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  1. Eisai

    Hooray. Upsilons on sale at Amazon for 12 bucks.

    Yeah, I've had 3 since not too long after they originally released. I haven't seen many builds at all using Thannisson+Phasma, which I absolutely love. makes a nice vanguard, and makes it so that anything in front of him doesn't want to do red maneuvers or link actions.
  2. Eisai

    Hooray. Upsilons on sale at Amazon for 12 bucks.

    If you know what you're doing flying them: Lieutenant Tavson — Upsilon-Class Command Shuttle 62 Fire-Control System 2 Hull Upgrade 3 Ship Total: 67 Petty Officer Thanisson — Upsilon-Class Command Shuttle 60 Captain Phasma 5 Fire-Control System 2 Shield Upgrade 4 Ship Total: 71 Starkiller Base Pilot — Upsilon-Class Command Shuttle 56 Fire-Control System 2 Shield Upgrade 4 Ship Total: 62 FCSes aren't great, but there's really not a lot else to do with them right now.
  3. My own personal versions of Imperial/Rebel/Scum here are actual posted elsewhere in this forum, but I've forgotten where, and I don't think I've ever posted the ones I've done as commissions for others here. Having just finished my Resistance covers, figured I'd go ahead and post them all here. For myself, I try to keep a decent amount of the dials unpainted to show the original plastic color (Resistance was a hard one to do this for, I really don't like that orange). For the commissions, I do them as requested, though the black/red Rebel and the black/blue Imperial I was initially told to just come up with something and then see how the commissioner liked it -- the Rebel was in fact originally the standard plastic with white/black in the outer ring much like my own FO dials, but we both agreed it didn't look great). The other rebel commissions were 1) to match the 1.0 cardboard dial cover and then 5 slightly modified from that to match the commissioner's X-wings (4 of which had their stripes repainted). Dials for myself: Dials painted for others:
  4. Eisai

    Galactic Empire Ship Rankings

    Haven't really played any x1s or v1s outside of Vader (or against them for that matter), so I won't participate this round, other than to say I'd put Vader at 8 or 9. He wouldn't get the full 10 from me because the x1 feels too meh on its own. I believe Vader is the only x1 pilot who isn't overcosted (and that's largely because 3 Force). I feel the same about the v1, if a little less so, but again, haven't played with or against any of them. Again, I think the go-to for Vessery should absolutely be Sai.
  5. Eisai

    Galactic Empire Ship Rankings

    To everyone rating Vessery so low: have you tried playing him with Lt. Sai/Krennic/ST-321? Sai coordiinates Vessery to focus, gets a focus herself, and then locks at R1-3 from Vessery, setting up his ability. And of course, he takes the Optimized Prototype from Krennic, so he's essentially got Rexler's ability as well. And there's still 58 points (naked Vess, Sai/Krennic/ST-321) left (I like Seyn Marana/Marksmanship and a few extra upgrades on Vess/Sai as well). Yes, it's comboriffic, but Vessery has always been that way. If you go for the shuttle first, Vessery is free to do as he pleases, and Seyn is wandering around throwing damage through shields (that Vessery can then flip up with Optimized). If you go for Vessery first, he can be tough to kill even with concentrated fire. He'll have focus+evade, and given Sai has a TL to trigger his ability, his action is completely free for a reposition. Not to mention that if he's really in a tight spot, Sai can coordinate a reposition before he activates (forgoing the focus for both of them, but don't underestimate a pre-move boost or roll followed by a white 4k). If they go for Seyn first, more power to them? Anyways, to keep the post relevant to the thread, I suppose I'll add rankings: Rexler Brath- 7: The base cost of Defenders really prevents me from rating him higher. Countess Ryad- 4: I think she lost just a little too much, plus base cost of Defenders. Colonel Vessery- 6: Only loses a step to Rexler because of the needed support. Even though the support is really good. Onyx Squadron Pilot- 3: At least Ryad HAS an ability. Delta Squadron Pilot- 1: WAY too expensive. Duchess- 5: I've never been a huge fan of Strikers, and now they don't have Lightweight Frame. Choosing to aileron or not is cute, but I find Strikers are generally just too weak on offense (no TL) and defense (only 2 dice). Pure Sabaac- 3: I don't think I've EVER gotten to use his ability. He takes damage before getting to shoot, and thus no longer has an ability. Countdown-6: Ability is really good. Still a little pillow-fisted, though. Black Squadron Scout- 3: I mean, essentially Pure Sabacc with 2 more hull in my experience, at lower INI? Planetary Sentinel- 2: Could be a decent blocker with Ailerons, but a bit expensive for that.
  6. Eisai

