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  1. I understand that the game is designed to be fun for lots of people and not to complicated, but I wish there was a way for destroyed ships to leave debris sometimes. Even in the movies, some ships blew up in large explosions, and some "fell apart in space" (Porkins). Maybe if a ship dies on a face down damage card you deploy a debris token 1 straight in front of it. That may be just one level of complexity to much though. Still the idea of having to maneuver through the wreck of the ship you just killed seem to fit in the space, dogfight feel of the game.
  2. Wow, your skills are good. I can tell you can look at pictures and your brain starts figuring out the shapes and pieces you need to make the ship you want. I'm trying to work out the dimensions for a YU-410 myself. It's Gozanti in length so I'm not sure if I should play it as a large or huge ship. Yes, I was referring to the Serenity from the show Firefly. Your "space camel" isn't the same by any means, but it evoked the look to me. That's what I meant by "SW universe version". Firefly was a true space western and there was an episode where the crew carried a herd of cattle from one planet to another. That's why I made the Bantha herd comment. Keep up the good work and inspiration.
  3. I'm enjoying watching this latest build, but I have to say it's looking suspiciously close to the SW universe version of a Firefly class transport. Gonna move a herd of banthas or tauntauns in that?
  4. IronOx

    Scum YT-1300's?

    So you're suggesting have a single named pilot card for a scum YT-1300 in the set like "scum and villainy" did for the HWK-290 and Firespray? For the most part treating it like the ARC-170s then? Not a bad idea. It would please the people really wanting a YT-1300 in their scum fleet, but would never see play in tournaments.
  5. "Asteroids do not concern me..." "There are old pilots and there there are bold pilots but there are no old, bold pilots." Gutsy flying that Gozanti between a rock and a hard place. I hope there's another Imp capitol ship around to give those interceptors a ride home.
  6. From an aesthetic perspective, it may help to consider the design context GL was working from. He made American Graffiti before SW. In fact, Harrison Ford was in that too. That movie featured a lot of American sports cars. By the 1970, a lot of the cars had gotten bigger and had a flat front end like the camero and the mustang. The corvette (car not SW ship) was really the only one that got curvier. In the 80's the cars got even boxier. So the chromed N1 and Naboo transports reflect an earlier era in spaceship design vs. more "modern" ships set in the original trilogy. I really think in GL's mind, the Millennium Falcon was a souped up hot rod. It's a mash up of both vehicles from Smoky and the Bandit. I realize Naboo was a wealthy planet, I just don't think that their military philosophy extended much past basic defence. Look at Amadala's reliance on the political process even in the fact of imminent occupation, "I will not condone a course of action that leads to war". So I still think that they chose to buy just enough ship to get the job done while waiting on the republic navy to shop up for any large problems. The N1 was good in it's day. But even then it may not have been the equal of the Z-95 unless the N1 pilots were really good. They may have been for all we know, but by X-wing times most of the pilots would be gone (yes, I'm aware of the comic, no need to post it again). By the time of New Hope and now Rouge One, the N1s would be like P-51 mustangs at best. Maybe used as racers and acknowledged as a good ship in their day, but not suited for space combat except when there was nothing else around. Even the Republic uses the much heavier arc-170 to fight in the clone wars. The P-39s were already old by the time they were used in China in WW2, but they were all Chennault could get, and the volunteer pilots and crews made them work. Read about the flying tigers and you'll find that they would send up whatever they could time and time again. They fought with determination and grit in the face of superior equipment and numbers. Sound familiar? It's not hate to say the N1 doesn't fit in X-wing. If you want one the get a model and make some house rules. Do a Y-wing treatment and strip some of the panels and add some piping. Make it your own. They aren't going to show up in major galactic civil war battles anyway. How many sycks are on the tournament scene?
  7. This was the only color variation that I could find. There were more options for the OT era Y's that you could use as inspiration.
  8. Maybe it's your local meta. I hear that primary colors are best for rebel and Imps. Only villains and scum use secondary colors.
