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  1. @Derrault I think evaluating only the naked offensive side of a unit is really missing the mark on what is over and under costed. It does not evaluate the full price point of a unit. And that is after all what this thread is about. Sure Scouts have good damage per point output... at Range 2 and under. Which means I get an extra round generally to shoot at them before they can shoot at me, and with their lower defense dice than a typical cheaper Imperial unit, means they are a lot less effective. If your numbers bore out, don't you think you'd see more of them than Shores? Shores are cake with bonus ice cream, they are so good. Range 3 (4 with weapon), generally a free Aim Token, and solid shooting + defense. They are way better than than your raw comparison shows. They are the staple unit now for Empire - and are absolutely worth their points. Scouts are rarely if ever fielded because they are not worth their points. And since you don't need them for their Sniper Team (this was the screw up by FFG - sniper squads should have been linked like the light field artillery pieces)... Scouts are over costed and therefore under used. I just don't think you can adequately evaluate a unit based upon only its offensive output, at least so far as I am concerned.
  2. Over Costed Units (as I see it). - Scout Troopers: Nothing justifies 15 points per guy in that unit... that's bonkers. - Dewback Rider: Hear me out, he's actually quite similar to Z-74s, and like the BARC he looks like he was costed before the points drop. - Droidekas: Everyone has this correct. They should be 80pts... maybe 85 tops. (Also the fact that they are Vehicles is garbage. Maybe they should have been something like Vehicle Troopers?) - All Clone Troopers. - BARC: This thing should be like 65, and all of it's weapons need at least a 10 point drop. - MK II Medium Blaster Trooper: No where near as good as the Mortar (Suppressive alone makes the Mortar better), and costs more than the Mortar. I'm not sure I've ever seen these fielded aside from the one time I did it as a joke. - Rebel Commandos: Lets just face it, both these and the Scouts box are only bought for the busted Snipers (which were such bad game balance ideas for so many reasons, the Sniper teams should never have been designed as what they are - but that's a whole separate arguement). At least the Rebel Commandos don't seem as crazily over costed as the Scouts, just a little. - Wookie Warriors - X-34 Landspeeder: Really, not the base card - but it's weapons upgrades are bonkers over costed. - 1.4 FD Laser Cannon: I think by only about 5. Again... I've never actually seen these fielded. - T-47: It's better now than it was, but it still seems just a tad over costed. Not by a huge amount, probably about 5. To me the Light Side Factions have the biggest cost problems. And I'm not convinced TaunTauns are under costed, it's just that so many other things are over costed. Well, I often think the games suggested pt. size of 800 is about 200pts too small.
  3. I'll chime in on this as well. It be true. My B2s are still 'awaiting release'... and I stupidly bundled my TX-130 with them... (I Bought my P2 Clones at LGSs... in order to spread the love around).
  4. I mean each unto their own... but your 'own' kinda really limits the universe. The best things the prequels did was make the universe bigger and more diverse (but yes, f*ck Lucas for making the Nymodians and Toydarians so **** racist). And you are missing out on some of the hands down BEST Star Wars to date by not watching Rebels, sure season 1 is a touch rough, but after that it just goes all in with excellent stories and wonderful character development. (And you picked the worst movie from the sequel trilogy too... which is bad when it follows TFA, but without following TFA it will just be nonsense.) And the animation style... if that burns your eyes how can you watch any American animation? It's so much better than things like Teen Titans Go, or Home Movies, or BallMasters, or even Rick and Morty (I love the show, but one must admit the animation was never meant to be stunning). And it's going to make things going forward get weird. Rumor has it that at least one Rebels character, if not more will make a major appearance in season 2 of the Mandalorian. Heck season 1 of the Mandalorian ended with a huge reveal that possibly, or even probably, meant almost nothing to you without watching Rebels (and the new Clone Wars). Does the Dark Saber hold any significance for you? Would you know anything about its origins, its arc, or its overall significance? Its reveal was filled with importance from those two shows, and without them... all it becomes is a fancy black colored saber, wow. Wait, does your canon not include the new Thrawn books? That's it, I'm out. Beyond help you are.
  5. The Phase IIs are a let down. Zero customization just sucks. At least with a GW model you have a large number of details, and can often mix arms around with not a lot of effort. These were all literally 1 choice builds. The hand pegs were a joke... utterly useless. Also, no kamas... what was up with that?
  6. Which store broke Street Date? Oh, wait... was it FFG itself? Yeah that felt good for everyone that ordered from their local brick and mortars.
