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  1. The sense of entitlement is hilarious
  2. You're threading the eye of a needle somewhat there. Not casual enough to use the quick build cards but too casual to use the many list builders, hmmm.......
  3. I think they'll definitely be less than 23 points, because if they weren't - you'd not need the 2-8 ship limit rule at all. The very fact that rule was added means FFG are planning on a <23 pt generic - and Vultures are the most obvious ship to be that.
  4. Personally if i were first player i'd rather just use Demolisher to trash Yavaris then bugger off. Don't give away 50 pts that way and bombers aren't nearly as damaging when they don't get to double tap.
  5. Rules should be inspired by the canon, but canon should not dictate all rules. Simply because if it did, it'd be a completely **** game.
  6. Don't let the door hit you in the arse on the way out
  7. My main disappointment is the release date of Q3. I was hoping that FFG would be reducing their announcement-to-release gap to a single quarter, but it's just as long as ever. Gotta assume the 1 quarter slip (as every FFG release has slipped recently) which means a year between releases. Which is just too long and is a detriment to maintaining a healthy player base IMO. I fully expect a further couple of releases to be added to Wave 3 mind, i don't think it'll just be these 2 expansions.
  8. Yes. It matters in an LCG as they'd be shuffled into your deck, and the slight change in manufacturing could be spotted on the back of the card, potentially allowing you know which card is on the top of your deck for example. Makes no difference whatsoever for Armada ofc. Apart from trolling your TO maybe
  9. I love the internet. 2 threads next to each other, 1 exclaiming that raiders are trash and the other that a 4 raiders list is unbeatable.
  10. I said box, not bag. In the box there's 6 pieces of foam. The photo at the top of the page is the give-away. For the bag they added the squadron foam as the bag is bigger than the box. Your suggestion wouldn't allow everything to fix in the box.
  11. Actually if you study the layout of the MC30 foam tray, you can see that there is one room for the two bases, which obviously would be stacked on top of each other, as the foam tray is like 40mm tall. That means that if all the "silly" squadrons rooms was removed, there should be more than suficient space, for two base rooms = 4x bases, four MC30 rooms + at least one if not two rooms for dials tokes and stuff. After all there was room for two CRV90 and Two Neb-b's and bases in one tray that was half as tall, imagine if they had made that tray 40mm tall, enabling stacking of the bases, then there would have been space for their tokes and dials too. Likewise goes for the Raider tray, where the size of four raiders are even smaller than four MC30's. But again valuable space is wasted on squadron rooms. They could have done that, but then they'd have had no room in the Wave 2 box for the wave 2 squadrons ! A 7th piece of foam for the squadrons wouldn't have fit into the box.
  12. You get 2 x the large base foam, so 4 x large bases total, as you can see on the first photo. It's just as I only have 1 of each large ship, once i started putting ships into the foam the 2nd one got moved to the side
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