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  1. Looks like you've already got a lot of good answers, but yeah - the base game does get pretty easy once you get used to it. There are some house rules you can play with that help bump the difficulty a bit until you get one of the expansions - my wife and I used these until we got our first expansion Dunwich Horror (rules from: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/373807/house-rules-richard-lanius): * Two monsters per gate in a game of 4 or more (instead of 5) * Keep gates flipped until you go through them If you're looking to make the game harder - Innsmouth is definitely a good expansion to go for. We lost a couple times to Dagon and Hydra after a pretty decent winning streak, so I'd definitely recommend trying that if it seems like the game is getting too easy for you.
  2. Thanks for the session report Julia - I love vicariously playing through others when I can't get in my Arkham fix over the weekend. Getting up to 8 doom without a single seal is a bit of a tough spot, but a tough spot always makes it more satisfying when the board leaves you that opening to make your move. Glad someone is out there snatching victories away from the AOs.
  3. Thanks Tibs and Julia - we ended up going with the base game+Lurker (mainly because it's one of our newer expansions and we haven't gotten to play with it enough), but we're hoping we can get them interested in playing again and if so, we'll probably start playing through these scenarios. The game was pretty tame - we drew Azathoth with Norman, Ursula, Tommy, and Jacqueline. I don't think anyone ended up unconscious or insane the whole time and the Reckoning deck was kind. (Our last two games with Lurker devoured a total of 4 characters, so I was kind of disappointed Norman, who took a pact first thing didn't end up in more serious trouble. I think Avi's league has corrupted my sense of 'fun' in Arkham ).
  4. Whoops - posting from phone and stuff went screwy. We have some friends coming over who have agreed to join our madness and visit Arkham for the first time. We're trying to decide which expansions we should play with. Does anybody have any good ideas for how best introduce new players who might be kind of competitive when you've got all the expansions? We're thinking of adding in Lurker because it seems easy enough and doesn't add too many rules but can add some danger when people make too many pacts.
  5. We have some friends that have finally agreed to try a round of Atkham...
  6. Ah, that explains it - I'd heard the allies were stronger in the original - didn't realize they were that much stronger though. Took a look at them and now it makes more sense - carrying over some of those would definitely be a stronger benefit than I realized.
  7. One question that might change up how we play next time - once Finn defaults on a loan, is he intended to be free to trade items again, even with the money laundering rules in place? I don't think we played this right - for some reason we were thinking a defaulted loan permanently left him unable to trade - so we paid the loan right away. It seemed pretty crippling to have someone with so much speed unable to help ship items around, but if it's only a temporary setback we'll probably just keep the cash next time. And another clarification that might be relevant as we continue through the segment - is Charlie Kane's carry over ally in place of his random draw or in addition to it? I figure that ally carry over works like item carry over in the previous segment, but if it's a second ally, he might be a more enticing character to play.
  8. Segment 1 Complete After a bit of a break from Arkham (so much Minecraft to catch up on), we returned to the scenarios this weekend. 3 games down and we're done with the first segment. Session reports: The Day of Deadly Delays (Scenario 5: Attempt 2) Our second attempt against the Darkness started out pretty positive in the equipment draws. We started with the same team and equipment as the previous attempt. Wendy started with a Press Pass and the Mi-go Brain Case carried over from last game. Jacqueline started with a Gladius of Carcosa carried over and drew a Military Motorcycle and Intervene - a spell to give +3 to Zoey when she needed it. Zoey didn't start with any carry overs, but drew Pallid Mask and a Seeker of the Yellow Sign. Mary had the other Gladius carried over from last game and also drew an Alchemical Process we never took advantage of. Our final team member was William, carrying over a Gate Box and drawing a couple revolvers and a Cryptozoology collection. On top of our carry-over items, a Press Pass, Pallid Mask and a motorcycle were all pretty solid additions to help out. Unfortunately, Wendy, our starting player, drew two madnesses to start. The first, Obsessed, left her unable to trade away the press pass or the Mi-go Brain Case. The second, Amnesia, left her unable to gain more than 4 clue tokens. So not only was she unable to dump the good items onto someone else, she also couldn't even use the press pass to be a useful team member while she was alive. We probably should have known with that start that it was going to be an uphill battle, but we carried on. Turn 1 had Wendy swapping places with Mary to get the Gladius to Zoey ASAP, and Jacqueline dropping the other Gladius off before heading off