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  1. Don't suppose you have a link please? I'm searching through the search results I get back, but seem to only find the final.
  2. Great, thanks oxymandias. Toqtamish, I can't seem to find any other Armada games there?
  3. I only had a chance to catch up on the streamed bloodless corvette/VGG game the day after it happened due to work. I've just checked today and there isn't any Armada on the channel at all. Were the other matches recorded, and if so, will they be put up online? I really hope so; the game is dead where I am, and it would be so helpful to see how top-level games are being played!
  4. I only have one of everything in wave one so far, and am wondering whether wave 2 rebel ships will negate the need/usefulness of getting another Afmk2? Cost is a factor for me, so wave two will be bought slowly regardless.
  5. That looks bloody amazing! Thanks for the ideas and links :-)
  6. Perfect, thanks Edsel62
  7. Cool - many thanks for the thoughts D503 and Stasy
  8. Thanks for the feedback D503 - great point about the visuals too! I have two core sets and will have one of everything from wave 1 by the end of the week. Any ideas about good balanced lists for a demo game with what I have?
  9. Hi all I'm looking to set up a couple of demo games in my area as the game hasn't picked up any traction at all - it's so dead that I haven't even had the motivation to play solo for the last few months! I know the starter game is good for learning the rules, but I don't think it's any good for generating that 'wow' factor for those sitting on the fence or just thinking about buying into it. Has anyone got any suggestions for how I should go about this please? Any ideas greatly appreciated! Cheers
  10. Can anyone recommend some good battle reports or tactics videos please? Many thanks!
  11. Sorry to hear that mate. Lots of people really underestimate how painful losing a close pet can be.
  12. Interesting Rebel list, would never have thought to take three Corvettes, but will give it a test via proxy :-) I'm starting to get to grips with the shark circling at fer range, but am starting to notice manoeuvring issues (bumping/flying off table) if the VSD do their slow diagonal speed one crawl. Have also been using Nav Team on the VSD which makes squeezing into the gap behind them even more tricky! Thanks for the follow up thoughts, very useful again :-)
  13. Thanks for this! It's really great/helpful to see how other people are playing and building lists - please keep them coming :-) Admiral 77, I'm limited to solo play due to a lack of players where I am, but in my games the Rebels only win by victory points. No idea how reflective that is for regular play though. I started off wanting to play Imperial, but am slowly thinking about Rebel as they're much more challenging to play...and therefore more rewarding.
  14. I have such high hopes for this movie, mostly based around the plot development of the Galactic Civil War turning into a war of attrition coming to a head (and the linked storyline of Skywalker staying out of it until that 'awakening point'!
  15. The 76mm gun on the 'Easy Eight' Sherman (which 'Fury' was one) could penetrate a Tiger I's front armor from ~500m. Such an encounter would certainly be bad for the Shermans, but not as bad as the movie depicts. Of course, both sides made some pretty stupid decisions in that movie ("we're going to send your tanks out alone, unsupported, while the M8 Greyhounds that you see as you're leaving just get to chill..." "hey, there's an American tank all alone, but all these Panzerfausts are heavy, so we're going to set them down and march in formation towards it..." "hey, there were Germans in this forest, but we're going to get out of our tanks because the Nazis never had snipers..."), so the Tarkin-style overconfidence of the Tiger commander just goes with the theme. Fury was a good movie but unbeliveable. The tiger battle was a little silly. Also the last fight was stupid. There was NO WAY one sherman was able to take out so many troops. Why would you have your troops run straight at it? Very much agreed, but check out one of the inspirations for the final battle with Brad on the machine gun: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audie_Murphy#European_Theater Sorry, doesn't seem to linking to the 'European Theater' section for the bit I'm revering to (although it all is worth a read!)
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