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  1. The standard 75 minutes is ignored for this mode. It was at player request that we reduced the time per player as much as we did since most felt after the first round that it really didn't affect their gameplay as much as they thought it would. If anything, it just kept them on pace and less likely to get lost in thought, which IMO tends to happen to some people more than they like to admit instead calling it being "methodical", "meticulous" or other descriptors. It seems like the presence of a clock was more the issue than the clock ticking away from what I saw for some. Unfortunately I cannot be sure if that was the issue for some, or the fact it was Saturday and this was not the best event to be grinding tickets since Sunday most would be doing the FCQ. There was a few more two ship lists than normal, but mostly the usual lists you would see at any tourney. I would recommend trying it out at least once with whatever normal list you run for other extended/hyperspace events.
  2. *Mostly copypasta and some additions to what I have posted elsewhere on the webs* I was the judge covering this one. It was very well received, but I expect it to not be as popular as some formats since some just found managing the clock offputting and only stuck around for one game. Others got a kick out of the added twist. Aces High was the run away success for the weekend without question. People were hopping into impromptu Aces High pods all Saturday. Between that and having a limit of 32 seats, it didn't really get a chance to shine. We did 3 official rounds. First under the rules as presented. Second round we lowered the time allotted to 25 minutes per player since the majority were finishing their games with 28-32 minutes remaining with one exception (an inferno squadron at around ~9 minutes). For the remaining rounds, said player still finished with around 7-9 minutes remaining. No one timed out during these rounds. I could see going 20 minutes or lower would work best within the rules as posted. Afterwards we did one more round to see if we could break it in some way. We planned on removing the part about pausing the clock while moving and changed the timer back to 40 minutes. One pair of players with inferno squadron and TradeFeds w/SunFac decided to go with 30 minutes instead. We finally had a timeout on the Inferno Squad with ~10ish minutes remaining on a lone Sun Fac with one hull remaining. You can find pictures of the rules on most of the facebook groups for whatever podcasts. It essentially works as follows: Once a player has dials down (no picking back up), the clock starts on the other. As long as you are on a decision step, be it rolling dice, choosing actions, choosing mods, etc... the clock is running on you. Yes, this leads to some rapid clicking back and forth during some steps. Both players are responsible for keeping the clock going on the correct person. The clock stops at the end step.
  3. Want one last shot at securing a seat at the 2019 X-Wing World Championship? Not attending 2019 Worlds and want to get a head start on securing a seat at the 2020 X-Wing World Championship? Join us in Springfield, IL on October 11-13 for Central Illinois’ only Hyperspace Trial for Season 2 of 2019. Choose either October 11th(Friday) or 12th(Saturday) for your qualifying flight. Top 16 will be on Sunday. Register by October 4 before entry goes up. https://www.facebook.com/events/404812343544870/
  4. Just what I know in USA: Grand Championship at NOVA Open World Championship Grand Championship at WarFaire Weekend
  5. I think Game Nite is where they play on Mondays. Check their local facebook group for more info... https://www.facebook.com/groups/StlXwingalliance/
  6. Just to mess with people. Nothing else meaningful that can be put there.
  7. Pair A Dice Games facebook page is streaming it Wave XI announced
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