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  1. "If two units are engaged and a game effect removes one or more trays from one of those units such that those units are no longer engaged, the unit that did not have any trays removed may close in" Say I've got 2x2 Reanimates frontally engaged with 2x1 spear men and a worm engaged in the rear of the lone spearmen tray. The reanimates attack at initiative 4 and cases the rear spearman tray that's engaged with the worm to be removed. Does the worm get to close in and attack with its initiative 5 attack?
  2. How thick are the trays in mm?
  3. These guys make custom 3D terrain for a various number of games that fit the official dimensions I just submitted a request to them for making terrain to rune wars. If all of you do the same I'm sure they'll make it https://combatzone-scenery.co.uk/epages/e25b18fb-c32b-422a-8493-a8baeb0f1a17.mobile/?ObjectPath=/Shops/e25b18fb-c32b-422a-8493-a8baeb0f1a17
  4. I'd really like the dimensions of the terrain templates.
  5. That would be awesome man! id like to get started on planing on what terrain to get this weekend.
  6. Thanks for this! Would you by any chance be able to scan the four terrain cards also? that would make my weekend.
  7. Fantastic! any chance you could scan the deployment and objective cards aswell?
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