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  1. Two of the biggest barriers to "Fly Casual" that we found in my play group were the following: 1. Due to FFG's exhaustive FAQing around, there is an extreme disparity between printed card text and "official" card text. 2. Tournament/WAAC players wanting join our campaign games, but refusing to check their Tournament/WAAC mentality at the door. We solved these both these issues rather simply... The card does what the card says. Biggs always works. The Jumpmaster has torps and a droid. Palp works the way he reads. Deadeye can be on a large ship. Tournament players no longer want to play with us for fear of confusing themselves, and no one has to worry about "do I have the latest interpretation of the card I'm holding in my hand". Makes it so much easier on everyone.
  2. Well, now that Sub-Factions are a thing, we very well could see FFG releasing Sep/Rep units as Subfactions. Heck, it could be that the Resistance is actually a break off of the Rebellion with Separatist sympathizers at the helm...
  3. Got a Tourney coming up in a few weeks, and I'm having trouble choosing a list. My two top picks are: List #1 - Screed's Interceptors (297/300) Strategy: Slow Roll the Victory and Unnamed Gladiator while Demolisher flanks. Victory 1 - Screed - Wulff - Assault Missiles - XI7 Turbolasers Gladiator 1 - Assault Missiles - Engine Techs - Demolisher Gladiator 1 - Assault Missiles Squadrons - Interceptor - Interceptor - Advanced List #2 - Screed's Aces (300/300) Strategy: All units fly tight formation with Rhymer-Ball in between the two capitals and head straight for the Enemy Flagship. One huge Wrecking Ball of Pain. Victory 1 - Screed - Assault Missiles - XI7 Turbolasers Victory 1 - Expanded Hangers - Assault Missiles - XI7 Turbolasers - Flight Controllers Squadrons - Soontir - Rhymer - Advanced - Advanced - Advanced - Advanced - Bomber Meta in the area is Squadron Lite, with a bias in favor of Imperials/Gladiators. I'm expecting a lot of Mirror Matches. Most lists are 300 even with a strong preference to go second. (Therefore, List #1 would go first in most matches, List #2 would be a 50/50) Thoughts? Suggestions? Constructive Criticism?
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