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  1. Happy Friday :-)

    Happy Friday! Getting the Rebels on the table tonight for the first time since Wave 7 came out, and we've got a Regionals practice day tomorrow that looks like we'll get decent attendance so looking at a quality Armada weekend here in Scotland.
  2. Seems to just be showing the thumbnail scaled up. I've dug out your image source URL (which looks fine, https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars-armada/images/9/9f/Armada_releas-dates.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20180201100134), downloaded, and re-attached.
  3. You'd have thought I'd have remembered something like that. That's what I get for typing before I finish thinking something through!
  4. Something like a GR-75 with Quantum Storm to get your admiral and a pricey officer the **** out of there if it's all going badly? Maybe with Slicer Tools to help cover the retreat, and to be used aggressively if your MC-75 is surviving ok.
  5. European Championships 2018

    Ticket booked for this, and should have a slightly larger Scottish contingent than just the 2 of us that managed Euros last year! The day 1a/1b split on X-Wing should help with this too I'd have thought.
  6. Not quite a tournament, but since none of our local crowd can make it down to the Liverpool Regional we're doing a training/practice day in Edinburgh on Feb 10th instead: https://www.facebook.com/events/1952710551713810/
  7. I actually was wondering just the other day whether the Task Force titles are themselves a bit of a trap, since it really makes you fly such a tight formation to keep them all in range of each other. I don't know if anyone's tried running Hammerheads in any kind of numbers without the titles and can weigh in on that?
  8. I've gone up to having 4 Hammerheads as well. They're more fun to use with more of them on the table but as @Ophion points out they may be better/more fun when used in numbers but they're still just straight up bad for their cost right now. Which is a shame, they look brilliant.
  9. Store Championships July 15 & 16

    Common Ground in Stirling was on Sunday, 10 of us there including a few new faces. Here's the lists (as best as I could scope them out) and their rankings: Ackbar, Defiance, Bright Hope, Jaina TRC, Rogues Sloane, ISD, quasar, 2 Goz, 2 Lambda, Deng, Howl, Maul, Valen, 5 TIEs Ackbar, Defiance, Pelta, Jains Trc, Ketsu, Hera, Corran, Y-Wing, Rogue, Nym Motti, ISD, Quasar, Arq, 2 Deci, Steele, Adv Dodonna, Gallant Haven, Admonition, Bright Hope, Garel's Honour, Norra, 2x B-Wings, 2x X-Wings, Jan, Z95 Dodonna, 3 Nebs (incl Salvation), 3 CR90, TRCs everywhere, Han Rieekan, LMC80,Pelta, Salvation, Hera, Corran, Tycho, Shara H1MC80, CR90, ??? h1MC80, MC30, ??? Screed, VSD, Quasar, Raider, 2 Deci, 2 Firespray, Int Photos at https://twitter.com/i/moments/886867587015028738
  10. I've not tried it on the table yet, but have been playing around with RLB builds, especially around the Quasar. I don't know if it's actually a great thing to do, but it certainly seems like a fun thing to do. Pushed around a few ships on Vassal the other day and being able to fly up and drop a bunch of squads right where they're needed without the fear of being blocked along the way is cool.
  11. wave Sax store championships

    They weren't there as a screen, they were hiding in RLBs on a GR75. We've been theory-crafting RLBs locally a fair bit so someone finally got them on the table. Sounds like he was enjoying how it went!
  12. wave Sax store championships

    Edinburgh Games Hub on Saturday had 6 folk, a bit of Wave 6 on the table but less than expected! Here's the rankings and the lists as far as I can remember them Ackbar MC80, 2 Hammerheads, about 10 rogues Vader, Demo, Raider, 3 Arq Motti ISD/VSD/Gozanti, loads of TIES (I think Howlrunner, Mauler, 8 TIES, Dengar, Lambda) Mon Mothma, 1 Hammerhead, 1 GR75, 6(ish) CR90s, Nym and a Y-Wing Motti VSD2, Quasar, Arq, 3 Lambda, 3 Phantoms, 3 Bombers Garm Liberty, Salvation, 2 GR75s, Jan, Nora, 3 Ys, 2 X, 4 Zs Photos and my full list (5th place ) on Twitter: https://twitter.com/i/moments/883952095992434688
  13. Store Championships July 1 & 2

    There were 8 of us at Knightly in Lanark at the weekend. Didn't get full lists but should be able to remember most of the archetypes at least: Motti Double ISDs (OP on one, Avenger on the other), 5 ace squads Mon Mothma, 5 engine-tech TRC90s, 2 GR75s, 0 squads Motti VSD, 4 Goz, Defenders (I wanna say 6 Defenders, 2 Lambda) Double ISD + Flechette Raider Rieekan, high activation, chunk of generic squads Garm MC80/Pelta Strategic FCTs (2VCX, 2HWK, Shara, Tycho) Konstantine Interdictor/VSD/Demo/Goz and about an 8-TIE swarm Double ISD Here's a couple photos and my (disappointing) results on Twitter: https://twitter.com/i/moments/881873815076311040
  14. New cards for the new rules

    Rhymer is a top-64 prize at Nationals, hopefully that'll have the updated text
  15. Euros and the lack of that undead general

    I think another big thing there is exposure to different lists outside the local (sorry for using this word) meta. I showed up with something which locally was very unique and no one had an answer to. I wouldn't say I'm leaps and bounds ahead of the guys we've got here in terms of skill, just that my list was giving me a strong advantage. Showed up to Euros and at least 2 people had come up with very similar lists completely independently and a lot of what I was seeing set up opposite me recognised what I was doing and had an idea of what to do about it. Put me on the back foot as I was used to a fair degree of freedom to play the game my way, and suddenly I'm finding that outside the local scene people were ahead of that curve. Need to break out the local bubble and get myself active on Vassal!