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  1. "From a certain point of view..." Jedi masters tend to be kinda trolly. Between Obi-Wan's 'perspectives' and lack of absolutes, Yoda's torching the tree knowing Rey had snitched the books, and Qui-Gon's taking Anakin as a pupil despite the council rejecting him, the handling of Jedi dogma gets pretty slippery. Kylo's comment about letting the past, the Jedi, and the Sith die shows its all just means to an end for him with little real value. With the introduction of the Bendu and the re-surfacing of the "Mortis gods" (a concept as clumsy as the midi-chlorians) the heirs or the narrative are moving towards a make-your-own-destiny philosophy for force wielders, maybe even implying the best knew this already. If they're not careful, those angsty Skywalkers will end up looking like dolts who never quite got it.
  2. IronOx

    The Firespray Fix!

    There hasn't been a "unique pilot only" upgrade, but that might keep generic firespray lists from having crazy wingman combos. Or perhaps make it a scum title, ・Only the Best 3pts scum only, large ship only, unique pilot only. You may equip upgrades with 'small ship only'
  3. Shield Frequency Descrambler 4pt. Modification. Discard this when attacking with torpedoes or missiles to ignore shield tokens. Cancel any results that are not critical hits. Or...If this attack hits remove one crew card.
  4. At that size, it seems like the smaller wings would be attached to the sides of the cockpit if the others are further back. Also, with hard points on the wings I can start to see how designers and artists might opt for the 'skis'. My thought would be to add ordnance pods on the smaller wings or have them fold up for landing.
  5. So are we talking about the Star Wars version of a Saab Viggen? With the canards angled down, no tail, and a Y-wing-ish cockpit?
  6. A"K" from the front like the X and E wings or from the top like the A, U, and Y? Maybe from the upside down with a squint like the B-wing.
  7. IronOx

    Zip ties

    The idea is sort of a lazy talon roll. The ship ends up with about a 135°-150° direction change. High skill pilots (named ties) can do it with out stressing. Then even barrel roll with the inertia. Tie’s are supposed to be “nimble” but any ship that can PTL into repositioning seems much more maneuverable. I’m just adding my thoughts to the common idea of keeping ties playable. The crew idea is to give them means to “zip” around without making them to expensive. I understand they are a basic ship in the game. Maybe I should just keep practicing flying them in tight formation through the asteroids. The last one, “external booster”, was inspired by Poe’s trick when he was attacking the dreadnought in the beginning of TLJ.
  8. IronOx

    Zip ties

    Makes sense. I know there is a real “ion engine” in laboratories somewhere. I read an article years ago. I just don’t remember much about how it works. Also, well done on the use of zip ties. The are one of those items the continued existence of the universe depends on.
  9. IronOx

