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  1. Is the rest of the top 10 just 9 other Garm articles? Because it should be.
  2. Sloane took out another one during the week, turn 5 again though. Don't seem to be able to kill them much quicker than that with these lists. Slight variation on the list, but largely the same as last time, just trying Centicore instead of Demo in this one.
  3. Wanted to see how my Sloane 2-Ship handled some of the nasty anti-squad SSD options out there, which @Dreadnowt was kind enough to bring against me. Thankfully his Kallus spend much of the game chucking blank black dice at my aces, so despite a delayed engagement (Pryce turn 3) I was able to take down the Ravager in turn 5 Much closer than the score suggested though, with Demo and most of my squads down to 1 hull.
  4. Norra was the bane of my existence back when I was running the double pickles, losing the shields so quickly really hinders the MC80H1. I suppose the addition of some of the new anti-squad options could help try to shut her down though.
  5. As if I'm gonna let that stop me! I've been trying him in SSD lists and I'd estimate I get at least one token back in almost a third of my games! If that isn't good value for points I don't know what is. Also, I guess I don't know what good value for points is. So there's that.
  6. Honestly, I'm using Tagge in my SSD proxy games already even without trying that combo. He's not awful! I mean, he's not great either, but y'know... Did have a pretty fun game against some Vader Cymoon/VSDs relying on Intel Officers. Tagge laughed.
  7. Try looking on a different device. I can see mine fine through a web browser and iPhone, but my (very old) iPad won't load the list of saved fleets on my control panel. If you know your user ID link (ex for me it's http://armadawarlords.hivelabs.solutions/public.php?id=488) and the lists are saved publicly I could take a look and see if they're visible there.
  8. Think there's currently 5 of us from the Scottish crowd planning on going
  9. I did get my Terminus' (Termini? Terminuses?) the other day in White Natural Versatile, only managed a quick peek in the box so far so haven't unwrapped them or anything but they do look like they'll be usable in that material. Will report back when I've had a chance to have a go at them and can compare to the Smooth Fine Detail that I'd previously ordered on my Harrowers. Also looks like @melminiatures is looking into other material options:
  10. Yeah, that'll do it! I do like Vector, though it's been a while since I've actually fit it into a list. May need to revisit it...
  11. I may just be misinterpreting what you're saying here, but Vector won't do anything for generic Decimators. Vector only increases the speed of non-heavy squads and the standard VT-49 Decimator has the heavy keyword.
  12. Dunno, I feel like with Advanced Gunnery most of the time you'll be using it at long range so it's 3 red and 1 blue from QBTs. Even double-tapping that's not super high damage, while if something like BT Avenger gets two of your arcs in it's front it's got first player to really punish that and get a lot of points. Maybe do as @Divad said, grab some more bombers and take Precision Strikes that way.
  13. A few thoughts come to mind on this. You've got Garm, so you're a winner right away. I get what you mean about Garm and Precision Strikes, especially with a mix of bombers and not. Not a fan of Station Assault though, despite your reasons. Most Wanted tends to be a safe, if boring, option. B-Wings are good. Not many activations so I'm not sold on Defiance. Could be dropped for Boosted Comms to get the squads activated without getting too close? Rest looks good!
  14. Completely agreed. I'm typically getting in a couple games of Armada a week and still have so many lists I've not even managed to get near yet.
  15. I have tried getting something going with this: It was usable, though not great. The squads are a good nuisance that can hang round near Centicore and be pushed by the Gozanti, while it uses its free token to either change it's own speed or Comms Net it over elsewhere. Sovereign lets me mix up what tokens I'm getting, and the Arqs (though they would benefit from TRCs) get a couple of re-rolls with CF tokens and DTTs. Lets them stack Nav commands which they want, and they're budget so can rely on them throwing a bundle of dice in an attempt to trade up points. The Imp 2 is a nice big tanky anvil that can build up a farm of tokens to adapt to whatever situation it finds itself in. I do think this list is seeing the same thing I'd found; Arquitens are a fair choice with Tarkin. And you're right, at a higher point Sector Fleet game he'll benefit more.
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