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  1. You know, I'm starting to think the OT vs PT,ST,etc preference is a generational thing. If you grew up in the 70's and 80's and watched SW and old WW2 movies it was hard not to have an underlying notion of light vs, dark, good vs. evil. Even Jabba and what we now lump in as S&V resonated because of the fascination with organized crime. I understand not everyone feels this way, I'm just wondering. The OT is far and away my favorite. And enjoy the movie or not, I feel that R1 does the job of dovetailing into the OT. I mean after I saw it I thought "It's the Guns of Navarone in space, works for me!" Younger fans seem to feel similarly about the other trilogies. I guess that each generation has it's touch points with the story. Abrams has yet to really finish a story well. Alias worked because it was entirely built around Jennifer Garner's character. Aside from that, the first trek reboot was the only other thing that was a tight story. That still felt like The Breakfast Club in space. Between Lost, TFA, and now this, I think JJ needs to think about his life choices. He can afford it. SW has never been high caliber story telling. It was fairy tales in space for the most part. The PT was supposed to re-frame the story as the "fall and redemption of Anakin Skywalker". It worked okay and gave us some new memorable scenes. I guess I'll enjoy what I like and enjoy my kids enjoying the rest.
  2. It does look like a Baleen heavy freighter below (and behind) the Lancer pursuit craft. Also, it looks like the Falcon is about to block a Pelta as it moves into the center of the picture. I think there are another 4-5 Peltas lurking further back in the shot and a hammerhead or two. There's a Braha'tok/Dornean gunship next to the Baleen as well. They dug anything and everything up for this one.
  3. This is generally known as the T65 XJ3. They were a legends early new republic model of the X-wing. I really like it and wish these and the T65BR had made it into the game as late war variants. Maybe you were just posting it as a reference for the never-realized concept that you mentioned
  4. There's ":A Star Wars Story" in that game of x-wing.
  5. It wouldn't have been that hard to give that CR-90 the Sundered Heart refit package. That would have given it the look of being modified and pressed into service. Oh well.
  6. There are a couple of ships I'd like to attempt at 1/270. I just wanted to double check to make sure I'm starting in the right place. So take the GR-75 for example. It's 90 meters according to all the usual suspects. 90m = 9000cm; 9000cm/ 270= 33.333cm. Is that the correct formula? The YU-410 is listed at 44m. That works out to 16.3cm with the method I used.
  7. The redemption of a fallen hero was what the original trilogy grew into, as well as a merchandise vehicle (but what classic 80s kid's story didn't become that?) Kershner did a decent job of making ESB a bit more serious, but the movies were always rather simple fairy tales. They were told by people who believed in them, which was part of the magic. The sweeping, operatic setting was the other half. Many of us hoped the prequel trilogy would show us the fall of this hero. What would make a great warrior and friend become "...more machine now than man; twisted and evil."? Ultimately, it felt like a letdown by the time Vader rose from the ashes of Skywalker. The story seemed more like a faustian bargain where he was damned either way rather than a true fall from the light. Even if there were some high points and interesting characters along the way, 1-3 didn't deliver what had been expected. That's why many older fans like R1. Here was Vader in his prime. The emperor's rage monster and executioner of his will and enemies. That was one clever bit of the prequels, without Padme to drive his ambition and hunger for power, Vader's hate and fury were his motivation. He was the perfect apprentice because he had no reason to kill his master since Palpatine provided him with target to vent his anger on. That adds to the depth of Luke being his son. Now he has a new goal. "...we can rule the galaxy as father and son". Really, the story was finished in RotJ whether Lucas intended it to be or not. Vader fell because of love, and Luke saved him/protected Leia because of love. Maybe that's my take away, but it works well enough to get me to 'happily ever after'. The new series was risky as far as story telling goes from the beginning. In this day and age, 'happily ever after' doesn't always stick. How to tell that story without losing the way is tricky. Sure, it was built on the foundation of a world we loved, but where to go next in the 'skywalker saga' is a challenging question. Its similar to what happened in Harry Potter. So to get an ending that really sticks the landing is going to take every bit of skill and craft JJ Abrams and the LUcasfilm team has.
  8. Stop the presses, FFG. We need the Ravorcrest now!
  9. What about a 'squadron resource' system, sort of like to epic points for huge ships? A squadron based on a planet or station would have finite resources. The commander has to make decisions and do the best with what's available. Just to spit ball the idea, you get 10-15 points for a regular game, more for a game with multiple formations. Pick a primary space frame. Those are each 1 point each for the basic version. Veterans and named pilots cost more. A secondary space frame cost two points each to reflect extra parts and crew. Any use of ordinance is a point or two for the whole squadron. Limit one generic, large ship at 2 resource points as your armed supply hauler. Upgrade that for a point or two if you like, just no unique pilots. Once the resource points are spent, build a standard list based on how you used your resources. Add a medium or large support ship for larger games at 3-4 points but maybe it gets extra upgrades or expanded range of effect. Huge ships count as a formation. Campaigns can reward with more points as it progresses. Multi player games have squadrons flying support of each other maybe attacking a base or capitol ship represented by a table edge. Just a random thought.
  10. I understand what you're saying. There are a lot of planes that didn't last though. There are a handful of B52s with 50 year old air frames. The F117s however are now all retired. The Y-wings stolen in Rebels were scheduled for dismantlement or storage. By the battle of Endor they seemed ineffective. I've heard there was going to be a scene with B-wings taking down a star destroyer in Jedi. Given the ion torpedo run in Rogue One, that missing scene from RotJ would have been a nice passing the torch moment. So, Resistance B-wings with plating removed and updated hardware would be much more interesting from a visual and narrative perspective in my opinion. I do want a movie set between the OT and new trilogy that explains how corruption and espionage completely derails the E-wing production and deployment so we have a reason they aren't around.
  11. Sorry if I started another discussion regarding the re-use of much of the original ship design aesthetic. I just thought the Y-wings were old by time of the GCW, so they'd be antiques by the time of the new series. ILM had an art contest a few years ago. There were lots of interesting ships that fit the SW look. I guess I was thinking something new would come from that. Perhaps the new tie bomber will borrow some of the silencer's appearance. It did have some serious firepower. Maybe we'll get a FO punisher that shares a chassis with the FO ship at the theme park.
  12. Why is the resistance getting a Y-wing? I mean, I know why it's happening, but that's just lazy story telling
  13. http://conceptartworld.com/news/the-last-starfighter-concept-art-by-matt-allsopp/ Here's most if not all of them. The ship is very similar except that the canopies one line vs the double bulge. It may just be creative license or the artist changed it to suit their taste.
  14. Whoa now, There's a Gunstar lurking in the shadow of that AT AT. I may need one of those in my life. Going to do the one from Mike Allsopp's concept art for the possible sequel too?
  15. IronOx