  9. I've seen a picture of a 1/270 scale CR-90 that looked good on the table. I think the builder said it was about 18 inches long. The Action IV is between 80%-100% the length of the CR-90 depending on which measurements you go with. There is a 3D printed Action VI that can be purchased too. It's similar in scale to the FFG CR-90. Really, anything that players knocked together in the 12 inch range could also work for a generic freighter from a small shipyard or planet. The wookiepedia article on the Action IV says they are pretty common, so I would assume three quarters of convoys would be those and/or GR-75s. Keeping it "in canon/universe" would be mostly to boost interest. A basic game with huge freighters could have one starting on the table edge and then heading across. once it was 1 1/2 of a ship length across the other could come on the table. Adding 2' to the table (3x5) could get you another freighter and they travel the long dimension. Any fighter that maneuvered through a huge freighter goes over or under but rolls 2 red dice because of the proximity. Two damage equals taking a hit.
  10. It would be big in Armada. What was the size of that ship? Even the baleen-class heavy freighters like the Eravana wouldn't fit in X-wing. Even in the scale FFG uses for the huge ships it would be almost 3 ft long.
  11. If you're thinking in terms of a 3x3 play area, maybe just allow restricted movement similar to the Shuttle in the original Core Mission 1 ? - so mission completion is either escape the opposite edge, or survive a number of rounds (or until a hyperspace jump is possible, as in HotAC ?) ...really don't think all Epic capabilities are suited...no independent or small company captain is going to damage their ship by ramming except as a last resort, and won't be carrying any of the defensive options as in the Rebel Transport...so maybe just allow simple shield regen and the "protect" action for evades ? I agree. If ships that big break formation in a convoy chances of getting them all out alive are low. They would collide or scatter like stampeding cattle. In the main hyperspace routes you hope there is enough traffic to answer a distress call. If you are risking the outer rim with big, unarmed ships, you are either a rebel convoy, illicit, or hoping to make a big payoff on a risky venture. Whichever it is, you had better pack enough of an escort to fend off predators. No one can hear you scream in space... oh wait, that's another franchise.
  12. Have you been able to play test the cards you made? It all sounds good on paper.
  13. So an armed freighter list seems straight forward. The fire power and maybe the upgrade bar of the various freighters in the game needs to be downgraded, both to fit more than 2 in a list and to give them a civilian vibe. I assume the large combat ships like the firespray and the G1-A would be to expensive for credit conscious shipping companies. The imperial fighters would be out except for a convoy upgrade that would allow for basic tie fighters. I think someone had created a card for the mining company ties from SW Rebels. Odanan also had a light tie in his custom card set that might work. The hard part would be getting the huge ships to work decently. They would basically be guided terrain that the other ships had to maneuver around. Perhaps the number of huge ships could be based on the size of the play area and the number of escort fighters would be based on the number of huge ships with "convoy upgrade" points to add a few fighters or allow some tricks. A "retired veteran" or "Dishonorably discharged veteran" could be added to keep the free trader player from having little more than a swarm of entry level fighters.
  14. I'd fly a Galaxy over either of the YTs any day of the week.
  15. Privateer remains my favorite flyer of all time. That's sort of the feel I had in mind for the "armed freighter" convoys. A YV-666, an 'Oota Goota" Yt-1300, and a VCX-100 sneaking glitterspice through an asteroid field under the nose of a gozanti patrol. Alternatively, victory points for a scum opponent could be earned by reducing a freighter to one structure point causing it to "redirect course" to the pirate base. Before building a list, the free trader player would choose either "armed freighter" Or "escorted, bulk freighter" corporate strategy and then choose ships.
  16. "Whatever happened to that circus that traveled this sector? I loved their dancing bantha act when I was a kid""Oh, they hired a sketchy transport and the captain dumped the banthas when some pirates jumped him"
  17. That's the general idea. Anything from a one-off mission to a campaign to supply a planet or military operation. A couple of huge ships and a gaggle of cheap escorts or armed freighters ready to fight off predictors. Both players who want a little more than "shoot all the other ships" and imperial bullies and vicious scum get to dig into their respective rolls a bit more. A "tibanna gas tanker" upgrade could gain two basic sycks, but if the tanker blows ever ship at range 2 rolls two attack dice. Things like that.
