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  1. If you get a chance, snap a shot or two of your ships in action, Barry.
  2. The warm colors look good on the Firespray. It's not my work, but I've posted pictures of this conversion of a Slave One model (1:72 maybe?) before. It an interesting take on the 'horizontal' Firespray. Even if one just removed the 'skirt' it would change the profile enough to make for an interesting ship.
  3. The 'Double A' moniker seems to be linked to what's under the hood and the dashboard, although the comparison to the twin Mustang is a lot of fun. Seriously, I read the story and it is not particularly well written. Han in the Double-A seems close to jumping the carcharodon to me. I know he was a racer in his younger days and I've seen where he's indulge his wild streak in the old EU, but it still came across as a phoned in short story. I'm not an author but as particular as they are with SW canon these days, the vetting process could be a bit more meticulous. I know they want to keep the weeds out of the canon, but there could be a way for authors to include new ships. Maybe just don't give it a make and model. Something like, "Aside from the spaceframe, few original parts remained of Greer's racer. It had taken all her ingenuity and then some to cram the overcharged engines into the long, narrow hull." Then characters aren't limited to the stable of the most common ships in a very large and diverse galaxy.
  4. IronOx

    Happy Friday

    The Firespray 31. Specifically, the Slave 1.
  5. The canopy is terrific. Mind sharing the technique?
  6. Even still, it's tough to get a decal to take to a shape like that without tearing. I've torn them on flat surfaces. The city skyline in the canopy is a nice touch too. Like some others have said, it's not what I would do, but it is striking on the overall effect.
  7. Not sure where you are, but in the States Lowe's, Home Depot and Ace Hardware will have some small plastic or nylon washers. They will be in the hardware isle in the 'drawers of many specialty items' at the big box stores. Radio Shack may be an option too. You may have to taper the edges yourself. Just use a hobby knife and scrape a taper vs trying to cut it.
  8. I've thought about named squadron titles that are limited to specific types of ships (Red squadron- t-65 only, blue squadron T-65 and U-wings, Rogue squadron t-70s and E-wings, etc) and add table wide bonuses. There could also be general squadron rules that reward formation flying, "If any squadmate is within range 2 and flying the same direction as a squadron leader all ships add one red dice for primary weapon attacks" I think the real trick is that this kind of 'X-wing tactical' doesn't fit the 100 point, six rocks death match play. It might be less frustrating at a 200 point range. Squadron and strafing run bonuses could generate kills faster. Really this kind of game would emulate what is happening in Armada as the fighter squadron interact. Perhaps getting a bomber squad off the other side of the table at 50% or better would generate double MOV points.
  9. It's a VIP ship. Even if it's smaller than the old empire, the First Order keeps their wargear in tip top shape. I agree on to much black though. Perhaps something more utilitarian in some north Atlantic battleship grays, or some of the colors in the space wolf range with a big FO red emblem.
  10. That's almost a different game that would really require some skill with the dial. "X-wing, Top Gun" We'll never see it on the table, but I wonder how much tinkering with the vassel version it would take to test out your thesis. Also, make all turrets directional, like the Lancer.
  11. You're not unfunny, Joe just still has the mind of a 13 year old boy. Think about the humanoid inhabitants of Barsoom, or as we earthling call it "mars". Then look at the red spherical object in the top left corner of the picture that Joe used in his comment. Next think what that would look like to a 13 -15 year old hormone addled kid.
  12. There is the Dornean gunship as well as the hammer head corvette for rebels. Apparently a Dornean is in Rogue One and it was in RotJ. The wiki article says it was designed for an anti-starfighter roll which would fit epic. For the imperials though, a rule set for an edge of a 6'x3' play space to represent a star destroyer of any class would probably be simplest and bring a sense of imperial dominance.
  13. In the "Danger Zone" montage was a scene from the battle of Endor where a Neb-B was exchanging fire at point blank range with a star destroyer. The one at the battle of Scarif took a pounding and broke in two. I guess you really have to know what you are doing with one of those.
  14. ...but by the same token, Jabba [or whoever] isn't gonna be happy if you reduce all that valuable Glitterstim [or whatever] to space dust, or have to leave it floating around for someone else to salvage, because you lost your ships with tractor beams...so it can be just as tough for the attackers, balancing dealing damage or ioning vs dealing with escorts before the freighter has a chance to escape into hyperspace Then maybe, if the attacker chooses "burn them down" to avoid bringing tractor beams and a cargo ship of their own then the defender can bring extra points. The diagonal idea is good. Also, the player with initiative can choose to deploy their ships. If the attacker is lower then their ships deploy at range one behind asteroids lined on their half of the board (the hazard that necessitated the drop from hyperspace) and the defender starts their cargo ship(s) on the board. If the attacker has higher initiative then they deploy in formation and the freighters don't come on till the start of turn two.
  15. I think the merchant player would choose an affiliation and that would dictate their escort or even freighter choices. Since we now have a crew card without a faction (BoShek) there could be a neutral ship list. GR-75s, VCX-100s, YTs, YVs, HWks, and even non-militarized Jumpmasters and Lancers. That's 8 different vessels to choose from. Also, a "freighter generator" could crank out a ship with low end stats like the old vehicle rules for 40K. For simplicity sake, choosing an allegiance, would provide fighter and upgrade options. Are you hauling munitions for the empire, ties it is (maybe a licensed merc Z-95 for fun). If you are avoiding outer rim check points to get supplies to the rebellion, then everything short of A's and B's is at your disposal (There aren't enough of those to spare). Spice runners, contraband haulers and slavers can hire the sludge of the underworld to cover their illicit cargo. The thing is, this won't be a balanced game. Life in the interplanetary shipping business is hard. Fat loads only pay off if they arrive. The purpose for playing this way is the challenge of being the underdog and the thrill of making that incredible roll that pulls a victory from the jaws of defeat. For this reason, I think it may should play somewhere between 100pts, 6 rocks, and a wicked list, and Epic. I've been trying to figure out how to keep it balanced and more strategic at the 150 to 200 point range. Ian asked about convoy rules for naval strategy games and I think that may be a good idea. I just haven't had time.
  16. So I'm not a tournament player but could this bring tie swarms back? low PS ships that can work around most ships with crew?
  17. IronOx


