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  1. So we’re fighting imperial tyranny even in small, has-been systems (We live in a smaller community but have just found a local X-wing group). Even farm kids with a season or two in a T-16 are joining the war effort (my 12 year old wants to play). I generally play a tie fighter list, but my son enjoys the rebels. If he can’t win some, he’ll get bored and the group is friendly but competitive. He just got an arc-170, so he’s eager to get it on the table and tonight is X-wing night at the FLGS. At our disposal are both started sets, an X-wing, an A-wing, a Y-wing, a HWK-290, and the original Falcon. We also have tie fighters and a tie advance to pull cards from. Any advice on the best list with what we’ve got would be appreciated. I can probably pick up a small ship when we go tonight, if there’s one card or ship that would seriously help what we’ve got say so. I can play ‘for love of the game’ but having a decent chance will help keep my son interested. Thanks for any input or suggestions.
  2. Formation Leader. T.I.E Fighter only 2 points. Add one attack die and one T.I.E. Fighter model at R1 to this ship. Assign the same maneuvers and all damage to the additional model till it is destroyed. then discard this title.
  3. Fair enough. What if the title gave a free barrel roll?
  4. Maybe a slight tweak, "if you are within R1 of another TIE fighter with an ept slot add 1 attack die. ? That encourages thoughtful list building. May or may not be a good thing.
  5. IronOx

    Next Epic Ship

    I'll repeat myself and ask for the RoTJ/Brah'tok gunship for Rebels. Per Wookieepedia it was designed with an anti-starfighter role, so it could add a fun wrinkle against epic swarms and squads. For scum I propose the YU-410. I know it's as obscure as an ewok in the judland wastes, but hear me out. The two cargo bays could fit a Z-95 (or a scyk since its of a similar size). The wookieepedia entry doesn't mention the carrier feature, but I found it on a SW roleplaying page. So the box set would have two YU-410 (it's Falcon size) with an epic only modification that allows them to be carriers. In normal 100/6 they can be sort of a scum Falcon.
  6. FAQ, Braha'tok gunship (There's one in Rogue 1), Hammerhead corvette. Rules and cardboard to turn a long table edge into an imp capitol ship.
  7. Sometimes I wonder if the empire's/first order's obsession with super weapons is stronger than a jedi's faith in the force.
  8. I took this as Rey's "Failure at the cave". In ESB Yoda sends Luke into the cave where the dark side is strong on Dagobah and then reminds him of his "failure at the cave" when he leaves for Bespin. This moment in TLJ may actually be more pivotal than first viewing suggests. Yoda suggests that Luke had not passed on lessons learned from failure as well as from success. Rey doesn't get (fails) the answer she went looking for, how she fits in/ who she is. Yet she still courageously goes into the future with hope (...always in motion is the future) Kylo attempts to use power to assert his will over the future, even destroying what it was built on. Kylo rages against the failures of his past, Rey moves forward in spite of her past.
  9. Perhaps make K-turns an action available to 7+ Pilot Skill and it adds a stress. EPTs could provide white K-turns and certain pilots could have it as a pilot ability.
  10. Perhaps use a Force Organization system like that other miniature company does? 1 Squadron leader; squadron members, min 3 ships; 1 squadron support ship if base squadron requirements met. Maybe something like this as well. You may select either Squad Leader, Determination, Wingman, or Selflessness for the squadron leader for free. The effect of the upgrade extends to the whole squad as long as all ships are within range 1 of another squad member.
  11. IronOx

    TIE Vanguard

    Creative ideas. How about a boxed set called "Portents of War" that includes the T.I.E. Vanguard and the T-65BR X-wing with something like 'fleet scout' for the BR. Maybe even include a Gozanti title that allows it to reposition Vanguards or something similar.
  12. IronOx

