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  1. Gaming for a Good Cause 22 May 2015, 9:15am 100 point X-Wing tournament 300 point Epic X-Wing tournament 2B Munro Street, Hawthorn East Entry $30, with 100% of entry donated to charity The Monday Knights wargames club are proud to present Gaming for a Good Cause, a very special tournament event. This will be a day of fast and fun gaming in a relaxed atmosphere, with 100% of entrance fees raising money for a charity very close to our hearts. This event will feature two X-Wing tournaments: a standard event, and an Epic X-Wing tournament. It will be held at the Auburn Bowls Club, at 2B Munro Street, Hawthorn East, on Sunday 22 May. Entrants to the standard tournament should bring 100 point fleets, and will play four rounds, of one and half hours each. The Fantasy Flight Games tournament rules will be used, available from their website. But due to time constraints there will not be a cut to the top. Instead, the winner will be chosen based on scores after round four. If at the end of the event two players are tied in score, then margin of victory will be used to decide the winner. If it's still a tie, the scores of their respective opponents will be counted to determine who fought the "harder" tournament. If that is also a tie, then the winner will be chosen based on who had used fewer points in their squad creation. If that also results in a tie, players will be asked to sing the Swedish national anthem, with a winner chosen by popular vote. If that doesn't work, we'll dice for it. For the Epic X-Wing tournament, players should bring 300 point fleets, with up to 5 epic points. The event will use the standard Fantasy Flight Games Epic tournament rules, available in PDF from their website. It will be three rounds, of two and half hours. Countback in the event of a tie will mirror that above for the standard tournament. Both events will begin at 9:30, with players asked to arrive at least as early as 9:15 for registration. Players are also asked to please email the organiser, Tyler Jefferson, before the day to let him know you'll be coming, and which tournament you'll be playing in. This is so that tables can be setup in the right numbers on the day. Emailing a week or more in advance would be extremely helpful. The address is absolutelyaveragewargamer@gmail.com Entry is $30, payable in cash on the day. 100% of all entry money will be donated to the Parent Project MD, a charity that funds research into Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Duchenne muscular dystrophy is the most common fatal genetic disorder diagnosed in childhood. It occurs across all races and cultures. Duchenne results in progressive loss of strength. The progressive muscle weakness leads to serious medical problems, particularly issues relating to the heart and lungs. Young men with Duchenne typically live into their late 20s. Although there are medical treatments that may help slow its progression, there is currently no cure for Duchenne. However, new breakthroughs could improve quality of life and significantly extend potential life expectancy. Now is a crucial time in the research into this condition, which is what the Parent Project MD are funding. This charity has been chosen in honour of our friend and member, Fredrick Bergstrom, and his brave son Leo. You can learn more about this condition and the fight to end it here: www.parentprojectmd.org Because the Auburn Bowls Club is a licensed venue and alcohol will be on sale throughout the day, any players under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a legal guardian. We hope to see you there on the day, rolling dice for a good cause!
  2. Finally got my hands on the Rebel Death Orca of Doom, aka the Space Whale, aka the Space Guppy, aka the Deathwhale, aka the Doomwhale, aka Free Deathy, aka the Assault Frigate Mark 2. Played one game with it against a relatively new Imperial player and got a win. Doomwhale and Friends (298 of 300 pts) Flagship: The Doomwhale of Doom (138 pts) Assault Frigate Mark II B (72 pts) Mon Mothma (30 pts) Flight Controllers (6 pts) Enhanced Armament (10 pts) Electronic Counter Measures (7 pts) Expanded Hangar Bay (5 pts) Gallant Haven (8 pts) Fleet Ship 1: Flipper (64 pts) CR90 Corvette A (44 pts) Leia Organa (3 pts) Enhanced Armament (10 pts) Electronic Counter Measures (7 pts) Squadrons (96 of 100 pts): 2x A-Wing Squadron (22 pts) 2x X-Wing Squadron (26 pts) 2x Y-Wing Squadron (20 pts) 2x B-Wing Squadron (28 pts) Objectives: Advanced Gunnery Hyperspace Assault Intel Sweep I wonder if having the Doomwhale equipped as both a carrier and a combat ship is maybe a waste of points. Too many eggs in the one basket, perhaps. In practice, I spent most of the game concentrating fire or repairing, and only used a squadron command once. Gallant Haven never got used at all. Any thoughts, ideas, or comments on the mating patterns of aquatic mammals as they pertain to Armada?
