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  1. That is your opinion. Actually, I just like the ships, even if they aren't always done in scale.
  2. Hmm. It's relatively surprising how they just stopped making products for Descent 2nd Edition. Even if they just wanted to release Campaigns like Heirs of Blood, or products for Road to Legend, I believe that would have been good enough even for the hardcore fans. It's just a shame that it seems unfinished. There was so much more content to explore, like doing a Campaign involving the Latari Elves and the Uthuk clans. But no, all the focus went to Star Wars. And I get it, Star Wars itself is popular, so getting product out for it, is essential. X-Wing is a booming business...**** even I'm tempted to buy some ships. I actually won't though, because I'm more interested in the Wiz Kids version, Star Trek Attack Wing. Now there is a company whom, actually rereleased it's product line, giving us better looking ships, more options and updated rules. And so, I can't help thinking why FFG can't do the same. Runewars wasn't the answer. For one, it was too **** big and cost way too much cash. 100 bucks for the starter game and then to add onto it, you had to buy 30 dollar units. Some people don't have that kinda paper. The thing is though, is that I did actually buy a unit of Spearman, but y'know what, it was actually for Descent! Descent taught us that if you have something already well established, with great design, people will part with their money. And for all it's worth, Descent was a game line that was just that. So why couldn't they have continued with it? Why was it just abandoned, just as Battlelore was? Nobody knows the answers to these questions more than FFG. But they don't tell us fans anything. That's probably one of the worst things a company can do- lose touch with your fans. Because them, you have nothing. Just a pile of Star Wars paraphernalia that will one day die off.
  3. You can still play it. Just look online for ways to do it.
  4. So, what do you all think? I know that a huge monsters shrink and then move using one space movement before expanding back into unblocked spaces. But my playgroup has an issue with when the monster moves twice. The monster expands it base, then decides to move again, effectively giving it one extra step. Well, what do you all think about that?
  5. I bought the Spearman expansion strictly to have Guards in my Descent Games. Maybe I'll buy some Reanimates for my Necromancer but buying a whole pack for one skeleton seems a bit much. As for the actual game: It would be cool to own, but there are already so many miniatures games out there, Warhammer being the most well known. I don't know if I have room to play it anywhere, honestly.
  6. They're too busy releasing Runewars product than worrying about Descent. I don't really know how popular Runewars is though. I never see anyone play it though, so who knows. The miniatures are great for Descent games, though. Oh yes, and of course Star Wars. Their precious Star Wars. X-Wing is probably the most popular of all their franchises. I see that constantly being played.
  7. So, I started noticing these guys in the game shops. Very Nice little minis. They've got familiars packs, which I'm sure you could use for the game. Brightblaze doesn't have wings, but there is a mini Dragon, A fox that could look like a Wolf and Skeletons. Too bad they don't have Villagers.
  8. Ah right. So technically, MPs expire when the hero declares his turn to be over.
  9. So... it might be due to rust but I've got a question. So Astarra's Ability says I can spend a movement point per ROUND to move her anywhere adjacent to a hero. Would that mean I can do that at anytime, even on the OL's turn? Or during the Heroes turn or just her turn?
  10. How about something to do with the Uthuk clan? They've been strangely absent in all forms of Descent.
  11. They just announced this for Runewars: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/6/5/protecting-the-deepwood/ Maybe an expansion featuring the Latari Elves?
  12. Yes, maybe I will start trying to paint them all. I will try.
  13. X-mas afforded me the gift of getting the last two H&M packs I was missing, as well as the Last Co-Op I never picked up, Dark Elements. Meaning after two years, the collection is now complete. Guess it's time to start finding some players of creating a few epic storylines. Yahoo.
  14. I like to refer to my Nerekhall Box as my combined Rules Box. Basically it consists of every rules document there is. The List includes: Descent 2nd Edition Rules Shadow Rune Quest Guide Labrynth of Ruin Rules/Quest Guide Shadows of NerekHall Rules/Quest Guide Heirs of Blood Campaign Book Lair of the Wyrm Rules/Quest Guide Lair of the Wyrm Overworld Map Trollfens Rules/Quest Guide Manor of Ravens Rules/Quest Guide Mists of BileHall Rules/Quest Guide Chains Rules/Quest Guide Plot Card Threat Token Rule Sheet Each Individual H&M Quest Sheet One Printed Copy of the Full Rulebook for Crusade of the Forgotten including the Encounter List. Bonds of the Wild Encounter List Dark Elements Encounter List Additional Papers include Campaign Quest Logs and Hero Sheet Info. It all fits.
  15. Yay. More Online stuff to not physically open and hold. I'm so giddy, it's unreal.
  16. If i ever got the game going again, I'd probably have it all setup before people even showed up to play.
  17. I'd actually need a playgroup to narrate. Some ideas I've thought about narrating: Reading then quest intros and endings are a given. If I ever did an Heirs of Blood campaign, I;d read snippits of the storyline printed before the campaign to the group with each session. Reading some of the Lieutenant descriptions the first time they will be involved in the quests. Reading the background stories of each hero involved in the campaign. I'd love to do something like that.... If i could ever get a freaking playgroup.
  18. Wonder if you could put these guys to use in some Descent stuff (like soldiers instead of Villager tokens. ) https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/8/5/runewars-the-miniatures-game/
  19. Haven't delved much into it yet, though I hope to get back on track. Been kinda in a playing funk recently.
  20. With Acolytes of Saradyn: Looking at the map, the hero strategy should mainly be at first to get to Tile 4A while killing as many goblins as possible. Once the Goblin spawning tile has been secured, the heroes can pick off any spawning Gobs while they start hunting down the Barghests. Greed does play a factor in this quest, you are right. Seige of Skytower: This quest is hard to win regardless, but your heroes did make the mistake of not securing the switch room. Eventually the heroes can get overwhelmed, which is why it's a Siege. But all they really need to do is fight while knowing when to retreat.
  21. Option 1. You may have played the quest before, but certain factors can make it play a little differently. Things like what heroes are being used, what monsters are on the board, how the die decide to roll, what cards the OL plays and when- those can influence the way a quest is played through. So yeah, I would say go through it again.
  22. yep. Add another Grey die to your defense pool. Then watch helplessly as the die always land on blanks.
  23. Geez, they still have no release news on it yet. WTF are they doing?
  24. The issue really is that (going by FFG:s own prices) the entire Conversion Kit is ~$30, while every single H&M Collection is ~$35. In the very long haul, it's a better idea to get the H&M Collections, since the Conversion Kit becomes increasingly obsolete if you get the H&M Collections, but if you already have all the Descent 1st Ed. stuff, the Conversion Kit is really, really worth the investment. For ~$30, you get access to a ton of heroes and monsters. Now, if you end up getting all of the H&M Collections anyway, those ~$30 will eventually have been wasted, so I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm just saying that the Conversion Kit can be a really good investment. As a bonus, all the models you're using will at least have the same size. It's not really that good of an investment. Some of the heroes do have their abilities tweaked as well for balance issues. Plus the fact that I feel it would be confusing to substitute minis for the monsters and heroes your using. I mean... sure, if you want to cut corners then Conversion Kit it up. If you want something immersive, then spend the time and get H&Ms.
  25. The Conversion kit is Obsolete now. Don't buy it. Save your money up for the H&M collections, as you'll get the updated versions of the heroes and monsters, miniatures and extra quests. The conversion Kit was create early on as a means to use Descent 1st Edition heroes and monsters. But it's useless nowadays.
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