    Zip ties

    I’ve enjoyed reading various “make tie fighters great again” threads. I’m not a tournament player by any means and still learning, but I had a couple of ideas for Sienar’s various flavors of T.I.E. This is all theoretical, so feel free to ignore or chime in. My goal was to make ties a bit more mobile to keep up with newer ships. Sorry that I haven’t figured out how to make the cards look like they do in the game. Over-charged ion engines. Modification 2 pts. Tie fighters only. if this ship did not fire primary weapons it may perform a free boost action. Roll an attack die. On a critical result you must use the 2 templates for this boost. Wordy I know. An extra imperial luxury ration card to the person who can say it better. The idea is that there is a risk to tinkering with the power output on an ion engine. You may boost into a rock while chasing an opponent. The other idea is a new maneuver that debuts as a modification. Sliding “K” turn. It’s sort of half way between a talon roll and a sengar’s loop. Set the dial to the a K turn with the number clearly against the left or right side of the indicator. Use the 3 bank template. Set the template between the front guides, then turn the ship around and set the front corner against the other end of the 3 bank template. If your pilot skill is 5 or higher then you may treat this as a white maneuver. If you execute a white Sliding K Turn then you may perform a barrel roll action and take a stress. Advanced thruster components. Modification. 2 pts. Small ship only. You may add the Sliding K Turn to this ship’s dial. External Booster. Modification. 2 pts. Small ship only. Set this ship‘s dial to a K turn following the Sliding K Turn rule. Then discard this card to perform the maneuver. Squadron Technician. Crew. 5 pts. Imperial only. Select a free modification. Friendly ships range 1-3 may use the modification. All limits apply. Loopholes and vague text may mean some of these won’t work. Any constructive critism or rewrites are welcome. Really I’m just looking for ways to make tie fighter sounds more often to accompany the “pew, pew, pew”s while playing x-wing.
  10. That sounds like good advice. The owner of the store, who is an all around good guy, wants to start having small tournaments every couple of weeks. Since my schedule is busy, I don't know right now how often it will be okay to proxy vs needing to have the cards. I may need to get used to flying what i actually own. I'd still fly Kath against the local group since the Slave 1/Firespray is a big part of the fun of X-wing for me. I'll look to buy or trade for Dengar though since He keeps getting mentioned.
  11. I was going to mention that imperial Kath lists were welcome too. I don't have Agressors yet, but this looks interesting. A mix of twin ion engines and a firespray is checking my X-wing boxes. Although the thought of Hux's expression as he rides along in such a ship is humorous.
  12. Most of the guys are good with proxying
  13. Very thematic, I like it. How does it fair against current 'fly casual' versions of tournament lists? I'm seeing a lot of gunboats, TIE Silencers, wookies, and arc-170s. I also found that I got a mini alpha strike with my missile and then had to really work to get my Z-95 turned and back in the fight. How do you set up and then try to fly?
  14. So the barrel rolling Y-wing can respond to dial info from Intelligence Agent? Is the BTL-A4 title not included to keep the Y's turret 360º in hopes of ionizing a pilot skill 0 Kylo Ren and other nasties?
  15. I had a busy day of non-SW's stuff so I didn't really have anything ready when I got to the FLGS yesterday evening. I still haven't found a "TIE'esque" list I enjoy flying and I was facing Imps in a pick up game. I pulled this S&V list together from my physical collection and flew it twice; Kath Scarlet (38), Veteran Instincts (1), Proxy Mines (2), Ion Cannon (3), Engine Upgrade (4) Torkil Mux (19), Moldy Crow (3), Recon Specialist (3), Blaster Turret (4) Kaa'to Leechos (15) Vectored Thrusters (2), Deadeye (1), Concussion Missiles (4), Guidance chips (0) I understand that this is older equipment and I didn't do great against Kylo. Part of that was dice though, as I caught Ren in a three way crossfire when I had him stuck between two rocks and the little punk survived. He did fly into range 1 so I couldn't get the missiles off. I've read the recent threads on the HWK , so I was having fun with that. Even after Kaa'to fired his missiles, having the focus to pull as he barrel rolled was handy. I enjoy flying the firespray so Kath stays, any other changes I can live with. For scum ships I have the Firespray, Most Wanted, and the HWK. I can pull a second Y from my rebel fleet if that gives me more punch. I may be able track down a scurrg before the next game. Any thoughts or input are welcome.
  16. I agree, to me though the N-1 compares to a Fairey Swordfish. Again, they did sink the Bismark with one, but it was a desperate attempt (They used torpedoes too, not harpoons). The N-1 feels like an adequate patrol craft in the story, not a front line fighter. The good guys are usually out gunned in a star wars story. Also, technology can advance rapidly in wartime. The list of project Jyn Erso rattles off includes hyperspace tracking. Maybe Vader had a prototype on his ISD to follow the Tantive IV into ANH, long before it pops up again in Last Jedi. Some people want the N-1, I want the RotJ Braha'tok gunship for epic. Maybe we'll all get lucky someday. Back t the topic, I'd love to see FFG get permission to mine the entries of the ILM art contest from a couple of years ago. Maybe they could pick 6 ships from the entries to spice up the table.
  17. Y-wings are a rugged chassis, like an F-4 or even the B-52 ( I realize the size difference it's the durrability factor I have in mind). The N-1 feels more a Fairey Swordfish. Sure, they caught the Bismark with one, but that was because it was all they had. If they do release it, I hope it would be a dual rebel/ scum ship with named pilots o represent the last few still space worthy. Yes, scum pilots fly heavily modified, vintage ships. Both from preference and availability. Like that corelian smuggler, Soho or Golo or whatever, the guy who made the Kessel run in 14 parsecs.
  18. The problem with prequel ships is that they'll be obsolete when they hit the table. If T-65 and B-wings can't stand up to 'modern' space fighters, then how could a clone wars relic? The Arcs are equivalent of P-51Ds modified for racing and flown by aces. If we had a wave or two of ace boxes and a campaign, I wouldn't mind at all. Since FFG isn't doing card only release, they could pack the boxes with new upgrades and corrected cards. While I'm not a fan of the Ark Angel, it could add some new tools, maybe a mining tractor beam that can move asteroids and debris.
  19. One of the strengths of the game is it's appeal to multiple personality types. Like the other popular tabletop wargames, people play from some combination of love of the source material, enjoyment of tangible games, or enjoyment of strategic problem solving. Some folks play high stakes poker and blackjack. Others play penny poker with friends over beer and pretzels. Sure, it won't happen every time, but my goal is to say "yes" when someone asks "Did you have a good time?" I play against a tournament list this past Thursday and lost handily. I did kill my first gunboat and the other guy only got one harpoon shot off. I drove in hard, made some mistakes, and got a bit of that feeling of space ships dogfighting amidst the asteroids. My take away was that I need work on my flying to survive against the whole crazy X-wing community family. P.S. That new, unopened TIE Silencer may be going back to the FLGS. I just don't look forward to flying it.
  20. I think I’ve really just been using this kind of TIE list backwards. Marrek uses missiles to strip shields then the ties nibble away with him passing actions if it helps. Thanks for taking the time to give your insights.
  21. Really appreciate the advice. The ties are a lot of fun, especially zipping amidst the asteroids. I realize that I'm flying an "up on cider blocks in the front yard" list, so I think I'll proxy more often for sure. The title for the advanced is at the top of my list of acquisitions. I've seen that with ATC on ebay. I usually do use Backstabber (we do have a couple of TIE expansions), Dark Curse was a mission specific decision. I tend to roll badly so his job was to keep Han from re-rolling. Same with cluster missiles, more rolls equal better dice for me.
  22. Thanks to all for the help. We tried the list but I ended up playing against him. When we got there, two people had just started setting up and one guy forgot his stuff. We had the rest of our collection so I made a quick list: Maarek Stele {27)Cluster Missiles (4) Squad Leader (2) Winged Gundark (15) Dark Curse (16) Zeta Ace (18) Marksmanship (3) Epsilon Squadron Pilot (15) We got in about 3 rounds before it was time for dinner and homework. We will definitly keep working with the arc.
  23. Thanks, for the help. I've got it printed up and ready. What would you fly if you were to proxy pilots flying the models we have? Honestly we're still about wave 3 and catching up.
  24. If you’re dead set on incorporating this into your games, then I’d say be a gentleman about it and build a rotating mat base. Get some “lazy susan” hardware and then attach it to a piece of MDF or thick Masonite. Then you could allow your opponent to rotate the game. You could probably get it for less than $50 which isn’t ridiculous compared to buying a raider to get Palpantine.
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