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  1. Has anyone tried with a cylinder magnet in the ship and a ball bearing (not magnetic) on the stand? Are the ships to heavy for that arrangement?
  2. How about a 'Sketchy Mods' title that represents modifications strapped the the hull of the ship. You can roll for a +1 primary attack (critical hit), +2 agility (hit), +3 hull value (blank) each mod lasts the duration it boosts that stat to reflect how cheap the equipment and labor is. Any ship with more hits after the hull value expires finishes may crash into another ship by blocking and cause a critical hit or is removed at the end of the activation phase. The sycks either hit harder or last a bit longer.
  3. Defensive Spiral-2pts. discard after use. if declared a target in the combat phase, immediately execute 3 bank 2 maneuvers and take a stress. Instead of stopping if blocked, take a damage and continue. This ship may not attach again this round. It can be the first in a new type of card, Desperate Maneuvers. They are cheap and can get you out of a jamb, but you may be worse off. It sort of brings the tense flying of dogfighting back.
  4. Putting ion cannons in the missile tube sounds like typical rebel mischief. Have you tried it in a game? A-wings running around zapping stuff? A punchy Z-95?
  5. Why not go whole hog and convert a N-scale AC4400cw into a YV-666.
  6. A good candidate for a huge scum ship would be the Wayfarer transport. It's Legends, or old EU, or whatever now, but it would only take a filler episode of Rebels to bring it back into cannon. According to the wookiepedia article it had a hanger module that many also used for general cargo. It's listed as 82 meters long, so it's about the same size as the GR-75. Since it has a hanger attachment it can ferry scum small ships to the fight. This would give Scum a carrier, which is really the only reason for pirates and mercenaries to have a large ship. An escort variation with a missile and gun module could be included for epic only scenarios. MacrossVF1 has built several scratch-builds, and they look great. The ship fits the Star Wars aesthetic much better than Jabba's yacht in my opinion.
  7. Did you notice that 'Danji' appeared in several of the submissions. One of the artists had on on a Deviantart page that designing a new race was part of the challenge. In most of the runners up, there was a picture of Mon Motha or Leia meeting the new race. The first place winner is also a similar picture. Could it be that the "Star Wars stories" spin off series will focus on the galactic civil war, a war that spans the stars?
  8. I'd rather have Push the Limit than (worse) power creep. It keeps newer and non-tournament players from being regulated to the kiddie pool.
  9. Many K-wings died to bring us these great star fighters.
  10. I'm one of the older timers who grew up with the original trilogy. I don't really enjoy the prequels as stories although visually they fit in the Star Wars world just fine. My kids watch Clone Wars, but to me that's almost a SW soap opera and I hate soap operas (I quit watching BSG when I realized it was a soap in space. The ships and combat are great, that doesn't change the fact it's a space soap.) X-wing the game is the equivalent of a WW2, or even cold war era, plane game. There were bi-planes used in the early years of WW2 because that was all that was available for certain missions. By the time of the galactic civil war, N1's are not front line fighters (I've argued elsewhere that they never really were). If they do make it to the table top, they will end up like Scyks more than likely. The guys who want them will use them at the FLGS. Occasionally, well organized campaign will require them for beleaguered rebels or something similar. B52s were recently used against ISIS even though some of them are Stoneface's age. Like him, the 80 or so left are still cranking out the missions. The ARCs are like that. Rugged spaceframes still holding up and feisty as ever with an 'alliance overhaul' or two. So a ship's relevance in X-wing really depends on how it has performed and held up with-in the story of the ongoing conflict between the erstwhile heroes and the evil empire. That said, if you want the N1, the ***boat, or even the bat-wing on your table at home or local store, whip up some homebrew stats and go for it. I guess I really don't get the fervor for the official inclusion of some of these ships.
  11. http://www.xwingminiaturesgame.com/category/diy-hacks/ There some nice squadrons there for visual reference. Non of it is my work.
