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  1. IronOx

    Star Wars Legion painting and extra bling!

    http://conceptartworld.com/news/the-last-starfighter-concept-art-by-matt-allsopp/ Here's most if not all of them. The ship is very similar except that the canopies one line vs the double bulge. It may just be creative license or the artist changed it to suit their taste.
  2. IronOx

    Star Wars Legion painting and extra bling!

    Whoa now, There's a Gunstar lurking in the shadow of that AT AT. I may need one of those in my life. Going to do the one from Mike Allsopp's concept art for the possible sequel too?
  3. IronOx

    2.0 Uglies

    I don't feel strongly either way. That extra cup of coffee kicked my imagination into hyper drive. If the Falcon was space worthy after crash landing on Savareen, all the uglies will fly fine. The versions the OP created could spice up HotAC games or work well in a Kessel campaign.
  4. IronOx

    2.0 Uglies

    Ha! Because they are the snub fighter equivalent of demolition derby cars. I wasn't a fan, but I could see a gritty tv series or a fast paced single box spin off game. Think it over. If you can't afford a worn Z-95 or T-16 then how could you safely maintain a raft of battle debris cobbled together with Gamorrean boot laces. Who would fly that? Two thirds of the dirt track pod racers are probably better built. The pilots would be so crazy even the major crime syndicates wouldn't send them up. Spiced out, adrenaline junkie hotheads with less of an attention span than a porg who never out grew holo-vid fantasies the lot of them. Probably led by a washed out deserter who uses them to keep drink-fueled delusions of grandeur alive. It could make a fun spin off game though. Set asteroids and debris in a circle or spiral and chase each other in circles. Have a wacky damage deck that has hallucinations and blind rage effects or sends you barrel rolling across the board till you can roll a hit for your astromech to fix it. Throw in drunk jawa mechanics and addled droids that flip their card every turn for more zany fun. End up a 5 second crater or become a wild space legend...
  5. Sorry, I was unclear a bit. We have all or most 1st ed. ties so I was hoping there would be some extra imperial pilot cards in the starter. A mini swarm with reaper support should be good for me. We have the mainstay OT rebel fighters from 1st, the two YT chassis and a HWK. Is the ARC 170 still in the rebel fleet or did it get shelved till the clone wars stuff arrives? Thanks for the feedback.
  6. Still on the fence mostly due to price. X-wing is fun, but sometimes life doesn’t leave much extra. Will a starter for tie fighters and the rebel conversion for rebel ships keep me and my son playing for a while? Might it even provide enough for an occasional night of play at the FLGS? We do have a Reaper already, so that might give the ties some support for a while.
  7. A good BSG game like X-wing probably wouldn't work unless it was a single box with lots of replay built in. There were only two factions with limited ship selection.
  8. IronOx

    Fun last 1e. sortie

    Life has been incredibly busy lately, but I may be able to squeeze in one last mission this evening. The firespray is my favorite so I’d like to fly that. Any fun-to-fly ideas built around a scum firespray are good. My scum hanger is pretty limited, but I might be able to put my hands on a scurrg before the game, so a cookie if you can make that work with the firespray. Or if you want to go really crazy an come up with a firespray, tie advance prototype, tie FO/SF then that sounds good too. Thanks for glancing. Enjoy your Saturday of flying and list building.
  9. IronOx

    Tie Prototipe - The Punisher Edition!

    How did you do the inside of the panels? They look great, I'd like to try that.
  10. IronOx

    Just going to leave this here. . .

    What about a mechanic like a life boat. Make it a YT-1300 only modification. It allows crew to attach to a token that can stop or use the 1 maneuvers if the YT dies. Another large ship can pick it by coming within range 1 and use the crew abilities at the cost of a stress.
  11. IronOx

    Which preview will be out today?

    I told the owner at my FLGS that until there's a unit of tauntauns my money goes to X-wing.
  12. IronOx

    STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion Thread!

    Warner Brothers is Disney's next purchase confirmed.
  13. IronOx

    STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion Thread!

    "From a certain point of view..." Jedi masters tend to be kinda trolly. Between Obi-Wan's 'perspectives' and lack of absolutes, Yoda's torching the tree knowing Rey had snitched the books, and Qui-Gon's taking Anakin as a pupil despite the council rejecting him, the handling of Jedi dogma gets pretty slippery. Kylo's comment about letting the past, the Jedi, and the Sith die shows its all just means to an end for him with little real value. With the introduction of the Bendu and the re-surfacing of the "Mortis gods" (a concept as clumsy as the midi-chlorians) the heirs or the narrative are moving towards a make-your-own-destiny philosophy for force wielders, maybe even implying the best knew this already. If they're not careful, those angsty Skywalkers will end up looking like dolts who never quite got it.
  14. IronOx

    The Firespray Fix!

    There hasn't been a "unique pilot only" upgrade, but that might keep generic firespray lists from having crazy wingman combos. Or perhaps make it a scum title, ・Only the Best 3pts scum only, large ship only, unique pilot only. You may equip upgrades with 'small ship only'