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  1. Just can't seem to find the time to get really invested and rather spend it playing Arcadia Quest ,
  2. I'm probably planning on selling my entire IA game along with all the extra figure packs fully painted and sleeved in custom foamier box. Should anyone be interested hit me up via pm.
  3. Pro tip: the black primer is way better than the white one (games workshop). Where black gives a great bisect wit just one layer, the white one needs at least 2 to 3, making it a lot more expensive. I use a spray on matte varnish cause it's very quick and gives an even coverage.
  4. Shouldn't be too expensive as they cant weigh that much? I've sent a PM, would want these to get to Belgium .
  5. Well I would have never started if it wasn't for your video's, I've really caught the painting bug now .
  6. It's warpaint , and I figured Gaarkhan to be a bit of a leatherdaddy...
  7. Well, I couldn't keep waiting for the newest episodes and after having had the advice of Sorrastro and the introduction to figure painting (had never done anything like this beforehand) I thought it was time to just look up some examples on the internet and go at it alone. Today I started and finished these 2 guys in about 3 hours, must say I'm pretty satisfied with the results. I will continue doing the rest of the figures though I will also keep track of Sorrastro's paints (and probably kick myself in the head for not waiting ).
  8. So could you please ask where your friend bought those boxes? The ones on microart seem te be painted even though the description says they are unpainted, can anyone confirm? I would definitely prefer unpainted objects that I cant paint myself.
  9. I finished my Vader, can`t wait for the next video! (first time painter)
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