (I was playing with 4 players) Has there been any progress on the next sets of missions? I haven't seen anything in the facebook group lately.
  2. What are you going to do for a z AI ? I'm pretty sure I have found z AI that someone made, maybe on a different thread. I'll post it when I get home tonight if I have it on my computer.
  3. I guess Zs just aren't as iconic for me as the other Rebel ships, so I wasn't planning on adding any to this campaign (though I think it'd make sense for Imp vs Scum campaign). I might be willing to adjust if there's a big clamoring for Zs, but I guess I just don't see that happening. That's why they would only show up in the first few missions, just for balance. That even what they did in the only tie fighter video game
  4. I think changing Xwing to rebel zs for this early game might be the easiest way to fix it without having to remove tls or completely restructure. I'm going to run a play test like that either tonight or tomorrow
  5. Quick thought, could the enemy ships start with no auto tl and gain them after a few missions?
  6. Another idea to ease us in on the first mission, we could fight z95 or just scum ships.
  7. What if the twists on the mission were determined by your performance or some secondary objective? Like if a rebel ship escapes then more reinforcements come, or destroy an emplacement to allow your reinforcements to arrive? That could remove some of the randomness and make it a little bit more narrative based
  8. My thoughts after reading this whole thread (I took some ideas from other posters, so credit to those folks) What if you played the cmapaign in the same way that you play HOTAC, one ship per player, no wingman. But in addition, each mission calls for a specific number of NPC generic ties per allied player. For example, two players each get their specific pilot, plus 2 ties each. These ties get no experience and no upgrades, they serve to block for the player ships and take some shots. Maybe they are AI controlled, unless an ally is with range 1 (or range 1 of the formation) in which case that player can command them. I feel like this would serve to preserve the feel of HOTAC without all of the complicated mechanics of having multiple ships or wingmen, but it also shows a more realistic portrayal of imperial tactics. Perhaps some missions would call for other NPC ships when they are mission appropriate, such as bombers for hitting a CR-90. There could also be a mechanic for reinforcements, either at a set time or when you complete a specific objective in mission. I think this system would allow each player to start in a regular tie and progress through tiers of imperial ships, without having to worry about being overpowered early on.
  9. Im looking for people for some casual play on long island. I usually play at brothers grim in selden. Let me know if you want to grab a game jjmitchelljr2@gmail.com
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