to Independence Square, where a gate to Another Time abruptly opened and drew her through. The next turn saw Wendy unexpectedly drawn through a gate to the Dreamlands and Jacqueline delayed. William was busy trying to trash his trophies on blessings before he had to fight them (last player), and Zoey spent some time shopping while Mary started trying to gather some clues. Wendy and Jacqueline, neither able to seal, were delayed another turn in the Outer World while Zoey got to work doing what she was born to do in this scenario - destroy monsters. Wendy and Jacqueline finally got back (Wendy with a new mania) and closed to get a few nasties off the board while Mary completed a set of clues to seal. By our seventh turn, we were at 8 doom and nothing to show except for Zoey being deputized. No seals were on the board yet, though Mary had enough clues and Jacqueline was in position to grab the other two she needed. Definitely way further behind than we could afford to be, but we carrying on, Mary jumped into R'lyeh prepared to seal, and Jacqueline went to the Science Building to complete her 5. Mary was abruptly lost in time and space in her first Outer World encounter. The next turn Wendy Mi-go'd away a monster from Witch House to let Jacqueline run through, but both of them drew monsters and were knocked Unconscious their first turns in City of the Great Race. William, with the help of the Patrol Wagon, gathered 5 clues and jumped into Witch House to try and do what the others had failed at. Unfortunately, where they simply went unconscious, he ended up continuously delayed. Wendy was finally consumed by madness at turn 10. Jacqueline and Mary both went for gates again and Norman joined the fight with Eltdown Shards as a random draw. He started going for some clue tokens and got ready to use the shards to try and buy more time, but it was far too late. Mary returned early, but took three attempts to finally get the seal around the same time William finally managed to find his way out of the City of the Great Race and also seal. Our first two seals on the board came at turn 13 with 11 doom on the board. Jacqueline was through and had two tries at adding a third seal, but then a monster found its way out of the gate and ate her before she could seal the deal. We scrambled for more clues, but it was obvious what was going to happen, and the Darkness finally put us out of our misery at the 14th turn. We decided to go back to Minecraft for a while to help numb the pain. The Stars Are Right (Scenario 5: Attempt 3) The next attempt the following morning finally gave us a decent opportunity to win. Same team and carry-overs, with the same order, this time Wendy started with a Lantern and Camoflauge skill (as if she wasn't sneaky enough), on top of the carried over brain case. Jacqueline had the Gladius carried over and Alchemical process, which we again never had a chance to use. Zoey pulled a Sword of Glory, which we quickly made obsolete with two Gladiuses. Mary, on top of the Gladius carried over, got Disguise, and Summon Shantak, both of which proved to be helpful for extra evading. William carried over the Gate Box again, and also a drew a Student Newspaper and a Motorcycle. He also drew an Elder Sign that was immediately discarded, but all considered, the starting equipment was still strong enough for a decent attempt as long as we managed to not end up with a Wendy that was unable to trade items the entire game. Wendy's first turn did draw a madness, but not one that hampered her trading ability - Delusions made her a bit less useful in the streets, but we weren't counting on her hanging around outside anyway. Instead of spending for blessings like last time, we decided to have William jump through as fast as possible - the student newspaper and a visit to the graveyard left him with 5ish clue tokens (3 of which were trophies that might fight back in a few turns). His encounter was to draw an extra monster trophy, giving him essentially 6 clues to jump through with. By turn two we had two people through gates again, but this time at least William could seal. Jacqueline had 5 clues and was through a third gate on turn 3. She had a bad encounter that forced her to spend clues before she got back, and William was delayed twice in the Abyss, leaving him there long enough to have to let one of his clue tokens run away from him rather than fight it, but the extra trophy from the Graveyard left him with enough to still put the first seal on the board at turn 6. During the 5th turn, our first of 3 Rumor cards showed up - "The Stars are Right". Luckily Jacqueline had met up with Anna Klaslow and discarded her immediately without having to resolve any extra mythos cards. Nothing incredibly useful showed up from all the common items the rumor left, but we got a pair of brass knuckles to hand over to Zoey as an extra bonus. With all the delays and Jacqueline unexpectedly unable to seal, we risked pushing Zoey through at the same time Wendy jumped through, even though she was our only person able to do anything about the monsters on the board. They both got back and sealed on turn 7 (making 3 seals), and William made a deal with the Dark Man of Wizard's Hill that turn, getting him ready to seal again. Jacqueline made another run at a gate, this time in the Woods, on turn 8 and immediately returned to Arkham with a somewhat lucky