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  1. That depends on whether you game/GM is allowing for an alternate history of events or is maintaining absolute cannon the denies any possibility of change.
  2. That was ASN-121, a modified ASN Courier Droid (see http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/ASN-121). The Arakyd Recon Remote is a different beast. I’m still searching for a good picture of one. Similar to the ones Maul used in phantom menace?
  3. I am pretty sure it wasn't operable as well... but as I said, it's not totaly clear. I watched the scene through, stopping it right at the hit and putting it on slow foraward, the Droid/remote drops back behind Obiwan in an downward arc. It doesn't show it clearly enough to know how intact it was, but it wasn't blown up/blow to smithereens, So it is/was hard to say. Ever tried holding onto something that was hit by something else at High velocity? say like even a baseball bat fully swung? Also, at another point, the Remote Smacked into a Wall nearly divesting itself of Obiwan, Sparks flew, but the remote seemed undamaged. I think 2P51 is giving a good figure to go with. Though There are SIL 0 Races as well but no one/nothing gets any bonuses to defense just because they are moving. (Though I personally as a GM think they should) You only get set back Dice if the target is 2 or more size categories smaller than you. soooo RAW that would be argued against.
  4. Yes, I don't have any problems with one being one shot with a rifle, and the possibility of it with most blasters. though with some successes needed. But not necessarily with a hand held weapon Though with that scene, it happens so fast that it is unclear as to whether the remote was destroyed, or just that the impact caused Obi wan to Let go, and the remote zipped away behind him. the Image is dark and the droid/remote is shadowed after the hit.
  5. Because if you don't have the discretion to handle this situation without an explanation, you won't have the discretion to handle much else. There you go OP, if you had to ask this question, you apparently can't handle much else. At least according to this guy. Not at all. I assumed the OP was new at this, which makes it a valid question. Probably the most important point people have made is "use common sense". Players are often pretty loud about how they want to game the system, and presumably the OP is capable of learning this, adjusting to it, using their own judgement, and putting their foot down when necessary. If this is a valid question, then the rules would be improved by addressing the question explicitly and only supports what I've said above; The inclusion of a simple paragraph that clarifies that things that are not explicitly disallowed by the rules may still be disallowed. If it's as critical to playing this game as so many here are claiming, then it bears mention in the rules. This isn't codification, and it wouldn't take 300 pages. It's simply clarification and would be a major quality-of-life improvement for a lot of GMs. Who here is arguing *against* common sense!? Or even arguing, or even insisting, that every situation be codified. I certainly never said that, and I don't ever recall reading that. Someone who would try to interpret what's been said here as "insisting every situation be codified" would seem to be similarly lacking in discretion... I personally think you both have valid points... First, if a GM needs a Specific statement saying something that is common sense isn't allowed in the game, then perhaps they ought not be Gming... and Likely the OP is New to this so it isn't exactly a Dumb question. (though I find it interesting that they haven't since responded since they posted the question) But, Yes, a Simple statement of advice to GMs(and players) at the beginning of the book helps Smack down those problem players who like to try to argue against common sense just because it isn't explicitly stated. I GM another game system which actually did this. (I happened to be part of the Alpha and Beta of the book creation and was there during the discussion of it addition to the book, For which I was on the For adding it side of he argument.) The Language that was eventually agreed upon was this. (Bold part ephasized for the point.) The point here being, that if the rules don't state it, use common sense and likely that which is not in favor of the Players benefit is likely the case.
  6. The Arakyd Recon remote doesn't give any Idea how durable it is. If some one shoots/swings at it and hits it, are you jsut going to say it was destroyed, regardless of whether it is hit with a combat dagger, hold out blaster or Heavy Rifle? I would prefer not to go that route, So looking for suggestions on what others might recommend on its WT and or Soak value? The one Obi Wan "rode" through the air in Coruscant seemed pretty durable.
  7. Ahh, But isn't that part of what Light and Darkside points are for. Could not the GM simply turn over a Darkside point or two and declare that something happened to save Darth Vadar from some Lucky shot? That wouldn't really be against the rules... It would suck if the GM used such a method to Kill the players, But I don't think it should be taken askance to save a Big Bad from a Lucky shot. And the players have the same option with light side points to save themselves yes? At least, I would allow such use of Light and darkside points at my own table.
  8. I personally very much Dislike this option. I very much disliked that they did that with the Current 3 core books instead of Making a Core Player/GM Rule book and then doing some Player Based books for the general areas of Edge/AOR/F&D. Like some one else pointed out, by the time they are done? What will the total Retail value of everything be for these three, just counting Core and Career Books? I don't mind paying for what I enjoy and Play, but there is a Point where I feel it is more just gouging the player base. One of the reasons I hated D&D 3.X, that and I very much disliked the game itself. But it just became a series of Splat books just to Squeeze more money out of the players.