  12. Yup, something like that, perhaps as one of a number of optional 'realism' rules in a book of custom missions designed and marketed by FFG for more mission-oriented players like me. I know, I know! Star Wars is science fiction, and this is a game! But we do have the OT as source material, after all; and to be honest a lot of what happens on our tabletops is becoming increasingly distant from that source material. This may not bother the vast majority of current players, of course, but it does bother me. An analogy: if I played a Battle of Britain skirmish game I wouldn't really want my RAF forces to comprise one Spitfire, one Hurricane piloted by super ace Douglas Bader and armed with special experimental cannons, a two-man Bristol Beaufighter with a hotshot rear gunner and a Wellington bomber with King George VI on board to give dice bonuses to all friendly craft within Range 1. Because that would defy all logic and, indeed, common sense. It would no longer be a game based on the Battle of Britain, would it? I would also love this. Even something like the mindlink card but that gives multiple ships of the same type a Lone Wolf type of effect would actually be an easy way to do it. Fly your swarm in formation and get bonuses, how crazy is that? I was pondering this the other day. What about a single squadron card that cost points but added to all ships vs a title card for each ship? Red Squadron - 8pts. T-65s only All ships gain barrel roll. If present, Luke Skywalker may ignore one critical hit. Gold Squadron - 5pts. BTL-A4 Y-wings only All ships may equip a proton torpedo at 0 points cost. Green Squadron - 6pts. A-wings only All ships gain one extra shield token. Asp Nebula Squadron -4pts. E-wings and T-70 X-xings only All ships may deploy at range 2 from table edge. (Veteran pilots able to drop straight from hyperspace into combat) Black Bantha Squadron - 6pts. Y-wing only All ships deploy with one less shield token and ion tokens effects last 2 turns (Over-charged ion cannons) The points cost and specific ships limit the effects but add flavor. There would be similar imperial squadrons. Scum might have a couple of z-95 pirate squadrons. Named pilots just represent the aces of that squadron with similar skill. The cost would keep the named pilots to one most of the time anyway. I don't fly enough to have a good idea of the final points costs. the ones I suggested were just picked on the fly.
  13. Something to get ya in the mood for Friday night and weekend space dogfighting.
  14. Wouldn't it be more apt to say that it nerfs everything else?
  15. 40k is also ran by GW, a company that is the epitome of ignoring the fanbase. Allies on its own is not a bad idea. The way they implemented it, was a bad idea beyond bad ideas. And of course ALL the fans (except the tau'dar waacs) complained about it. Did it get fixed? Nope. Tau'dar is done for and the unusual blood angels + necrons thing is over, other than that allies is basically an imperial only rule since everyone else hates everyone. Now its even more imbalanced, just not in the same way. I know GW jumped the Carcharodon Astra (again) on that. I was mostly teasing. Allies would be fun in some campaign or mission settling. I'm not sure 100 pt. death match is one of them for me.
  16. I get a blank page. Can anyone post it please? Strange, I used to be able to click that link without problem, now I only get a greyed out 'No entry for vehicles' sign. I am guessing it's this? Given that there are two people dressed in red on either side of the ramp, and the way the wings are taller above the chassis I would guess this was an early version of Kylo Ren's shuttle. We never saw him fly, but he has an impressive pedigree when it comes to pilots. It is a nice variation on the T.I.E. line of space craft. If FFG released this and called a ***boat, it would give me much mirth. Next time you have 10 minutes, Macross, maybe dash off some elevations of this B-29esque tie variant?
  17. Didn't it take 40K 20-something years to get to game legal use of almost any units you wanted in your army?
  18. Is it?... I thought it was a purpose built recon ship - outfitted for a pilot to work independently for long periods while exploring the void. You are right. I guess that's why it looks like something NASA might build someday. Apparently the hyperdrive on the stock version can be unreliable. Not what you need when delivering last minute life day gifts to Kashyyyk.