    Dormitz to 70 points, Hyperspace to 10

    This, and everyone saying playtest couldn't have reasonably found this: the list (in a slightly poorer form) existed in 1.0. It's not new. Upsilons went down slightly in cost compared to 1.0, gained a couple of better pilots (Tavson and Thanisson), and HTD got better overall, though it both got better and worse. It should have been seen in playtest. Absolutely. It's not an unobvious combo. Citing that 2 month date means little other than that potentially meaning something for when it got into the wild and started getting copied. I knew that it would be possible (and better than the 1.0 version) at least as early as the conversion kit release (don't remember if HTD was previewed beforehand). I just didn't post about the list online. Like I said the keys here to calling this an overreaction is that Dormitz on his own isn't really a problem, and doesn't justify the massive points increase, and FFG consciously made HTD better in 2.0 design. The token stack is the actual problem, but they are so absolutely afraid of erratas that they can't actually fix the problem. All they can do is point things out of existence (c.f. Luke Gunner and Supernatural Reflexes). If they're actually worried about the list's effect on the current Hyperspace season, and can't overcome their reluctance to errata, then the actual proper thing to do here was remove either Dormitz or HTD from Hyperspace legality, as others have already mentioned. The list is nowhere near a Boogeyman in Extended as people seem to think it is in Hyperspace.
  7. Eisai

    Dormitz to 70 points, Hyperspace to 10

    I saw the "deemphasizes emphasis on careful maneuvering" and snorted. I've been playing versions of this list since 1.0 The actual problem with the list in 2.0 wasn't Dormitz or the initiative-manipulation of HTD. It was the token-stack, pure and simple. Which they consciously BOOSTED from the version of the card that existed in 1st. Once the first turn is over, you absolutely have to know how to "carefully maneuver," unless you were playing the Collision Detector version . If the absence of careful maneuvering was their concern, then Collision Detector is actually the problem. But the token stack was actually the problem. For the record, I already have a new version of triple Ups, using neither Dormitz nor HTD (I wanted to use Cardinal and/or Stridan, but neither of them is really any good). I think in the right hands it's still actually pretty good (not meta-shaking by any means), but will sadly no longer be as fun to fly. But yes, this was absolutely an overreaction.
  8. Eisai

    What do you preorder from Seps and/or Republic?

    I ordered 2x of each Squadron pack (I already have everything for the other 5 factions, so I'm all-in), as the Squadron packs are a good deal (essentially a free ship). Then I ordered 1x of each of the individual expansions that are already in the squadron packs (Delta-7 and Vulture Droid), so I'll have 3 Deltas, 4 V-19s, 2 Belbullabs and 5 Vulture Droids. Then I'm getting 2x Sith Infiltrators (largely due to a habit of generally getting a minimum of 2 of every ship), and 1x ARC-170 (to be supplemented with my already-owned Rebel ARCs -- though I may get a second Republic one later if the cardboard bases are shared in a way I want to run pilots on opposite sides in the same list). But that's me. So decision on faction was easy -- I've already got the other 5, if I get 1 of the 2 of the PT factions, why not just get both rather than leave a single faction out of my collection. As for specific ships/expansions, I generally get at least two of every ship, and the Squadron packs are good starting points, and doubling on them seems to make sense. Ultimately it boils down to personal preference and budget, of course. Fortunately for me X-Wing is pretty much the only minis game I'm actively keeping up with these days.
  9. Eisai

    What have you bought to convert 1.0 to 2.0?

