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  1. What about dropping ID on one Soldier to get an Ion Pulse missile? Might help out against a EU large base ship that could out-fly your swarm.
  2. I flew this in the last tournament I played. It was a lot of fun! Rex w/ Ion Cannon is really useful as you can negate the extra green dice at range 3 and possibly stick an ion token on someone, then K-turn behind them and open up with your primary. You can also use his ability to flip the damage from the Ion Cannon if they don't have any shields. The Howl mini-swarm helps take some fire off Rex and can really put a hurt on low-agility targets. Rexler Brath (37) Predator (3) Ion Cannon (3) "Howlrunner" (18) Obsidian Squadron Pilot (13) Obsidian Squadron Pilot (13) Obsidian Squadron Pilot (13) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  3. You have a few free points, why not up Tactician to Rebel Captive? I would think it would kick in more often than Tactician, and can let you stress multiple targets a turn.
  4. K4 Security Droid works well with any of the Scum HWK pilots, but really fits thematically with Dace Bonearm, as in the extended universe stories Dace sometimes worked with IG-72, an assassin droid similar to the IG-88 series. The K4 droid would be a good stand-in for 72. Jan Ors crew is good thematically for Rebels as she was an intelligence / undercover agent and the HWK was often used for missions like that. Plus her ability to get an Evade token on the HWK or another ship that couldn't normally is always useful.
  5. Why not just give the Defender a special title that gives it a 2nd cannon slot at -3pts cost for the equipped cannon? Then you can get a Delta Defender w/ Tractor + Ion for 31pts. 32 if you need the MKII engine.
  6. How about Intelligence Agent on the WSF? That way, if you may not have a shot, you can at least get an idea if you can barrel roll the WSF somewhere to troll-block one of the opponent's ships.
  7. List 2, definitely. Everyone is PS2, which helps for movement. They have nearly identical dials, which helps for coordinating formation flying. It's also 15 red dice of firepower, which is on the high end, and everyone has at least 2 or 3 green dice to help weather some fire going in.
  8. I'd drop Dark Curse down to an Obsidian to afford PTL on Jax.
  9. The new meta will fall to the glorious Empire the same way all the previous ones have: TIE swarms The Original meta since Wave 1!
  10. Cobra Commander really needs to be pushing forward with Kavil. His extra green dice at range 3 is irrelevant when you're getting pounded by TLTs or HLCs. Keep him at range 1 throwing 5 reds instead. Kavil needs a better gun than the Blaster turret. It requires him to Focus every round and he can't even use it to modify his dice. Give him an Autoblaster turret instead, so he can throw a possible 3 unblockable hits. Use those 2 points for either Glitterstim on Cobra or a Seismic on Kavil to help clear out swarms. Latts is a great support ship, and he's loaded out about perfect. I flew against a very similar list in a tournament, but it had N'Dru in place of Kavil. It worked very well for my opponent.
  11. I agree with RC that Jax at least needs some sort of mod. Since he's going to spend a good bit of time at range 1 to make use of his ability, autothrusters might not be as useful as a hull/shield. I would definitely go with at least a stealth device. If you're using the Ion Cannon, I would highly recommend also getting the Rebel Captive. That way, if someone shoots your shuttle and gets stressed, you can hit them with the Ion and they'll have to spend 2 turns to clear the stress. Also, maybe consider upgrading one of the TIEs to Dark Curse or Backstabber. They're cheap but can really help draw some fire away from Jax.
  12. I feel like an Ion Cannon Scyk is an excellent use of 19pts in just about any Scum list.
  13. Actually, I think this is an excellent list. I've had good luck with a WSF without the Outrider title. Between the excellent dial and the barrel roll, you'll be able to get that HLC on-target most of the time. The TLT Y-wing makes a great secondary target as well, being able to hit just about anything that dodges the WSF. Finally, a swarm of 3 Z95s will put the hurt on if they get close, and make good blockers as well. Considering the list has 30HP to chew through, with 22 of those behind 2 green dice, I think it has a lot going for it.
  14. Scimitar Squadron Pilot (16) Extra Munitions (2) Ion Pulse Missiles (3) Proximity Mines (3) Total: 24 Gives you some ion control options as well as unblockable damage potential.
  15. How about instead of Cracken, you run Blount with VI? That way you can give him an Adv. Homing Missile for the guaranteed crit. Then toss Lone Wolf on Luke since he's not tied to the Z. Gives you 7 points to play with. Maybe Flechette torps on Luke/Poe and a Hull on Blount?
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