  19. The problem I keep running into is "why fly freighters?". I keep poking at the idea, but the truth is that the merchant/corporate player will always show up as the underdog. If you bring the Falcon, well, you are flying a combat ready ship. A stock YT is not going to be the "fastest ship in the fleet". Freighters and goods hauler want to use as much space for cargo and have as few interruptions as possible. In the death match style that most play, running from one side of the board to the other dodging and popping flares and chaff won't be interesting long. It fits better in the epic game, but even there you opponent will bring a lot of hardware to maul your convoy. So far, I have come up with the idea that both players loose the points for the destruction of a huge freighter and the attacker looses half the points on a large freighter. The attacker is supposed to be capturing and stealing (or reallocating if you are a freedom fighter) the goods so destroying the ship is not profitable. If a freighter is reduced to 1 hull point, it stops moving (Maybe the new quadjumper could come into play here and drag or repair the frieghter) and is captured since it could not continue. This will really make attackers have to be careful how they deal out damage as well as avoid the basic weapons on stock freighters and escorts for huge ships. As for available ships, there is the GR-75, both YTs, the VCX-100, and the YV-666 and Jumpmaster are both freighters before modification. The Gozanti is not much bigger than the Falcon, so for the merchant faction it counts as a large ship and can't carry fighters. Is there a civilian version of the Shadowcaster? The Action IV is also a common cargo ship per wookipedia. If FFG releases a Wilde Karde scum epic expansion then that covers that ship. Life has me busy, but I am also trying to start a YU-410, which is Gozanti size and would be a nice addition. That's five large freighters and one huge already available and another huge within reason.
  20. I think your a little to clever for your own good on this post. Even your trolling is multilayered. I can understand it may feel like a gimmick. I don't get to play much X-wing since I live on a planet farthest from the bright center of the universe, but for people who get to play more than 4 times a year, it may feel like FFG is tinkering by adding extraneous junk. In their defense, the SW nerd community can be as fickle and surly as tauntaun throwing green dice. It may be that the designers added conditions to bring some randomness back in the game with so much focus on controlling the dice. I can see people getting the quadjumper just so the they can use "a debt to pay' on jumpmasters.
  21. It's the Star Wars version of an UH-1 Iroquois, the iconic 'Huey', of the Vietnam conflict era. In the picture of it lifting off on Yavin, it is is in front of a X-wing and doesn't look much bigger. My guess is that it will be a largish small base ship. It fits Star War because the rebels are fighting numerous guerilla actions and trying to avoid pitched battle. Ships like this can get operatives and strike teams in and out of hot landing zones. Thinking about it now, some of the scenes we have been shown are similar to parts of 'When We Were Soldiers'. Even in gunship configuration, it will still be more of an air to ground attach vehicle. That isn't to say it won't make its way onto the table top. I really think this ship fits more with Imperial Assault than X-wing. Maybe there will be a quirky double ion cannon loadout that can give two tokens vs one, but from a practical perspective, I don't see this ever making a tournament list, which is fine. I think it fits the Star Wars aesthetic and looks cool enough. I'm sure that I will 'ooo' over it when I see the movie.
  22. "I don't proxy ships in X-wing often, but when I do it's a Gunstar" -The galaxy's most interesting star fighter pilot.
  23. I think we should all refer to tie interceptors now as 'abfangjager'.
  24. What about an ordnance card called 'shields double front', or 'all power to front deflectors'? 3Three pts. cost with the text, "discard this card and all shields absorb double damage from an enemy in your primary firing arc this turn". This might put Ys and Bs back in the first round jouster category. I'm a casual at home player so I don't know all the cards and synergies, it was just a thought, so fire at will.
  25. It's got off-roadin', muddin' solar panels! All it needs now is a Warn winch and some lights and it can go anywhere. "Tie/sf ignores all asteroids and debris fields"
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