    Retail Product already Purchased: Core Set 2x Imperial Conversion 2x Rebel Conversion 2x Scum Conversion 1x Resistance Conversion 1x First Order Conversion 2x Saw's Renegades 2x TIE Reaper 1x Lando's Falcon 1x T-65 X-Wing 1x BTL-A4 Y-Wing 1x Firespray 1x Fang Fighter 2x Mining Guild TIE 1x T-70 X-Wing 2x RZ-2 A-Wing Preordered: 2x Servants of Strife Squad Pack 2x Guardians of the Republic Squad Pack 1x Republic ARC-170 1x Aethersprite 1x Vulture Droid 2x Sith Infiltrator Ebay conversion pieces (baseplates/pilot cards): 1x Lambda conversion 1x TIE Interceptor conversion 1x Rebel Z-95 conversion 1x Rebel Y-Wing conversion 1x Rebel A-Wing conversion 1x Scum Z-95 conversion 1x Scum Y-Wing conversion 1x Hyperspace Tracking Data upgrade 3rd party stuff: New acrylic template/range ruler set (with lines) New acrylic tokens (charge/calculate/force) Additional carrying case Still waiting on Resistance/FO dial covers and haven't preordered the ones for Separatist/Republic after the Resistance/FO ones have been delayed so long. Probably getting 2 of each of the new Wave 4 releases, 2 spinny B-Wings, and then will have to debate whether to replace my 3 Silencers with the new sculpt or not. Also keep thinking about buying a second Lando's Falcon as it's the only (set of) ship(s) I don't currently own at least 2 of. If you really only care about Conversion stuff, I'm sure you can do the math
  10. Eisai

    A Scyk's Time to Shine?

    I played a Scyk mini-swarm last week and it was actually pretty fun: Serissu — M3-A Interceptor 40 Elusive 3 Ship Total: 43 Quinn Jast — M3-A Interceptor 34 Elusive 3 Hardpoint: Torpedo 0 Adv. Proton Torpedoes 6 Ship Total: 43 Genesis Red — M3-A Interceptor 34 Elusive 3 Hardpoint: Torpedo 0 Proton Torpedoes 12 Ship Total: 49 Laetin A’shera — M3-A Interceptor 33 Elusive 3 Ship Total: 36 L3-37 (Escape Craft) — Escape Craft 26 Tactical Officer 2 Ship Total: 28 Total: 199 I got Adv. Protons off something like three times, fully modded with Coordinates. Quinn was really fun. Elusive actually ended up being overkill defensively.
  11. Eisai

    Gavin Darklighter + 5 bandits

    I played the 1.0 version of this (when Gavin was Etahn). I think it's probably actually better now than it was then. 6 ships is not bad, they all have at least 4hp behind at least 2 greens, and crits are generally nastier now. The Zs generally want to rush things (getting several at R1 can be nice), while Gavin stays back as best he can at R3 to give arc coverage. Given that the Zs don't need to be at any specific distance of Gavin, you don't even need to hold any specific formation, which makes the Zs that much less predictable. I might agree with @meffo, different astromech might be better than the R3. R4 is good, regen could also be good. Just not really sure the 2nd lock is needed. This list is why I owned too many Rebel Z-95s.
  12. Eisai

    What is hyperspace format?

    I wouldn't say I'm vehemently or passionately against it, though I am not a fan (for some fairly specific reasons, which I won't go into in this post, so as to not criticize). There are certain arguments that keep getting made in favor of it that I believe are flawed, and those are the ones I argue against. That said, the best reasons for Hyperspace, in my opinion, without criticism (which I could add to these points): 1) Theoretically easier to balance a smaller pool. 2) Strictly speaking, more about in-game decisions (if everyone is playing the same thing, in-game player skill matters). 3) Related to 2), ease of list-building. I kept trying to add a couple of more points, but couldn't without adding asterisks or outright criticism within them, because I'd think about it and immediately not agree with what I was writing.
  13. Eisai

    What is hyperspace format?

    The argument for 2) sort of falls apart though, when there are so many ships that are Hyperspace legal that haven't actually been re-released yet. 4) How so? New player buys a core set and whatever they want to play. Regardless of format. Done. You don't have to buy everything.
  14. Eisai

    How can you use Lambda's?

    Advanced Sensors won't get you 3-for-1. You can coordinate and ST-321 to acquire a lock, but can't trigger Sai to get the Focus, because it's an action and Advanced Sensors only allows one action. So only 2-for-1 with Advanced Sensors.
  15. Eisai

    What previously spoiled ship are you most looking forward to?

    TIE Interceptor re-release. Really, FFG? Only 2 named pilots?