  3. The Monday Knights wargaming club are proud to present a three round, 300 point Star Wars Armada tournament. When: 26th July 2015. Setup and registration at 9:00am, game one to start at 9:30am Where: Auburn Bowls Club, 2B Munro Street, Hawthorn East. Near Auburn train station, and the 70 and 75 trams. Fleets should be 300 points. All ships, squadrons and cards from the core set and the wave 1 expansions are legal. Players are asked to please email the organiser, Tyler Jefferson, in advance of the event at absolutelaveragewargamer@gmail.com, to let him know that you’re coming, and whether you’ll be using a Rebel or Imperial fleet. There will be a $15 entry fee, payable on the day. Prizes will be awarded for the following: First place Second place Third place ‘Baron of the Empire’, for the highest placed Monday Knight ‘Hero of the Rebellion’ for the highest placed non-Monday Knight ‘Giant Killer’ for the most points of ships killed by squadrons ‘Bloody’ for the most points lost to his opponents ‘Navigator’ for the most damage taken from obstacles These prizes are made possible by our sponsors, who have kindly provided gift vouchers for our prize winners: Joe Dodgy’s Dice and Games, www.joedodgy.com.au Zepnix Games, www.zepnix.com Gatekeeper Games, www.ggcompanies.wix.com/gatekeepergames Games Laboratory, www.gameslaboratory.com.au PDF of the flyer attached, which I've made up to place in all the gaming stores around Melbourne. But it's basically the same info as in this post. Flyer.pdf
  4. If the Rebel player isn't using most or all of the table, they lose.
  5. Tried to do a shading wash, but unfortunately the plastic wouldn't take it. Odd that the normal paints worked fine, it the wash wouldn't. For that, you would have to base coat them with spray paint and paint them fully from scratch. Not what I was looking to do. I'll take some pics of them in action tomorrow.
  6. Also customised one of my corvettes a bit, just for variety's sake. My group is playing our first games tomorrow afternoon. I'm hoping to have all the X-Wings painted by then. The Tie fighters I may not have time for.
  7. Yes, freehand. I paint historical miniatures for a lot of different games, mostly Napoleonics and WW2, so I had the paints and the practice.
  8. Did a very quick and simple job of painting some X-Wings. Took little time or effort, and is I think quite effective at arm's length on the table.
  9. Hey, thanks for posting this. The idea of printing off "cheat sheets" hadn't occurred to me, though it should have. Good one. As for what we're doing, one member of my gaming club is hosting a BBQ on Saturday, the day after release. A retailer, who is also a member of our club, will be bringing down our pre-ordered core sets, and a bunch of extras for anyone who wants to buy one. We'll play a bunch of 180 point games. I'm going to print out a few copies of the three pages you mentioned and hand them around on the day. Again, good thought.
  10. Welcome to our first group in Australia! On the list anyway. So if I were to format your group the same as the others on the list, would it be "Hawthorn East, Melbourne, Victoria"? Not being from Australia I'm not sure if your addresses are super specific or if you're listing multiple cities. Get back to me please and I'll edit the post. Ah, sorry for the confusion. We're an open group of gamers, a club. Just the one location. Hawthorn is a suburb of the city of Melbourne, in the state of Victoria. There's a bar that didn't have any customers on Monday nights, so they agreed to let us take over one night a week. A few of our members have RSA licences (responsible service of alcohol) so we volunteer to run the bar for the club. The bar makes money from us having a few beers with our games. We get a great venue at no cost. We have a club tradition that if you beat someone, you buy them a beer. You either win, or drink free. Either way, you're not really losing. I hope I'm not the only Aussie on the forum. The Monday Knights have a good sized membership, but we always welcome new players.
  11. I play a lot of different tabletop wargames, and I'm used to pushing several hundred Napoleonic era soldiers around a tabletop. X-Wing and Armada are already "travel" sized games, as far as I'm concerned.
  12. After lurking for quite some time, I'm signing up to say that the Monday Knights wargaming club, in Hawthorn East, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, have quite a few members really excited about Armada. We'll be playing friendly games at our weekly Monday night club meets, as well as occasionally on weekends, and attending the local tournaments once that gets started. In fact, one of our "pet" retailers, who gives our members a discount and always takes care of us, has arranged to bring a bunch of core sets, including all our preorders, to a BBQ at a member's house on Saturday the 28th, the day after release. We'll be opening boxes and learning the rules as we go. Any Melbourne based Armada players should check out our club website, including forum for arranging games: www.mondayknights.org.au
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