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  1. Hello All, So after a lot of thought and bouncing ideas off others who play L5R I have come to the conclusion that the Restricted List in its current form is a problem. The main issue is that the current RL punishes clans for the actions of others. But for the sake of transparency I will state that I mostly play scorpion and this does affect my views on how the game is played so take that at what you will. Anyway I look forward to hearing what others have to say about this. First and foremost I (and many many many others) feel that Tadaka (dynasty) needs to be banned. I have yet to encounter a single person at a tournament that says Tadaka is fair or fun. Every card game has some power cards that turn out to be way too powerful. It is important for the health of the game that such cards are noted quickly and remedied. But Tadaka's issue is more than it is just powerful, he is a massive negative play experience that can literally win games by himself by making it nearly impossible for your opponent to play anything. Any card (and yes this includes Guest of Honor) that prevents your opponent from doing something without a price to be paid is bad design. I feel like I should be providing examples but honestly I feel like after a year of players having to deal with him few can argue he is well designed. Now to be fair I fully understand that the current top tier Phoenix deck probably will hit very hard by his banning but I don't think too many people will complain when I hear stories of how the Phoenix v Phoenix matchup is "a race to draw Tadaka and keep his effect on." I will say I am very bias on this but I also feel Guest of Honor should be banned just because it effect is similar to Tadaka's but that probably is just the scorpion player in me and may not be warranted but it is the only crane card on the RL. Second, each clan needs to have its own RL. The Restricted List punishes all clans for the problems of the others. Pathfinders blade is only on the RL because Niten Master exists. In most others clans pathfinders blade is not part of some crazy combo it is just a +1 mil for 0 cost with a cool effect. For greater glory is only a problems in Lion and probably Unicorn. Against the Waves was only a problem in Phoenix which is why they took it off so that other clans could use it (still don't think I have seen any other clan use it but details). Mirimoto's fury was put on the list because every single clan was running it with Let Go (honestly I would say that makes it a contender for being Banned but that is a different discussion). Rebuild is only a problem in Crab because of the focus they have on holdings. If you narrow down the RL so that each Clan has their own list, you can free up some of the cards that never see play anymore because in an attempt to limit the problematic combos you also effectively soft banned other cards. The RL is supposed to make players choose. However, as it turns out it resulted mostly in the soft ban of most of the RL. Most clans have an option between 2 maybe 3 cards. For scorpion the choice is Forged Edict or Fate Worse than Death. For Dragon they just mostly dropped Niten and Mirimoto's for Void fist and called it a day. Crane usually run Guest of Honor. I should note I am not trying to solve the RL problem of clans just picking the better or two options. I am trying to free up some of the card pool for clans that would otherwise never look at something. No Scorpion is going to choose Pathfinders blade over Forged Edict or Fate Worse than Death. No Dragon is going to pick Rebuild over Void Fist. No Crab is going to pick Policy Debate over just about anything else on the list. It therefore makes little sense in my mind that these cards should be banned from those clans. You can make the argument that giving each clan there own RL would make it a lot more difficult for players to remember what is and is not on the RL. I would say but you don't need to RL 16 cards for each clan. Most clans only really choose between 2 or 3 cards. Now it is possible that if at such a time each Clan does need to have 16 cards on their personal RLs I would say that something went horribly wrong in the card design process. However, based on how the last few packs have been I don't really see that as being the case. I trust FFG figured out what should and should not be printed. Anyway interested in hearing feed back. Thanks, Randre
  2. Hi Everyone, Since it seems that Thursdays is no longer a good day for everyone to meet up and play Armada i was wondering if there was a better day for everyone? Hope to hear from you.
