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  1. Thank for the article, Truthiness! Getting excited to take down an SSD!
  2. I'm on team Tie Defender for the Imps and team A-Wing for the Rebels.
  3. What about... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ships have 2 attacks. A Ship may: 1) Make 2 attacks vs enemy ships from 2 different arcs 2) Make 2 attacks vs all enemy squadrons from 2 different arcs, or 3) Make 1 Attack vs an enemy ship and 1 attack vs all enemy squadrons from 2 different arcs OR ANY 1 ARC. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reasons! Ships are presumably using different weapon systems vs ships and vs squadrons. Would make flying straight into the guns of enemy ships more lethal. Too easy for squads to hide in primary arc of ships. I think the lethality of squads vs ships is about right, but unique squads are too survivable vs ships. [Forgot this on initial post.] Doesn't really fix Pryce is Rite. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alternatively, increase point cost of named squads by 10% and lower cost of generic squads by 10%. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Or... Do nothing?
  4. You're correct! My apologies to the learned Paleobotanist from Speilburg U.
  5. Well, the lady paleontologist from Jurassic Park wrecked most of the FO Star Destroyers. Maybe they had to get the old ones out of storage.
  6. I think this is an awesome announcement. Including Clone Wars has the potential to bring in new players and expand the base. Would love more OT/Legends stuff but deeper and deeper cuts from the distant past isn't going to bring the interest and participation like adding "best of" the Clone Wars. So I support this decision. Thank you, FFG!
  7. Dual-faction Dreadnaught! Dual-faction Scum mercenaries! Such as a C-ROC flotilla. A Clone Wars Starter Set! Or all of these things!
  8. Clone Wars. Way more content, way more variety, better development. It's an easy call. And I am NOT a prequels person. I'm an OT old guy. But give me Clone Wars.
  9. I think this is an interesting guess, especially considering the number of squads and the two revealed so far. I wonder if we may get some Clone Wars characters such as Jango Fett, Aurra Sing, or Embo for the Imperial side. Its also possible they will be unique non-character squadrons (Like Gold or Saber) such as Trandoshan Slavers (YV-666) and Contracted Mercenaries (Jumpmaster) with the mention of irregular squadrons. On the Rebel side Kyle Kataran (HWK-290) or Outer Rim Smuggler. Or FFG could just pull pilots out of the X-Wing list. I don't really care! Just bring on some new stuff!
  10. Great thread. I’m pumped for the new campaign, objectives, mechanics, and cards! Keep up the good work.
  11. I thought of that immediately after reading the card. Glad I’m not alone!
  12. Whatever the reason, I'm happy for the update!
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