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  1. WEG is what started me in P&P Roleplaying and help fuel my love for Star Wars. I had done some RPGs on consoles, and knew my parents were anti-D&D. Still, I saw the 2nd Ed book in a bookstore, thought it looked neat, told my parents I wanted it. And I got it for Christmas and got the Imperial Sourcebook with money from Christmas. I didn't get to play it much (my early attempts to run games were... not good). I picked up a few other books, participated in the mailing list, and when WEG had the fire sale as they were going out of business scrounged up as much money as I could to get more. I'll still pick up books as I find them within reasonable prices (most recently Galaxy Guide 11 a couple of weeks ago!). I've switched to FFG as my favorite system, but the D6 books are fantastic source material and it's really neat for FFG to do this.
  2. One thing I have noticed from Star Wars is just how flexible the base design of this system is. Things like Obligation / Duty / Morality are only loosely related to the core mechanics, making them more like plug-ins to drive story. The entire Career / Specialization system is also very moddable (look at Force Powers and signature abilities). Lastly, the narrative mechanics are super flexible. I may start by just mining other games and seeing what types of mechanics I can port over to Genesys. For example, I just picked up a bunch of Exalted 2nd Ed books cheap so I may see if I can port some of that game over.
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