encounter. During her visit to Yuggoth, she encountered alien creatures that planted spores under her skin to change her. We never had to resolve it, but if 5 gates opened after that point, she would have been devoured. She sealed the turn she returned, with the help of the power of the spores. Unfortunately, at the same time, the second Rumor we saw popped, up and she was forced to spend her extra clues to cancel it (a double doomer - Endlessly Breeding). The replacement was a monster surge in the Woods, making her life much more complicated. Summon Shantak borrowed from Mary helped a lot though and that ended up not being an issue. By the tenth turn, we had Mary through the only remaining gate in Innsmouth (thanks to the Brain Case) with enough to seal, four seals on the board, and 9 doom. The last mythos ended up being another double doomer rumor (Virulent Disease), leaving the opening for Mary to give us the close win on turn 11. Sight of Darkness (Scenario 6: Attempt 1) Fresh off the victory of our win against the Darkness, we decided to reset and go against scenario 6. This one proved to be much like the second attempt against the Darkness - delays in the Outer World costing us precious time and resources against Yig's super short doom track. Choosing a lineup was a bit tougher here. We gave it some thought, but we just don't have enough experience with some of the characters (we have never played Skids or Charlie). We settled on Marie, Finn, Jenny, Tony and Roland. We decided Jenny could afford to help Finn pay off the Bank Loan and were hoping his large set of random draws might yield something useful. He ended up with the Pallid Mask, an axe, and a calvary saber. Marie started with Azure Flame, Tony with the King James Bible, and most importantly, Jenny started with an Elder Sign. The opening mythos was not too bad - Act I started, so our only starting gate was in the Woods. Marie started with a plan to move to the Magick Shoppe to help pass her personal story. Tony joined her there to provide the extra capital and hand off the Bible. Finn found a free item at the Curiousitie Shoppe, and after attempting to repair it he managed to draw... food. I'm not sure what it was before, but making food out of it seems incredibly resourceful I guess? We delayed until turn 3 to get somebody through a gate, mainly because nobody had enough clues, but once Tony gathered two more, he jumped through to City of the Great Race in Witch House, promptly going insane there and gaining, of course, Xenophobia, making any future attempts at sealing incredibly dangerous with his measly 3 sanity. So naturally we sent Tony through a gate as soon as he was back from Lost in Time and Space, as well as sending Marie and Roland through gates. Finn, with the help of the Pallid Mask and two sticks of dynamite, pinned down and killed the Serpent People running around trying to poison everyone, then jumped through a moving gate to force it closed. It took until the 7th turn before Marie finally managed to get our first seal on the board. During turn 6 Virulent Disease returned again - a double doomer rumor. People started working their way to St. Mary's. Finn was lucky enough to get an encounter that drew Eltdown Shards. A few more gates opened quickly and there was little we could do to slow it down - by turn 9 the doom track was at 8 with a single seal on the board and Marie's Witch Blood ability was already used twice. We probably should have called it quits there, but we had two people ready to seal, with an Elder sign and Eltdown shards ready to remove from the doom track. I was still somewhat hopeful for a victory. We got Jenny and Roland through gates that turn and Finn finally got Eltdown Shards to work, so by turn 11 we had 3 seals on the board and were at 8 doom, but it was like being in quicksand by that point. Jenny pulled an incredibly unlucky madness that counted as a duplicate for an earlier injury, devouring her (thanks Miskatonic Horror). She was replaced by Skids. Marie on that same turn jumped through and returned from the outer world, gaining our fourth seal. We got Tony one more clue token and risked yet another trip to an Outer World, hoping for a fifth seal (no hope for number six in sight though). Meanwhile, Finn tried praying really hard at the church - Innsmouth had gone to crap with three gates opening there in a row, and there didn't seem to be much else to do other than pray that the inevitable didn't happen. His prayers were heard both by new gods and old unfortunately, and he added the final doom token to the doom track before anything else could open. I think there's an important lesson to be learned here regarding the value of prayer, but in any case, Yig made quick work of our team. Only Tony managed to hold on for more than a turn, and that was just kind of sad to watch as he rolled two dice every turn until the curses finally got him. It's definitely obvious we shouldn't be playing with lurker gates, especially for this scenario (Woods gate moved - but never was drawn again, so by dumb luck never would have surged anyway), so we'll probably just switch back to normal ones for the rest of the league. Not sure what we'll try for starting lineup next, but pretty sure we need to reconsider a few of our starting characters. One thing's for sure - Finn's not allowed to hang out in church praying next time.
