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  1. Thanks for the Insight Magnus, english is not my first language and sometimes I struggle to express my ideas correctly. Fan and Sword feels weak restricted and pretty useful unrestricted, I like Andy sugestion in how to manage that. In regards to the Master Technique the idea was that you could change your kept dices to succeses or oportunities using as cap "Performance" in adition to roll +2k1 Black Dices using a Void Point if that is more clear. A previous idea was to give the +2k1 Black Dices using a Void Point and letting the character shitft to and vice versa, again capping at Performance Rank.
  2. I made this for a friend who really loved the concept of the Warrior Poet on 4th edition, decided to share the idea with you,hope you like it and if you don't, tear it apart constructively... The school curriculum is not ready yet but wanted to know what do you think about the School and Master Techniques. Doji Warrior Poet [Courtier - Bushi] Unlike many other families in the Empire, the Doji consider pursuit of the blade and the arts of equal value, and the Doji are more likely to produce individuals gifted in both domains than perhaps even the other Crane families. Rings - +1 Air, +1 Water. Starting Skills (Choose 5) - +1 Composition, +1 Courtesy, +1 Design, +1 Fitness, +1 Martial Arts [Melee], +1 Meditation, +1 Performance Honor - 50 Techniques - Kata, Rituals, Shūji Starting Techiniques - Kata - Iaijutsu Cut: Rising Blade Shūji - Cadence Fan and Sword (School Technique) - Once per scene when you would suffer Fatigue or Strife you can relocate Fatigue to Strife or Strife to Fatigue up to twice your school rank. Cutting into the Soul (Master Technique) - Once per scene during a Duel or Skirmish where you Seize the Moment you roll 2 extra Ring Die and Kept 1, you may add a number of kept ring die equal to your Performance skill set to either opportunity or success. Starting Gear - Ceremonial Robes, Daisho, Caligraphy Kit, Traveling Pack, Pony or Assistant.
  3. Sr. I am GMing a campaign with Aventures in Azeroth. So far it has been amazing (5 long sessions). Changed the Lordaeron Talent from Undead to Orc but it will change eventualy as the events of WCIII unfold. Besides the Dalaran Wizard one shoting an encounter we didn't got any problem. I needed to handwave a few creatures now and then, players are never satisfied with bestiaries.
  4. Hello everyone! Sorry, I was on vacations and without access to a computer. We playtest the Class taking your sugestions. Reducing the Weight of the Armor gave place for the player to fill himself with explosives and grenades and the Tearing quality on the Hot Shot Lasgun was pretty strong. He had the mission to take a manor on the apex of the Spire. It felt like an elite soldier assaulting a position taking care of goons and servants with precision and strength; but even with his training and gear the houseguard force him to a defensive position and more tactical thinking in the end. In the end we decided that the prerequisites would be the Willpower and Ballistic Skill plus a reason on the background or the campaign to be send into the training facility.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I like the sugestion of the aptitudes instead of the roles maybe having at least two of Ballistic Skill, Finesse, Willpower, Fieldcraft and Tech?. I know the agility limit on the Storm Trooper Armor is like the Feudal Worlder but the idea is to represent the storm trooper as a specialist on his field and having no restriction on the tempestus scion armor seems good to me. I mean, you're a feudal worlder trained from childhood to wear heavy armor you'll grow acustomed to the Tempestus Scion Armor faster; and you still can use the heaviest armors without problem, a storm trooper only would have the advantage of using that type of armor. But maybe reducing the weight of the apropiate gear will do too; what do you think about it?
  6. I ask him for 700xp to buy the advance. I think is a fair amount for and unsubtle operative.
  7. Hello everyone! I'm new on this forum and english is not my first language so I hope you have patience with me. For my DH Campaign a player asked to play an Inquisitorial Storm Trooper. I thought it would be fun to create something for him; I don't know what the experience cost will be and I would appreciate some feedback about this Idea. Pre-Requisites Skill, Willpower and Faith - The character must be Warrior or Assassin with at least 40 BS and WP Instant Changes Mind Conditioning - Jaded and Total Recall. If the character have Jaded then gains Resistance (Fear). Lose most of the personal quirks and Identity. Superior Training - +1 Rank Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis), +1 Rank Common Lore (War) Gear - Tempestus Scion Caparace Armor; Hotshot Lasrifle; Backpack Charge. POSSIBLE Specialist - Hotshot Laspistol and Hotshot Lasrifle gains Tearing; Tempestus Scion Caparace Armor doesn't impose Agility Penalty So, what do you people think? I know It can be to powerful and less than subtle, more so if he paints the Shiny =I= on his pauldron. And of course as GM I ask him to roleplay the character as is expected from a Storm Trooper. He even has the mission to purge the mutant of the party If he ever gains a more obvious mutation or if he try to escape. From now on he painted his armor as a Desoleum Sanctionary and pose himself as an elite enforcer oathbounded to the Highborn of the party with some forgery so we are having an easy time.
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