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    Xindell got a reaction from DerErlkoenig in Wave 3 possible announcement date?   
    I don't think we're going to see large ships again so soon.  Considering both factions only have 1 medium sized ship at this point, I think you are more likely to see a medium and a small for each faction.  We MIGHT see another fighters pack with the E-wing/Defender/etc. or they might push that off again.  Another round of large ships when we still only have 1 medium per side just doesn't make sense, IMHO.
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    Xindell reacted to Mikael Hasselstein in Finally! SHIPPING NOW!   
    (*Back to gloating, because you asked for it*)
    I don't already have two ISDs (and five tournament medals) because I suck at this game.
    (*Moment of clarity*) Well, maybe I do suck, and my opponents just suck worse. Or it could be that most of my wins are from tournaments that I TO'd, and I manipulated the rules, while asking my opponents "Perhaps you think you're being treated unfairly?"
    Either way, I'm rocking the Dark Side. 
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