  18. I'm not likely to play in many tournaments. I do enjoy the strategy of X-wing, but I don't have enough time to be serious about it and track down all the cards needed for effective synergies. My main opponent is my 10-year old son. As well as just dog fighting in the Star Wars universe, we enjoy the missions, particularly the political escort mission. Having a focused goal adds to the the fun of the game. I have seen people finding ways to bring more of this to the game, the Heroes of the Aturi Cluster being the most famous. My idea is a faction based around all the convoys that transport the materials and goods that keep the galaxy going. The blue collar spacers if you will. This would be everything from convoys of GR-75s and Action IVs down to battered Y-1300s, Y-2400s, and HWK-290s risking blockades to smuggle black market goods. Getting your convoy through a Imperial blockade, running black market goods past surprise inspection stops, and evading rebel convoy raiders would be the goal behind this faction. The Rouge One trailer has shown that the Rebellion is trying to gain credibility by maintaining justice, thus Jyn Erso has been arrested. So the Rebellion might "misunderstand" a humble merchant's need to deliver his cargo on time. Also, a free "imperial contract" upgrade might allow access to basic t.i.e. fighters while attracting the interest of freedom fighters in need of supplies. The faction would also need fighter escorts to protect the goods in the dangerous days of the galactic civil war. Reliable Z-95s, cheap Scyks, and even protectorate starfighters would general fill this roll. Although good pilots are hard to find so the best would be a escort commander with rookie wingmen. Any input or thoughts on basic balance and how to reasonably include the big ships are appreciated.
  19. The engine intakes look like modified parts from something else. Do you remember their original kit?
  20. Naboo was mostly a pacifist planet. The N-1 was an upgunned puddle jumper. It's like a small third world country that's really proud of their one squad of mig-21s or mirages and paints them up pretty. Naboo did it by choice I'm guessing. Some committee decided the N-1 could just get the job done for in system escorts or harrying pirates till republic heavies showed up. The money saved could be used on a public works project. PM was only around 30 years give or take before NH. Consider how long modern fighters stay in service. Z-95s would have been the trusted go to ship for any serious planetary defense force and T-65s were either in production or about to be. I'd put good money on a T-16 giving the N-1 a hard time by OT era. If it's all that's available, then it's better than nothing, but it's a oddity for museums when there is some serious galactic civil war afoot.
  21. Imperial: Upsilon shuttle, Scimitar bomber/assault ***boat with turret option (Sorry, it fits the Sienar aesthetic so much better) Rebel: Leia's shuttle in FA, T-65BR (For guaranteed initiative or pilot ability blocking or something else to reflect long distance surveillance or jamming) Scum: Wild Karrde with vanilla Action IV cards and a straight Action IV 2-pack sold without cards and grubbins that can be for convoys for any faction.
  22. Boomer J has a post for a scratch built CR90 and he has a nebulon B in progress. They are big ships. Even on a 6'x3' they will be more of a center piece that the action takes place around with the laser batteries interacting with the fighters. I have the desire for some mild 1/270 scale capitol ship action, but to do it justice I think a conference room or gym would be needed. The way I envision it, each ship would be attached to a table (on locking casters). The fighter squadrons could "boost" from one capitol ship to another and engage other fighters or the capitol ships. If two tables came into contact, then the big ships could fight each other. The Action 4s are almost as big as the corvettes and could be used as imperial convoys or scum pirate ships. Someone did a sketchup of an Imperial class SD to show the scale and I think they clock in around 7 feet long (that may have been 1/350). With MDF, sheet styrene, and smart construction one could be built and transported in sections.
  23. The ARC-170 reminds me of the stuka ju87g-1 tankbuster. With the extra 's-foil' there aren't many other places to mount the cannons. I also would like to see cards for variants of the ARC (and t-65 while we are at it). A one off pack of cards only, "aging warbirds". Let players mod their ships to match.
  24. IronOx


    "Your overconfidence is your weakness"
  25. I always assumed the Falcon was more of a hot rod than anything else (although UPS trucks have been souped up) since Lucas made American Graffiti before Star Wars. "She not look like much, but she's got it where it counts..." made it sound like there was a 440 V-8 lurking under the hood.
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