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  1. I've had quite a few, collected various photos in this Twitter moment: https://twitter.com/i/events/982209992672489472 For the second bundle of models I picked up I risked the lower quality, I'd say they're fine, but a very long way beneath the higher quality materials. If you can afford the better material do it, you won't regret it. If you can't then the lower quality will shape up ok, but you'll lose a lot of detail. Here's the higher quality stuff unpainted: Same ones getting painted: And here's a few shots with both versions (higher for the Harrowers, lower for the Terminus) and you can see that from a distance with some paint on them both are perfectly passable:
  2. Well, since you beat me to Garm, I'll go with my other pet project, Tagge! If it doesn't have to be full sentences and we can just remove a couple word then: I mean, that might just be because I keep forgetting it's only one and burn through my tokens too quickly... But whose fault is that? Oh, mine. Alternative for a full sentence change: A little extra resilience and encourages more of Tagge's attrition play. Get in there, start taking the hits and out-last them across the whole fleet.
  3. I do, though feels like I might be in a minority there... Had mixed results but do find the Command version more fun, and can be pretty successful. Hey! Don't shame my life choices!
  4. I mean, @Tokra won Euros 2019 using an Arquitens Command in his list
  5. Me again! Empire assaulted the Rebel base on Sullust. They won, so gain presence and will get the strategic effect for it, however it's also trying to give it to the Rebels still: Will adjust it manually. Also similar to the previous post, we gained presence on Lothal and have the Resources already but it's not appearing as an option to build the base (can fix manually too)
  6. Seem to have come across another bug on ours, we've got Rebel presence as well as Resources to spend but it's not giving the option here:
  7. Think we've run into a bug with Diplomats and Low Morale. Opponent assigned a diplomat to a sector. We've attacked an occupied area, and defended an unoccupied area in the same sector. Both of our fleets in those situations have received Low Morale. However Low Morale (pg 19) says: So in the first case, they have Presence so we're attacking an occupied location. In the second case though the location is unoccupied we're the defenders. And just to confirm Presence isn't the same as Unoccupied, there's pg 16 and pg 17 which both specify them as different effects. We'll be able to manage this fine manually in our campaign, but just a heads-up!
  8. Ah, by coincidence I was using my Harrowers the other day!
  9. True as well, though depending on what they're set up with and what else you're attacking with they may choose another token. Still, gives them tough choices.
  10. Been meaning to send these over for a while, rankings from Stockton Edit: Great, it uploaded the image sideways despite not being sideways on my phone! Just sit with your head to one side?
  11. Luke, Nym, and Dodonna is a good combo. Sent in Nym first (BCC and Toryn to fish for the blue crit), kill their Contain, then hit them with Luke. Especially if you're Yavaris double-tapping them, though as mentioned by @eliteone Hera is another way to go hunting.
  12. Sounds awesome, haven't looked at the detail yet but feels like there's potential to integrate some of this with @Truthiness' data project spreadsheets, might make data collection easier for events where folk provide links to online builders (or even some kind of OCR of printouts?) and extraction of the lists entered into it?
  13. Yup, they're dangerous little critters!
  14. Got the Stockton lists written up here, https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hZIHSq8j2RNUp906bb277DBg6SYBzG6vuaJNauC0StA/edit?usp=sharing should be ready to go into the main sheet. Missing objectives for 18th place but should have everything else there apart from the actual scores (will see if I can get those)
  15. MC75, Ordnance Porgs, Ruthless Strategist, Rieekan, and poor sacrificial Gold Squad. Only made real use of it the once, but how I laughed! And how Zombie Gold Squad suffered.
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