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  1. Turns out I just needed to read a bit further...As the module progresses it explains it's in "The far spin ward and galactic east reaches of the outer rim, joined to the Corellian run by the much lesser known diophos spur" **Now the Diophos spur has no reference except for the module, but there are only 4 recorded spindles that intersect with the Correllian Run in the Outer Rim section. So unfortunately for my PCs who just went through some pretty hefty battles recently... it's pretty close to tatooine... I do wish that if FFG is going to get specific in mentioning Hyperplanes that they give us a sector too. **pardon my nerdiness, the galaxy map is what sucked me into the RPG in the first place...
  2. So, I'm currently in the middle of running a Knight Level campaign, and just picked up the new Module book Chronicles of the Gatekeeper. Up until now, I've been able to use actual reference via the Star Wars Galaxy map to clue my PCs into where they physically are in the galaxy...because I use their light speed travel for a lot of house keeping and usually breaks in the sessions. But Arbooine, the new planet...is obviously not on the galaxy map(that I'm aware of)...and my characters are currently on Tatooine. First question... is where in the outer rim is Arbooine? (I'm cool with a close landmark) 2nd... how do the rest of you handle the physical locations of new/uncharted planets in your campaigns?
  3. Yeah it does! Thanks! The "combat only happens at Dawn/dusk" finally clicked when you said it... We were initiating combat immediately when a hunter enters drac's city.
  4. The new deck was created to balance the game... the money men at FFG probably decided that they don't want to print and package individual decks...and it's going to ruin the work of the designers and play testers. It's very well known that the OP makes decisions without consulting Alex and Frank....and this I suspect is another one...much like the FFG mat debacle. This is such a cop out decision. Just PRINT DECKS INDIVIDUALLY! and require the new deck! It's going to save the game from having to reboot!
  5. Picked up the game today, and played a quick learner with my buddy... We had a couple (few) questions... To start the game...First location, does Dracula put down an encounter card? Combat questions Dracula is revealed at a location during the day. Battle ensues... and Hunter ends combat. Switching to night... Does the hunter get to attack again? If another hunter comes to that location, do BOTH join in combat? In combat, does Dracula's effect... affect only the "engaged" opponent, or does he deal damage to both? After combat, Dracula is still revealed on city with two people... Does the progression of the trail continue and Dracula "disappears" and moves to an adjacent city? Does he attack? Love the game so far!
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