    2.0 Uglies

    I don't feel strongly either way. That extra cup of coffee kicked my imagination into hyper drive. If the Falcon was space worthy after crash landing on Savareen, all the uglies will fly fine. The versions the OP created could spice up HotAC games or work well in a Kessel campaign.
  16. IronOx

    2.0 Uglies

    Ha! Because they are the snub fighter equivalent of demolition derby cars. I wasn't a fan, but I could see a gritty tv series or a fast paced single box spin off game. Think it over. If you can't afford a worn Z-95 or T-16 then how could you safely maintain a raft of battle debris cobbled together with Gamorrean boot laces. Who would fly that? Two thirds of the dirt track pod racers are probably better built. The pilots would be so crazy even the major crime syndicates wouldn't send them up. Spiced out, adrenaline junkie hotheads with less of an attention span than a porg who never out grew holo-vid fantasies the lot of them. Probably led by a washed out deserter who uses them to keep drink-fueled delusions of grandeur alive. It could make a fun spin off game though. Set asteroids and debris in a circle or spiral and chase each other in circles. Have a wacky damage deck that has hallucinations and blind rage effects or sends you barrel rolling across the board till you can roll a hit for your astromech to fix it. Throw in drunk jawa mechanics and addled droids that flip their card every turn for more zany fun. End up a 5 second crater or become a wild space legend...
  17. Sorry, I was unclear a bit. We have all or most 1st ed. ties so I was hoping there would be some extra imperial pilot cards in the starter. A mini swarm with reaper support should be good for me. We have the mainstay OT rebel fighters from 1st, the two YT chassis and a HWK. Is the ARC 170 still in the rebel fleet or did it get shelved till the clone wars stuff arrives? Thanks for the feedback.
  18. Still on the fence mostly due to price. X-wing is fun, but sometimes life doesn’t leave much extra. Will a starter for tie fighters and the rebel conversion for rebel ships keep me and my son playing for a while? Might it even provide enough for an occasional night of play at the FLGS? We do have a Reaper already, so that might give the ties some support for a while.
  19. A good BSG game like X-wing probably wouldn't work unless it was a single box with lots of replay built in. There were only two factions with limited ship selection.
  20. Life has been incredibly busy lately, but I may be able to squeeze in one last mission this evening. The firespray is my favorite so I’d like to fly that. Any fun-to-fly ideas built around a scum firespray are good. My scum hanger is pretty limited, but I might be able to put my hands on a scurrg before the game, so a cookie if you can make that work with the firespray. Or if you want to go really crazy an come up with a firespray, tie advance prototype, tie FO/SF then that sounds good too. Thanks for glancing. Enjoy your Saturday of flying and list building.
  21. How did you do the inside of the panels? They look great, I'd like to try that.
  22. What about a mechanic like a life boat. Make it a YT-1300 only modification. It allows crew to attach to a token that can stop or use the 1 maneuvers if the YT dies. Another large ship can pick it by coming within range 1 and use the crew abilities at the cost of a stress.
  23. I told the owner at my FLGS that until there's a unit of tauntauns my money goes to X-wing.
  24. Warner Brothers is Disney's next purchase confirmed.
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