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  1. So far I have only played with my son, and we don't have much in the way of ships, but I do like the mental exercise of x-wing theory as I hope to play more competitively. My question is what happens if one or the other player tries to bank and turn for a diagonal flank approach? Is jousting considered the best opening play in the overall game meta? Yes, I realize that as a rookie pilot, banking and juking to out flank is pretty advanced flying. That's a lot of the fun to me though. Recreating the classic shot from RoTJ of the Falcon racing through the tie swarm is a big part of the draw. Related topic, is there a flight school or 'top gun' thread with tips on using the banks and turns and how they affect your arcs as well as formation flying?
  2. Is that prince Harry? He served in Afghanistan so I guess he qualifies. Is he a pilot or crew? What's his ability?
  3. Sounds like the Falcon may be a good addition then (and it might get me the imperial ships back from my son). What would balance it out for the empire? Maybe a couple of tie/interceptors, perhaps the imperial aces?
  4. I've recently gotten into X-wing and am really enjoying it (maybe a little to much). So far the games have all been dog fighting which is a lot of fun, but I am itching for more. Currently, I have the starter set and then one additional x-wing and two tie fighters. I'd like to keep things balanced as we expand the fleet but I do want to add some missions and such. As much as I would like to pick up the Falcon, I imagine it would throw the balance far to the rebels. Would the lambda shuttle be good to add? Maybe an A-wing or E as well? Also, in what situations do the bombers like the Y-wing, B-wing and tie bomber work well? Thanks
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