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  1. All I can say is that the X-34 is a gorgeous model, very detailed. Lots of bits. I magnetized my gunners so that I can remove them if I decide to not take them (it turned out wonderfully). I am very eager to paint this little speeder...
  2. Honestly, that is good to know. I value expert opinion and experience - it helps me learn. So I feel more educated. Still wish they'd find some way of reducing the amount of waste - it feels awful tossing all of that material in the recycle bin, and I'd feel even worse if I didn't have a recycle bin. The idea of just tossing all that plastic and cardstock in the rubbish is just awful.
  3. This is true too... so, that means that at least some part of the die is changed between the large ships and the squad packs.
  4. Yep. Same dimensions... which is also a huge amount of wasted space for the Sith Infiltrator as well... I thought the ship packaging in 1.0 was wasteful - 2.0 eclipses it in waste.
  5. I love the idea behind the new Squadron packs. 3 Ships for the price of 2 is wonderful, a great starter for a new faction - and a fluffy way to expand the game. BUT I hate the new packaging - it is huge, empty, and wasteful. Someone needs to do some serious package design work - you can cut the material on these down to a quarter of their current amount, and at least half the size if not smaller. The plastic from Guardians of the republic was insane. The ships fit in an area 1" deep, by 6 wide and 3 high. The plastic they are held in is 2.75" deep, 8" wide and 9" high. (The box is almost 4" deep because the cards and cardboard are kept separate below the plastic insert... more wasted space.) If the cardboard inserts were resized, you could make a package that was half the size - and the plastic could be designed to go over the redesigned cardboard, cards, and bases. I recycle all of my material - but this is crazy. Curb your packaging!
  6. KryatDragon


    I call it the Blah-blah-blah... https://youtu.be/8XGHNwk8eiQ?t=14
  7. Wave 1, 1.0 - day of freakin' release.
  8. The product update page is completely and totally worthless until a product reaches the "Shipping" or "In Stores Now" stage. If you will note, nothing from wave 3 is even on there. Nothing. FFG cannot even be bothered to add them to their own page despite all local and online shops having them up for pre-order.
  9. I do not think Scum need anything else special. First and foremost tokens that only they can use... every faction already gets 1 pilot ability unique to them, we do not need to go down the road of tokens as well.
  10. Aside from needing to clean Saw's X-wing's S-foils (after which they work perfectly), and a sticky Fang Fighter (easily corrected) there have been no issues with 2.0 Models. In fact most of them seem to be of a higher quality standard than most of the stuff in 1.0. The Y-Wing looks loads better, and it is nice to have an actual turret on them. The X-wing is higher quality, and opens / closes s-foils. I mean nearly every one of my 1.0 X-wings had blaster cannons that went in four different directions. The new ones are all lined up. It looks nice. The Fang has a crisper paint job. The Firespray's angle makes it looks soooooo much better. And the paint is also crisper on it. The T-70 looks so nice with closed s-foils... My mining guild tie is perfectly painted, with an immaculately centered logo. The RZ-2 aside from seeming a touch small, is very well detailed. So... in my summation, 2.0 has higher quality models than 1.0. And, I too will buy buckets of B-wings if they have flappy s-foils and rotating cockpits.
  11. KryatDragon

    And tlt is?

    Harpoon Missile cost the same as Torpedoes (4pts in 1.0), but only required a lock - they did not spend the Lock to fire. So you can use the lock to reroll when you fire (like 2.0 munitions). The threw 4 red dice at ranges 2-3. Then they assigned the 'Harpooned!' condition if they hit. Here's the link to 'Harpooned!' and the text is quoted below. It replaced all other munitions aside from Prockets. It was cheap, powerful, re-loadable, and the condition is bonkers. Because the crit set off the condition and then you still get a crit that they have to deal with. 3x Starwings with these things could trigger chain insanity. First missile hits, leaves condition, second hits with a crit - triggering condition. Then reapplies condition. And so on...
  12. I find them absolutely awful. I can barely make them out in pictures. I would insist, loudly and annoyingly, that you use cardboard over them in a game.
  13. KryatDragon

    And tlt is?

    It was a foul and loathsome curse placed upon X-Wing 1.0 that was only eclipsed in sheer NPE derpitude by the Harpoon Missile. May both never return to X-wing ever.
  14. I just really really want to emphasize how much I agree. I've wanted this star map since Rogue One came out.
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