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  1. The 2 cents (or appropriate local currency equivalent) of a nobody: Just send me all your models, dials, and cards that aren't in the original trilogy and keep to the rules in the starter box. Modifying these tabletop war/strategy games is like working on a racecar mid-race. The FAQs are like pit stops for new tires or something like that. Maybe the analogy isn't the best, but the idea is that they are trying to modify something in motion. I don't think that there is a real world EPT for game design correction Work with friends and copy the HotAC guys. They took the game, put in a lot of hard work, and made it do what they found most fun. very likely though, others will get to enjoy your product more than you will. Edit: I'm not responding to anyone in particular, just being a bull in a china shop.
  2. The movies are adventure stories of courage, hope, and grit overcoming impossible odds (balance is nowhere in sight). They are also fairly simple stories. Really, A New Hope feels like D&D in space sometimes. A wizard and a farm boy/lost-son-of-a-dark-lord walk into a tavern, a scared thug and his pet walking walrus confront them. The wizard rolls a D20... The game attempts to be balanced and fun way to play dog fight in spazzzz while remaining engaging and continually growing. It's done a decent job for the most part. There are parts that leave some of us wanting more. Blocking bothers me. You never see a ME-109 cause a Spitfire to stop mid fight. They'd juke wildly, shear a wing off each other, or explode spectacularly. Maverick and Goose weren't unable to finish their move when Iceman 'blocked' them, they stalled and crashed. However, every time I put my X-wing on it's peg and select some upgrades, I use the system that FFG came up with to 'strap in and light this candle'. Maybe someday, I'll have time to work up some homebrew rules for a merchant fourth faction and X-wing:tactical for squadron combat. Till then pass me the 8 sided red dice.
  3. While it doesn't wow me, I'm not bothered by the resistance bomber. It's a new design, but still has the look of a "WW 2 -1960's x-plane in space", so I'll allow it for now. The A-wings at 40 odd-years old aren't that big of a sticking point either. When my brother was training as an F-15C pilot he told me most of those planes were as old or older than him. He said lots of the keypads had the numbers mostly rubbed off. Some C-130 and B-52 air frames are from the Vietnam era. Lots of railroad locomotives are decades old and still grind it out day after day. A few electric locomotives are actually a century old. What we're not seeing (especially at 1/270 scale) are the replacement components and under the skin upgrades of the real and imaginary warbirds.
  4. Perhaps choose a variation on gray, a darker gray or a gray-brown color for the ship and then paint a color that stands out on a wing brace, or the arm connecting the wing to the center pod, or side of the pod like the FO SF ties.
  5. What if instead of stopping you could choose to set the template to the left or right of the guides after you revealed your dial. "Precision flying" could be a mechanism built into some pilot's abilities or provided by an upgrade. It could only be utilized by an unmodified pilot skill of 8( or 9 even) or higher and for small ships only to keep it under control.
  6. I think someone is going to have to bite the bullet and come up with a 'Advanced Squad Leader' version on X-wing to create what some of us are looking for. Call it 'X-wing tactical' with games in the 120-150 point range and played on a slightly larger board. It would probably be fighters only with ship types limited by the squadron that a player chose and a HotAC style system where games could be linked to earn tactical advantage points.
  7. A braking thrusters maneuver whereby you can pull up short of a blocker or change your move by stopping and then using an action to barrel roll or something similar. Maybe two points and the player rolls a red dice and discards if it's a 'critical hit' after use to represent the thrusters possibly burning out.
  8. The additions work well, but to me the damage appears substantial. Those gashes look as long as a human is tall. Perhaps some thin plasticard or even aluminum foil patch plating with some of the damage peaking from under the repairs would indicate it' not recent damage.
  9. I understand that the Battle of Endor (spaceside) may not be as nickle-slick as some of the new battles, but I say watch it again before bumping it down the list. The Rebels are engaging a full imperial fleet. I know we saw Vader's ISD cut a Nebulon B in half at Scarif, but that ship was preparing to make the jump to hyperspace. At Endor, one of my favorite scenes is the one with a Nebulon B exchanging fire with a star destroyer at point blank range. Endor is Trafalgar, Jutland, and Leyte Gulf with a "trench run" thrown in as the cherry on top. It's Wedge's finest hour between maneuvering a tie interceptor into crashing into a ship and taking out the power regulator on the north tower. Given the technical challenges of the day it's even more amazing. Yes, Scarif shows how the rebels fight with everything they have and then some, but Endor set the tone for that. 'Adjust for inflation' when considering the Battle of Endor. If Kathy K wanted to take the sarlac's beak out of RotJ and even re-use the footage of the star destroyers using their turrets from Scarif that's fine by me. Endor Scarif Hoth (Yes, the spaceside sequence is brief, but makes ever frame count. "Sir, Rebel ship are coming into our sector!" Good, our first catch of the day") Coruscant (without the buzz droid interruption) Trench run battles are more their own category in my mind. They feel more like watching the Battle of Britain than some of the great naval movies.
  10. Also, the "upside down" Mist Hunter is one of the best G1-A conversions in my opinion. I'm sure you have some great ideas, but give it a look. Perhaps using a bead to represent a ball turret with an interesting gun behind the cockpit vs the small guns already on the model. Just a thought.
  11. I think the guys like IanMiddy and Barry have a supply of small (1/144 and smaller) airplane and ship models that they cannibalize for guns and other parts. Check for sales on old models at local hobby shops and also look at Hobby Lobby or Michael's which have a small selection of models. Pieces of small plastic tube with sections of straight wire cut from paper clips can work too.