  7. Aside from the fact that actually during the Clone Wars he was either a) stuck on a junk yard planet, insane... or b) essentially a space pirate trying to kill Dooku or take over Mandalore. He would not be a Separatist. There was not Confederacy of Independent Systems until years after he was cut in two by Obi-wan. He never really ever acted against the Republic itself - he was more hellbent on fighting Kenobi.
  8. R2 was not present when Anakin killed the Tusken Raiders. He was in Mos Eisley when Anakin met with Watto, but he is not in the scenes where Anakin rides off to save his mother, he is certainly not at the Tusken village when Anakin slaughters them, and he's not in the garage when Anakin breaks down in front of Padme. He is somewhere at the Homestead, if I recall... but not in the scenes. So... it is questionable if R2 knows any of that. Nor was R2 anywhere near the battle on Mustafar. He was told by Anakin to "stay with the ship" and he does so. Padme and Obi-wan arrive on a completely different landing platform (I do not see R2 or an Eta 2 Actis light star fighter as the Naboo ship lands). R2 sees none of the duel between Obi-wan and Anakin. We actually have no idea how R2 ended up on the platform to help 3P0 get Padme aboard the ship. Obi-wan does not tell Padme that Anakin is alive or dead, so R2 (who is next to her when she asks) does not know his fate. He probably assumes by Obi-wan's expression that Anakin is dead. We have ZERO evidence that R2 ever knows that Anakin is Darth Vader, or that Anakin survived on Mustfar - and would then become a cyborg that wears a mask and is taller than he was when he was not a cyborg. Honestly, R2 has no reason to assume Vader is Anakin at all... AND, and this is the BIG and... Darth Vader and R2 never come into contact with each other, ever, in the OT. So there are no chances for Darth to make a comment on the droid, or vis-a-versa. As for Luke Skywalker. **** yeah the little bugger probably remembers the name. But it has been 20 years, and who cares about some brat? He's off to Find Obi-wan. He knows Obi-wan. Also, Obi-wan doesn't say he does not remember the droids, he says he does not remember 'owning any droids.' He's being very Jedi in what he says - he doesn't know what R2 is going to tell him. In fact Obi-wan has to convince R2 to play the message in front of Luke later on. R2 is on a mission, and he has generally be very focused on his objectives. I will admit that the whole Clone Wars season 6 bit of R2 going with Yoda to Dagobah was silly... BUT, this is during the Clone Wars, so it may little bearing on R2's impression of another Tridactyl green muppet on Dagobah two+ decades later. Who knows, maybe R2's questions about 'why are we going to Dagobah?' are because he'd been there, and knew it was a not so droid friendly planet... I think that R2's observation are limited enough that he is not the plot hole you are making him out to be.
  9. Seriously. Hire anyone, someone with limited web design experience, a box turtle who once used a UNIVAC... I don't care. Just hire ANYONE and maintain your "Upcoming" page. It has products that have been out in stores listed as "Still on the boat." It's never accurate, never trustworthy... it's a crying shame. Once upon a time it was reliable... but it has not been in quite some moons. Fix your ****.
  10. All I can say is that the X-34 is a gorgeous model, very detailed. Lots of bits. I magnetized my gunners so that I can remove them if I decide to not take them (it turned out wonderfully). I am very eager to paint this little speeder...
  11. Honestly, that is good to know. I value expert opinion and experience - it helps me learn. So I feel more educated. Still wish they'd find some way of reducing the amount of waste - it feels awful tossing all of that material in the recycle bin, and I'd feel even worse if I didn't have a recycle bin. The idea of just tossing all that plastic and cardstock in the rubbish is just awful.
  12. This is true too... so, that means that at least some part of the die is changed between the large ships and the squad packs.
  13. Yep. Same dimensions... which is also a huge amount of wasted space for the Sith Infiltrator as well... I thought the ship packaging in 1.0 was wasteful - 2.0 eclipses it in waste.
  14. I love the idea behind the new Squadron packs. 3 Ships for the price of 2 is wonderful, a great starter for a new faction - and a fluffy way to expand the game. BUT I hate the new packaging - it is huge, empty, and wasteful. Someone needs to do some serious package design work - you can cut the material on these down to a quarter of their current amount, and at least half the size if not smaller. The plastic from Guardians of the republic was insane. The ships fit in an area 1" deep, by 6 wide and 3 high. The plastic they are held in is 2.75" deep, 8" wide and 9" high. (The box is almost 4" deep because the cards and cardboard are kept separate below the plastic insert... more wasted space.) If the cardboard inserts were resized, you could make a package that was half the size - and the plastic could be designed to go over the redesigned cardboard, cards, and bases. I recycle all of my material - but this is crazy. Curb your packaging!
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