  9. Generally we go for the seals, but sometimes it seems worth the risk to try from the outset for the close win. With all the equipment to have multiple people in the same gate and jump out wherever, and even call in reinforcements and share the gate box between everyone, it seemed doable. Our optimism didn't pay off unfortunately, but the odds were definitely in our favor for a quick win by the 7th turn. Seems often when we do go for it we fail spectacularly after a near miss like that though, so you'd think we'd have learned our lesson. Back to scenario 4 - Now that I understand that William should not be a werewolf that turn - the new question is how does that situation resolve - maybe we shouldn't have had it to begin with, but what should it play out like for the purposes of the scenario (in case we replay it - I think we might for fun)? Say Mary moves first - does she do 4 points to William then move out to the street (is this move intended to do 2 more damage if it happens, or was that scenario rule intended more so werewolves hit and run doing 4 damage to people they pass)? If so, is she in French Hills streets (two movements) or Southside streets (first stalker movement stays on William)? Since they're all elusive - my understanding is that they should ignore investigators completely anyway for movement, right? If William survives Mary's move, then he definitely is mauled to unconsciousness by the second cultist werewolf I imagine.
  10. Not trying to necro this thread, but we started a new thread chronicling our league experience at: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/166814-prepping-for-the-apocalypse-running-avis-fan-league/
  11. Our weekend has come to a close with 4 scenarios down and a single attempt against the Darkness. We half considered resetting for another attempt, but didn't want to get sucked into playing until midnight trying to beat it. What follows are the reports for those last two games: Scenario 4: The Moonlight Plague The rules for werewolf movement were definitely not as clear as I'd like here. Our starting team was Mary, William, Jacqueline, Wendy, and Norman. We started with William because he was carrying over the Migo brain case from Scenario 3, and it was not clear how we should resolve the initial movement. I'm not sure we did it right. The points we're working with: 1) William, Sister Mary, and a Cultist start in South Church 2) Sister Mary starts with Lycanthropy, so moves as a werewolf with the initial black crescent movement 3) Scenario rules - treat werewolf movement as two separate movements 4) Scenario clarification - werewolves, including investigators with lycanthropy, do not deal damage to each other while moving 5) Scenario rules - werewolves (including werewolf investigators) deal 4 damage when on the same space as an investigator 6) Scenario rules - werewolves (including werewolf investigators/cultists - that part is unsaid, but I assume yes?) deal their damage when leaving spaces with investigators 7) Herald - if an investigator is damaged by a werewolf, give them a lycanthropy token and move them as a werewolf during mythos movement (does this happen only the _next_ mythos, or immediately?) So the confusion arises in point 6 combined with point 7 - after dealing 4 points damage, and moving away, does another 2 points of damage happen (due to point 5), or since they're now a werewolf because of the initial damage, do they just also join the movements that turn (because of point 7)? We started by moving Mary, for no other reason than because it was fun to treat her as the enemy for once and move her first. The way we figured it resolved was: 1) She does 4 damage to William, being on the same space as an investigator - he is now a werewolf. 2) She leaves South Church, but does not deal more damage because William is now also infected and starts moving as a Werewolf this turn (this part is where it gets unclear)? 3) Cultist and William also move as Werewolves, but everyone else is far away, so no other issues. I wonder if we should have considered William unconscious for the first round (4 damage from Mary and 4 from the cultist/werewolf) and then had him move as a werewolf only from that point on? In any case, this scenario was definitely kind of fun in that it got us to start think of each other in terms of infection. At one point I was almost happy Sister Mary got lost in time and space (/sent back to South Church) from an outer world encounter because we'd jumped her in the same gate as uninfected Wendy and I was worried that the next mythos was going to kill Wendy. The paranoia from infected investigators definitely was there, which I think was the point - it just wasn't clear exactly how we should resolve our uneasy meetup at any given location if a Moon was drawn, for the same reasons I mentioned with William. The game itself went pretty smoothly. We didn't even bother killing most of the cultist/werewolves, with them being elusive it seemed reasonable to just run past them and focus on being in safe locations/outer worlds as much as possible. We probably got pretty lucky with our mythos draws, but the cultist werewolves only got two moves the entire game, which made them just a slight nuisance more than anything else. They caught Jacqueline unawares in the Graveyard once - the only victim of a random werewolf attack, right after she had got a seal down. The game started with no notable equipment outside what we chose to carry on - Alchemical Process, 2 Gladius of Carcosa, and the