  3. Edit: Inappropriate question on my part, ignore me. Prize Sniping is mostly a matter of opinion I think. For example there's a small town near mine that doesn't have a LGS and as such doesn't have an Armada Community. There's a guy from there who drives to our store to play, and I consider him to 100% be a part of our gaming group. Him winning stuff means he'll keep coming back and we'll keep getting to play him. What bugs me is someone who has their own local scene and drives to other scenes after winning theirs to win more. I get the allure of the big prizes, but I think it's kinda greedy. If you take first in a local tournament then congratulations, but you don't then need to go and take first place prize in other peoples tournaments. I realize that's probably weird, but it's how I feel. You last paragraph there is what I feel about prize-sniping. I suppose it's a matter of intent, which is nearly impossible to judge. If someone doesn't have a local store and plays with their friends mostly, but goes to a store for a tournament, that's not prize-sniping. That's great, really. They get a chance to meet and play different people. Maybe make a friend. If someone regularly goes to multiple stores to participate in leagues and tournaments, regardless of prizes, that's ok too. It's the person that only shows up to get a prize, doesn't interact with the community or store, behaves like an outsider and/or bully, that I don't like. That's a prize sniper to me. But see my caveat below... Most of you guys defending "prize-sniping" in your posts have shown me some valid points. I don't think you guys are the ones I have a problem with. And, looking a little deeper at the issue, you're right: in any kind of competitive game there are people that are there for the competition, not the game. And while more "casual" gamers might not like them, they have the same right to play as anyone else. They also tend to drive a good game up in popularity as most everyone appreciates a challenge. With my limited meta i try to hit events for games. As they are often designed to do which is something FFG achieves really well. They have some of the best organized play out there i feel. One player showed up to my massing event and after losing the second game 1-9 tried to talk people into changing the event to a 3 round event so he could try and battle back for better prizes. He had already won a MoS event that weekend and was trying to get more. He wound up placing 5th and I took First (as TO) and he was still able to get a raider, but a lot of people were annoyed by his attitude. It happens. The MoS event had "big ticket prizes" by armada standards. Its easier to get the kit prizes that come out even if you don't play. They are reasonally priced on the secondary market. The 5 expansions being prizes meant that the secondary market would be very high (i think i saw an ISD go for $100+) this just brings out the worst in people who figure if I win an ISD, sell it for 2x retail I can buy 2 on release date. It happens in all games and if you are newer to the miniature gaming scene it can be frustrating at times. I am man enough to say sorry for annoying you and i would not have taken offence if you told me to stop. I will freely admit those poor dice rolls aggravated me far more than they should have and and willing to take heat for that. I do hope I am still welcome at your tournament scene as I genuinely enjoy playing new people. I would however claim that calling my rolls "cool" is a massive understatement. I feel like Prize snipping in and off itself is nothing bad nor should it be looked at negatively. I don't see people very often going hours out of their way to play an all day tournament and driving home without the promise of something that could offset the time and effort. We had 11 people show up to MAS at Gamer's Gambit of which 7 I did not know. You show up for a tournament and you win you get the prize. That being said if you show up to a tournament, lose the first round and then quit i do have a very big problem with that. To me that means you care more about winning than playing. I can see people getting sad and annoyed at loosing (guilty as charged see above) but to back out of a tournament is just disrespectful to everyone in my eyes.
  4. I am at Gamers Gambit almost every Thursday.
  5. HI All, Sorry if this has already been brought up but i was unable to find a topic on this. Our party has a bit of a rules problem that unfortunately is a bit of a complication as it would drastically affect how well a player could fight. The question is if you take a lightsaber forum what skill governs the growth of the light saber skill. The exact wording of the skill in question is: Ataru Technique: "When making a check using the lightsaber skill, the character may use agility instead of brawn" from how I read this it means that whenever you would role a light saber attack (brawn) you can instead replace the brawn with agility and use its higher value (going to assume you would not bother with this if brawn is higher). Therefore, if your brawn is 2 and your agility is 4 and your lightsaber skill is 2 then by using this ability you would role 2 yellow and 2 green. Up to this point everyone agrees on this. Now comes the main issue: If you have "ataru technique" can you increase your lightsaber skill to 3 as your agility is 4 even though your brawn is still 2. From one side the argument is that since all the ability does is let you use agility when making a check the answer is no. The reason being that brawn still governs the skill. All the talent does is let you use something else during the check. On the other side of the argument is that what is stated above is false because that would mean regardless of what forum you took you would still need to dump points into brawn to become "skilled" at lightsaber combat. The entire point of the forums is that it lets you become good at combat without having to invest heavily in the melee focused brawn stat. The person fully admits that going full brawn will still lead you to a much better combat character because of encumbrance and how that works but that is just a side note. To further complicate the question there is the following passage: "Although the Lightsaber skill is linked to the Brawn characteristic, many characters may have access to talents that can link the skill to a different characteristic instead, representing unique forms and fighting styles. The Lightsaber skill governs melee attacks made with lightsabers as well as the derivative weapons such as lightsaber pikes, shotos, and training sabers" The above passage implies such talents exists but it is not clear what linked means in this case or how it functions. It also seems to defer to the talents which stated above does not actually say anything about it replacing as the governing characteristic. Thoughts? Thanks, Stephen edit: grammar ok i feel stupid now. Thanks.
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