    Stealth X

    How about an Incom box set with the T-65, T-65XJ, T-70, and T-85 spaceframes? Ships like the T-65BR and the stealth X could be titles and modifications. All cards could have a symbol denoting "casual only" use to reign in the complaints.
  13. Terrain packs with mixed cards so you won't buy the same one or avoid others. Buy three asteroids or a debris field that sits on a large base stand and get 7 pilots and 8 small cards. Big sets with a ~8" radius 'mining station' or 'smuggler's den' come with even more cards and extra dice or movement templates. Maybe even the senator's shuttle that people ask about from time to time.
  14. As surreal as this has gotten, I found a few possibilities when I googled "wookies in episode 3" since that had the scenes on Kashyyyk. There were a few pictures of wookies wearing armor and bandoleers with some emblems and badges. You can wade through pictures of cosplayers, toys, and fan art to get some ideas too. Not to totally derail the direction this thread has gone though, here's Peter Mayhew speaking lines in English on set of Empire. https://io9.gizmodo.com/hearing-chewbacca-speak-english-on-the-empire-strikes-b-1788654809
  15. Sabine's interceptor. She was going for subtle that day.
  16. But what astromech will you put in it? Evil R2 got cut from Rogue One and so has yet to make a canon appearance. Evil BB-whatever will be unique. Can BT-1 fly a ship? Then again, maybe Copper in his imp skin could steal one for Sabine. "This is madness" -C3PO
  17. Honestly, not that sturdy. I got about 2/3 through construction and made a couple of mistakes then got busy and put it on the shelf shelf. Parts got lost and flattened and I tossed it all it all while house cleaning. Now my goal is to try again in styrene and scale it up to proper1/270 size. We will see if that ever happens due to real life responsibilities. In 1/270 it would come it at 11 11/16" for those using the king's inches. Of course then you'd have to commit to 'true scale' CR-90s, GR, 75s etc. The Gorzanti and by extension the C-ROC are in the same scale as the regular ships I believe. Really, I should just not worry about it, but I've had a dream to scratch build a CR-90 for decades so the torture will continue I suppose. Some of the shapeways models look good and aren't to expensive. That may be the quickest route to a model of the ship.
  18. BoomerJ scratch built a true-to-scale CR90 and started on a 1/270 scale Nebulon B frigate that was very large. Your work looks good next to the X-wing and Outrider.
  19. Maybe a "prepare for hyperdrive!" house rule would help. Any ship trying to limp away from combat for 3 consecutive turns will automatically make a jump if it is more than range two from a asteroid.
  20. Where's the hammerhead corvette and ROtJ (Dornian/Braha'tok) gunship, Joe? Those are the next logical ships for epic. I can just imagine outer rim patrol skirmishes at 600 pts. on each side taking all Saturday afternoon.
  21. I agree with you from a lore perspective. I am referring to the FFG X-wing miniature game with a 100/6 format that balances the game to make it fair to both sides (yes, I know opinions vary on the fairness of the game). Scum has all sort of illicit upgrades and synergies from a wider variety of ships. Also, the points system roughly balances the game so even a tie swarm can't over match the other side. Within the story, the empire should win the vast majority of engagements with superior numbers (I.e. the empire doesn't play a balanced game). My point is that scum has a wider variety of ships to choose from while the rebels and imperials are limited because of the volume of ships they need to fly. A pirate or smuggler can afford a tricked out custom ride. A squadron of x-wings is a much bigger investment that likely requires a supply chain to maintain. The OP was looking for new designs for a rebel fighter, which would be deployed in squadrons within the Star Wars story. That is getting harder to justify from a lore perspective. Not impossible, but harder with each release.
  22. A good source for new rebel ships is the ILM art challenge. Wade through the submissions and runner ups and you will find some intriguing designs. I'm sure ILM owns the submissions now. I know both Disney and Lucusfilm are known for be tight with material, but a polite request for one or tow designs from the art challenge might net some new vessels. Something that gives scum the edge in new ships is that the imperial and rebel fleets are limited in the range of ships they use. They send up squadrons and flotillas vs small bands and raiding parties composed of whatever flies. It's a big galaxy but the major players have budgets and contracts. A pirate, rogue, mercenary, or adventurer can make anything work
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