    Action IV transort
  18. If we're cool with the Ralph McQuarrie flavored Vader in Rebels, I think we can allow some design license here and there
  19. Food for thought for another thread, what about a star viper to B5 starfury? The cockpit is not to far off and the wings would only need to be rotated.
  20. What few know is that there is a system beyond the outer rim, in wild space, where the currents of the main hyperspace routes deposit most of the debris of the void. In this system an enterprising space mechanic and ship builder has a sprawling station devoted to building and rebuilding the wrecks that drift nearby. Racers, hot-shot mercenaries, and gentle-beings of fortune will venture there to acquire some of the most exotic ships in the galaxy. They call it...Harker's Hacks and FighterWerks. (Someone do that in neon aurebesh please)
  21. Based on what you show in the other thread, the fastest bet may be to swap your fleet for the new 30K heresy box game, a genestealter cult box, or army box to your liking. I traded a large 40K collection that was gathering dust for the X-wing starter set and $40 bucks cash. I was fine with the deal, because I never had time to work on or play 40K. Now I can at least play x-wing with my kids. Or just box up your x-wing stuff and enjoy another game for a couple of years.
  22. IronOx

    SWX58 Still missing

    Next we'll need the AT-MT for the Imperial army.
  23. This is a terrific kitbash. I'd be curious to see how it looked with the wings from the YV-666 in place of the panels. Those wings look out of place on the YV-666 anyway. For anyone who thinks the Slave One should fly horizontal, here's an idea. This isn't mine. http://www.rebelscale.com/2016/02/shrike/
  24. 100 point death match fits a table and time limit easily. Maybe it's more like chess and Armada is like Go (I've never actually played Go) or the new campaign makes it more like that. I'm sure there are better comparisons, but the point is that 100 point X-wing is self contained. There is no impetus to escort the B-wings past the tie fighters to torpedo the ISD so that the blockade is lifted and the planet will support the rebellion. Maybe a 200 pt. squadron variation with force organization charts, three rounds with lost ships reinforced with a generic version, and veterans gaining bonuses via kill points would satisfy people itching for more. As it is now, Biggs' demise is part of the mechanic of a viable rebel list and Palpatine spends all his time on a Lambda shuttle in the outer rim to protect Baron Fel. I doubt there will be much Armada campaign action at the major tournaments, like with epic now. If we want more out the basic game, we need to flavor it to our liking but so that it is still palatable to those we play with most often.
  25. Looks good. Could you describe how you did the cockpit glass? To me, this is one ship that is begging to have more panels removed and piping and bits added to represent aftermarket and illicit upgrades `a la the Falcon.
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