  9. Cutting down droids left and right is different than cutting down living beings, and that is what we mostly saw was jedi cutting down Droids. In other instances, they avoided it when they could, but when dozens of FLying buy people are trying to kill you and your friends... there are going to be a few casualties. Though the Majority I saw were either force pushed/knocked out or had a blaster shot reflected into them which didn't neccessarily mean they were killed. Anikin on the other hand did Kill a few of those flying bugs... but then he had just recently come from slaying a whole tribe of Tuskan raiders, children and all, and was on his way to the darkside of the end justifies the means. So we can hardly hold up his example as being typical.
  10. I think we won't see prior Era Books until Disney has had their Say. Like Many licenses similar to these, the Ip holder often gets a review and say in what is published. I that the "Era" covered is what Disney has given the go ahead to use at this time. I do not think, Considering the History wipe Disney did upon purchasing the star wars IP, that they are going to give any go ahead on any Previous Era until they have had a chance to possibly "milk" them with a story/movie, rather than let some one else define the eras before they can. All the EU stuff prior to Disney May or May not, at some time, get their blessing as they see fit to use it. So, for myself, If I want to use a previous Era, I will detail it myself using the EU material and not care what Disney or FFG eventually produces... as My Game will be a different history than everyone elses anyway in most likely hood. The 3 core books really give the basis of what is needed. Expand from that as you see fit, Does that mean I don't want to see more Location supplements and Such? of course not. I will take everything I can get and add it in to my own as I see fit. less work for me as a GM. I just don't see Era supplements coming from FFG anytime in the foreseeable future.
  11. I could see it woring against a Single opponent. Having a sustained effect. Maneuver in t engage, Action strike, spend strain to maneuver back out of engaged. Thus keeping them hidden, as long as the Opponent hasn't succeeded in countering it with an opposed check or other.
  12. I always viewed that scene as a poorly edited scene.. it looked more glitched than like they moved.
  13. Thanks, I had tried Wookieepedia and wasn't finding the drid coordinates.. but I may have missed something there.
  14. Can anyone help me find the planet Commenor on the Galactic map? Also Looking for the planet Zygerria or the Chorlian sector.
  15. FYI Roll20 dice app does not translate Star Wars FFG dice results, So you either have to convert to SW dice results yourself. Or use an outside App to roll, which then dice rolls aren't rolled in public so you end up with the honor system anyway. PHP, rpol.net site, their dice roll does have a SW FFG dice roller, so you get the results in the SW format. I have thought, if I ran a Face to face Game online, I would use rpol's site for dice rolling. But then I use the virtual table top (free) Maptools, in which macros can be easily created to produce the dice results.
  16. I think it should be what ever you want it to be. I mean it's not like your following any canon in the historical sense, so it doesn't need to match anything he might have had before... and as far as anyone can tell from the movies, other than color, all the sabers sem to do exactly the same thing... so What ever ya like.
  17. I use Maptools for my Online face to face games. I was not happy with the map maker in Roll20, which maptools does much better. The problem with Fantasy grounds is the buy in. Witht he excellent free options out there, like Roll20 and Maptools and the like, Fantasy grounds (which I had purchased a single license for years ago) jsut doesn't seem a viable option for the money anymore. Not that it isn't a good product.
  18. I see the Two lightsaber things, both in the Clone wars and the game, as the Faddish thing to do. It' was Kewl!! So everyone wanted to have a Jedi that did it. It was the Drizzt Do'Urden effect from the early days of AD&D. Everyone wanted to have a Drow that wielded two swords. I can see this as easily becoming the OP Must Be abilities of the game. To me, anything that becomes a must have in the game is something that is broken. Lightsabers are already powerful in and of themselves. Two of them becomes killer. Adding talents that makes wielding two of them even More Powerful? Just becomes OP. People already complain about the Gunslinger being OP. A two Lightsaber Talent tree will make duel wielding Sabers a God-mode. Sabers can already Duel wield without special tree... I think right now, I will personally avoid adding house ruled special talents for them.
  19. I warn My players up front, If it loos like a Bad situation, and you try to stick it out to claim a victory over a foe you should have run from, I will not hold back, expect Character deaths. Now had you sundered the saber? I would have had them obtain something as back up, Maybe not a Lightsaber, but some weapon. Or In this system, I may even Flip a Destiny Point to Save the Saber in some way. THat is Fair use, as Players have and Will do similar things with Destiny points to save their butts.
  20. There are Many Species with a Will of 3 but that do not claim any special resistance to manipulations of the force. But the FFG Description of Toydarians says Specifically "They are Completely immune to manipulations by the force." For me that is very clear, even if the actual play affect is left up to the GM.
  21. yes, When does the game play? day/Time?
  22. The page 258 reference, I would assume is using the Airlock Docking clamps. So determine whether your frieghter has 1 or 2 docking clamps and that is how many snub fighters could reasonably "piggyback" through a hyperspace jump. Though technically, a X-wing would be able to do their own jumps.
  23. RIght got Owen confused with lars.. so Owen is his step brother in law.
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