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  1. I've been considering switching to the Game Plus foam for some time now. I already use them for 40K, and am very happy with it. I too would be interested in any info you can give not only about how you've layed it all out, but also what thickness of their foam you are using.
  2. Meh, sleeves are a thing. Very very few people, at least tournament going people (which is the only situation in which marked cards 'cheating' is realistically a concern), don't use sleeves. As such, promos of uncommons or commons that get high use will allow them to inject extra product into circulation when needed (ie Electroshock), versus a card that is dead to everyone who doesn't have the die, and usable only for the 'neatness' factor to everyone else (since they already have it). All of that being said, FFG will do whatever they think will help the game grow and be more successful (aka sell), and that's their right.
  3. Yeah, I think the better bet is to just stop making promos of cards people can't use without already having it, and focus more on regularly used Uncommons and Commons.
  4. OK, so I grabbed my Jango Fetts, since I know I had 1 from a few months ago and got another in my box this past weekend. They look identical to me. I can't see any difference. Pretty sure they aren't treating this as a different print run for collector purposes.
  5. I opened them. From what I could see they were the same. That said, I didn't go out of my way trying to find a difference, and I am at work atm so I would have to check later.
  6. Didn't really think the Rhymer change was necessary, but with Sloane coming, maybe it was. As for the rest, meh, they will have little to no effect on 'my' games. I've always preferred correcting issues with future releases, rather than errata, but in the long run, if the changes help the game, then it's all good.
  7. Someone previously posted these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004T6I6RA/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1 They are designed to hold 4x6 pictures and I must say I think these are great. Each large Keeper holds 16 individual cases. Each case holds 32 dice and leaves very little room for them to shift around. There are no corners for the dice to rub against and it's a pretty soft plastic. So a single large Keeper will hold 512 dice, while still being very compact. While I'm sure the Feldherr will offer a bit more protection, these offer a great mix of protection and organization while remaining compact and reasonably costed. I have 1 case set aside for trades and can easily pop that one out to take with me to the shop while everything else stays safely at home. Anyway, just thought I'd toss another option out there.
  8. Well, I would never put a card in my deck "just for discarding" unless I literally had NO useful options. The fact is, every card in your deck should have a use, and part of growing in this game is getting your head around the idea that it really is OK to discard "good" cards for a reroll when you need to, especially since you draw back to a full hand every round anyway. That doesn't mean to discard down to an empty hand every round, just cuz, but realizing it's OK, and even beneficial, to discard good cards will make you a better player. So, that said, I would make sure that every card in your deck is one that you can foresee a solid use for, even if it is only going to be good against certain decks. Sometimes it will be discard fodder, sometimes playing it will help you win a match.
  9. The 2 shields are only given on the first turn, and they are given to the player who's battlefield is NOT being used. This helps offset having to use the other player's battlefield as well as the drawback of not going first on the first turn. After that, 'claiming' the battlefield lets you use it's effect and gives you first action next turn (no more shields are given out unless that is the battlefield's claim effect). A focus side of a die is used just like any other die face. You resolve 'focus' as your action, spend the die (or dice if you have more than one) and turn another of your dice to any face. The dice that had focus showing was spent in the process and is returned to the character or support it came from.
  10. Claiming the battlefield is a pretty huge part of the game. Battlefields can allow you to resolve dice that you don't have the resources for, get upgrades out cheaper, gain resources, etc. and each of these things can happen every round. Some battlefields have an ongoing effect like removing an opponent's die for the next round. The battle field also determines who goes first in the round, so claiming the battlefield lets you be first player next round. That can be HUGE (sometimes it's better to claim than resolve some dice that you still have available). There are some powerful cards that require you be the player in control of the battlefield to play them, so that's another reason it's important.
  11. I am actually very happy overall. I got 2 boxes (plus a about 10 packs from the prerelease). The only cards I pulled three of were Imperial Discipline, Lure of Power, Interrogation Droid, C-3PO & Jyn Erso. 1 each of the Jyn and the Interrogation Droid were pulled from the prerelease packs, so the two boxes only brought 3 triplicates. As for Legendaries, I did pull 2 Bowcasters from 1 box (that was slightly annoying), and a Slave I from each, but otherwise a good spread there too (Krenic, Palps, IG-88, Blackmail, Baze, Rocket Launcher, Force Speed & Quadjumper). Would've liked a Chewie, Force Lightning & Obi-Wan, but trades are possible and I expect to get ahold of a few more packs later on. Overall, a pretty good distribution of the Commons and Uncommons as well.
  12. Don't count on Thrawn being in this. If you reread the article, it really only mentions Rebels once, briefly, with this sentence, "Inspired largely by the characters and events of Rogue One, Rise of the Empire introduces a plethora of new heroes, villains, starships, troopers, and vehicles from that film, alongside other characters, ships, and events from Star Wars: Rebels and the classic trilogy, plus new missions that add more drama and intrigue to your games." Seems to me this is saying, the majority of what you are getting is from Rogue One, but we tossed in a few things from Rebels along with more content from the original trilogy as well. I suspect that Rebels reference was put in there largely to explain the existence of the Interdictor in this expansion (perhaps some mission cards as well). I suspect that what we are seeing here is simply the first expansion to this game. The next one will be a Rebels based expansion and we will see people like Thrawn, Minister Tua, Admiral Konstantine and the Grand Inquisitor against Hera, Sato and whoever else they deem "leader" enough to make their way in (Kanan, Sabine?). Now that we know they are willing to make expansions, there is no reason to believe this will be the only one. Rebels will get it's day, after season 4 (and the show) is over and we know who everything that happened and who the best "leader" options will be.
  13. Happy Friday! I have gotten my wife to play a game with me on occasion (she wins far more than she should, considering her lack of regular practice!), though it's been quite a while since she did. My son is starting to show interest, though right now he's more interested in X-Wing and Pokemon than Armada. Silly boy.
  14. Speaking as someone who mostly lurks but would like to see and use these boards as something other than a place for people to have pissing contests, I respectfully request that both of you take your shouting match and name calling to private messages please. The rest of us are really tired of hearing it. We get it, some people think FFG massively screwed up and are continuing to do so. Some think they are doing their best to fix it and can't stand to let the angry people spout their anger. We understand. Really. You don't have to say the same **** things over and over and over and over and over and over anymore. Take your argument private. It's old, it's tired, and it's making this board a place that others don't want to visit. Frankly, it's nearing time to just start mashing the 'report post' button. If everyone truly cares about this game, getting banned for being constantly rude and obnoxious is likely not something you would want to have happen.
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