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  1. Hmm, that's a good question; I think the system is definitely broken in this example. I'm not really a huge fan of the resistance rules to begin with, and I usually allow it if it seems to make sense but ignore it if it doesn't. Honestly, in the scenario you've presented, it just doesn't make sense. I think I'd ignore the resistance rule in this case. if the players are going to insist on fist fighting to the death, and they're at full health, it's just not realistic to assume that they're going to develop resistance over the course of a relatively short fight.
  2. In theory this would still work, and it's good idea. You can eliminate the risk of a player accidentally letting an irritant force their eyes open by pulling a black trash bag over their heads and then tying a piece of chord or duct tape around the neck so they can't peek at the other players' votes. Then just take the bag off when the voting is done and hand it to the next person in line to be voted on.
  3. Alright. That makes sense. I was t sure if there was a rule I missed when dealing with smaller critters. For example, if a rat swarm has 9 stress, and one or two days break off the swarm to attack someone else, it seemed like they shouldn't get 9 stress as well. Maybe some negative dice for being harder to hit, but not as resilient as the whole swarm.
  4. In your games, are all your adversaries capable of surviving 9 points of stress, or are you using fewer for smaller creatures, or maybe even more for bigger creatures. It seems to me like a zombie bear could take more damage than a zombie human, could take more damage than a zombie box turtle.
  5. This is really awesome man! Thanks for posting it!
  6. I read page 18 as follows: "Positive dice represent training or circumstances that can help you complete a task. Adding positive dice greatly increases your chance of success and helps you avoid suffering stress from negative complications. The following elements can add positive dice to the pool: •Positive Features: Each positive feature on your character sheet that could help you perform the task adds a single positive die to the pool. Usually, this feature shares a category with the characteristic being used for the test. However, if the GM allows it, you may use applicable features from other categories as well." In my interpretation, this is a circumstance there a positive feature such as training as a medic can be used in a different category.
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