  12. So maybe I'm late to the party on this one, but when Obi Wan kills Maul in rebels, Maul asks "...is he the chosen one?". To which, Kenobi responds, "He is". So that seems to link Luke to the prophecy of the chosen one who is supposed to bring balance to the force. In light of that, Luke's line, "It is time for the Jedi to end" could be his solution to balancing the force. Perhaps the writers and directors were give leeway to include that story thread into The Last Jedi and retcon the concept. Thoughts and musings?
  13. Maybe some agricultural equipment pressed into service in an emergency? Like crop dusters or something similar.
  14. In the X-wing game raiders are fine as a balance to the CR-90. In canon, I'm not sure they fit. SW was a space opera that became a cultural phenomenon. The opening scene of A New Hope with the ISD passing overhead is meant to drive home how big the bad guys are. Imperial visuals are meant to remind us that the rebels are a beleaguered band of freedom fighters. Even the interdictors serve as the bully's sidekick snitch. The empire is supposed to have 25,000 ISD, why do they need smaller capital ships? A star destroyer shows up, overpowers the opposition and moves on. if one can't solve the problem, send 3 and on and on till the enemy collapses under the weight of force. While cruisers and corvettes fit the games to provide balance, the galactic civil war was not a balanced conflict. If there had been a squadron of raiders at the battle of Scarif it would have gone far differently. The hammerhead corvette would never have gotten close to the crippled star destroyer.
  15. Maybe an 'EX-ship' box with in-universe concept fighters that never went into production, similar to Gruman's famous X-29. They could even be game unique with the player with the higher initiative getting to field it and both having a back up ship to fill out the list. While episode 9 is still a long way out, there are some really interesting ship concepts in the art submitted for the ILM art challenge. Both the 'new species' that was part of the challenge and several of the fighters are really creative. Who knows what we will see in episode 8 as well. Since the First Order destroyed the New Republics seat of government the galaxy is once again plunged into war. We could get new pilots and titles for all the existing fighters as well as some cutting edge New Republic hardware. If Poe was flying T-85 X-wings, is there a C-wing space superiority fighter or a Z-99 strike fighter out there as well?
  16. Actually, I prefer the variants on existing rebel ships. It gives the Galactic Civil War a gritty grounded feel. I'd love more 'retrofit' and 'overhaul' titles. Crazy stuff like, "Partisan overhaul" This T-70 or T-65 gains the illicit upgrade at the cost of 2 structure points. The scout X-wing with deployment shenanigans would also be fun. My brother flew the F-15C but his wife was a WSO in a F-15E. The P-51A had an engine that underperformed, it was the P-51D with the Rolls-Royce merlin under the hood that was the top fighter in WW2. Let the hardworking rebel techs and ground crew use feed back from the pilots to keep the Imps on their heels. Together we can inspire hope.
  17. Ah, I see. I have yet to acquire an epic ship (whether in a game of chance, sabacc, or legitimate purchase) so I'm not familiar with them.
  18. Where is the "Everything's shiny" card? "Once per combat phase you may take 2 stress instead of a face up damage card"
  19. Don't forget the Dornean gunship for the Rebels. At 90 meters it would fit Epic play nicely. It was designed as an anti-star fighter gunship and had a small hanger bay. Tangling with raiders, gozantis, and all the ties. would not be a stretch at all. It could carry two X-wings, A-wings, or Y-wings for patrols or long distance raids. That Nebulon in those pictures scales to 1/400 or even higher. There is an old thread following the construction of a 1/270 scale CR-90 and Nebulon B. The 1/270 Nebulon is around a meter/3 ft. To work best in epic, I think it would need to be the center line of a 6x3 space and act as active scenery. It wouldn't move but the ships on either side would interact with it. The same for the Arquitens. A entire 6 ft table edge could represent two thirds of a SD. Set up turrets on the imperial edge and give them a range and hull points. Two tables could represent either side of the ship with the imperial players in between for the epic conclusion of a campaign. Some heavy card templates would probably be the practical for most games.
  20. We have the S&V 'starter' set with the y-wing and the two z-95s. I have been thinking about the Inquisitor's tie. thanks for the prompting.
  21. My primary opponent is my 11 year old son. We currently have the original core set, 1 x-wing expansion, 1 a-wing, 2 tie fighter expansions, 1 tie-advanced, then scum and villainy. I'm planning to get Heroes of the resistance since that's the Falcon he'd prefer to fly. After that, what would be one or two purchases to keep our games so-so balanced? I realize we are going from early-wing to a more recent release, but any ideas would be appreciated.
  22. I was trying to raid Scum's toy box so everyone could play
  23. After reading some of the "X-wing is fine" posts, I had some ideas about ways to tinker with what we have now without massive overhauls. I'm throwing this out there so I can go back to thinking about work stuff. Fire at Will. "I can't shake him". Unique EPT. If you have a target lock on a ship in your primary firing arc, that ship cannot receive tokens or benefit from effects or actions of other ships. 4 point? "Overheated cannons". If a ships attacks with more dice than it's primary weapons value it receives a stress token (or cannot fire next combat phase). 1 point (3 points). The part in parenthesis is in case the card may not do enough to justify using it. "They got R2!" Before resolving a critical hit, your opponent may choose to remove a droid, tech, or illicit upgrade instead. 4 points. Also, are damage deck shenanigans a door that should be opened? "I can't maneuver". If you successfully attack a ship with 1 or more stress, search the damage deck and attach 'Blinded Pilot' to that ship then reshuffle. Some way to attach "Stunned Pilot" to a ship.
  24. It swoops so elegantly as it transfers containers dirtside.
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