Mi-go Brain Case. Mary was our first player and got cursed immediately by Death, but moved to South Church and managed to get back her blessing due to a lucky encounter draw. We had both Jacqueline and Wendy shopping during the first turn and happened upon a second elder sign, so we were feeling pretty solid at that point. In the second turn she got a quick pass on her personal story because Norman visited the Science Building and someone blessed him. From there curses from Death seemed less menacing and the movement of werewolves was pretty quiet, so we went about our business. We shopped and got Jackie through her first gate on turn 4. She had an encounter forcing her to roll for all her spells to keep them. She only lost Alchemical Process, but in the same turn Norman got an interesting encounter in Witch House that let him duplicate any spell he was carrying - we obviously chose Find Gate and suddenly found ourselves with two copies. We tried to pass off the extra Find Gate + Elder Sign to Mary on the 5th turn in the Unvisited Isle using Wendy - there were two clue tokens there to give Mary 5 to seal - a Find Gate would be perfect to prep her for the Outer World. Tensions were high hoping we weren't going to end up with her going all werewolf when we did the handoff, but they got even higher when Mary drew "A gate and a monster appear", drawing them both through the gate (a first for us I think - we've never had an encounter pull two investigators through a gate at the same time). Luckily (?) Mary got lost in time in space with her first encounter in Yuggoth, dropping her back at South Church and keeping her from infecting Wendy. By the time Wendy got back she was able to use her Elder sign while still having passed her personal story, so we decided to risk it, even though that meant losing her curse cover. It drove her insane, which just put her closer to the Curiousitie Shoppe to spend it. Four gates were left, and at that moment Norman and Mary jumped through the last two gates ready to seal. Norman missed his Find Gate roll, but they got back through the next turn. Unfortunately by the time they returned a gate burst had dropped us back to 5 seals on the board. It was turn turn 11 with 7 doom on the track, and Wendy had hit up a Gate Box in her shopping that we probably couldn't find time to use, but we got a few people through gates ready to seal or at very least close, and Jacqueline had the other elder sign we'd bought earlier with Find Gate that Mary was supposed to use. The 13th turn put our sixth seal on the board and we called it a game, with only three of our investigators catching lycanthropy. We carried on Gate Box, two Glaidius and the Mi-Go Brain Case for scenario 5. Scenario 5: Darkness Dawning This one was cruel mainly because victory was so close and taken away with some bad rolls. We knew we had to keep Zoey out fighting and everyone else cowering in terror, but with the Mi-go Brain Case and the Gate Box carried over, and two Gladiuses for Zoey, it seem like we had a pretty solid leg up. . So we had started with the team was the same as before, but swapping Zoey out for Norman (so the team was William, Mary, Zoey, Wendy and Jacqueline). We were feeling even better when Zoey's initial unique item draw was the Carcosan Page, and Jacqueline started with both Call Friend and Plumb the Void spells. "How lucky is that?" we said - basically you couldn't ask for a better starting setup to try and orchestrate a close win. We went about trying for the close win - William started by spending his trophies for blessings to pass his blessing and Mary's - didn't want to risk having to fight a Shogguth or Yithian at +4 toughness when his turn came about. He also had Serpent People, which we were a bit less worried about. (The Lich King Herald wording implied a fight with an existing trophy happened for the first player each turn while night was in effect - is this right?). We were stressed about having Zoey carry around all of the weapons _and_ the Carcosan Page, so we ran Wendy by her to pick it up. Unfortunately by the third turn, it was becoming obvious that Wendy was going to die a horrible death being driven insane by the Necronomicon and there was nothing we could do about it, so we unloaded everything else to Jacqueline during turn 3. This suspicion turned out to be correct because Wendy was devoured on turn 4, catching Schizophrenia twice. The same turn, William got a lucky Psychic from the Historical Society, which we quickly used to move extra skills to cover Zoey - William's marksman moved to Zoey to help make her a killing machine. We replaced Wendy with Norman when she was devoured. He ended up drawing a second copy of Find Gate randomly when he started, which seemed to round out everything and make it more likely we were going to get a close win. We started throwing people through gates at that point - the doom track was at 6 at turn 4, and we were hoping to get everything closed and finished off by turn 8. Mary and Jacqueline jumped through at turn 4, William was through at turn 5 and Jacqueline called Norman into Another Time with Call Friend, expecting to use the Gate Box. Norman jumped back quickly with Find Gate, and Mary and Jacqueline jumped back through at the same time. William was a turn behind, but also came through. We were one gate short, but Zoey jumped through the same turn others were set to close so that we could ship her Find Gate with the Carcosan Page. Zoey jumped back through and ran Find Gate next turn with the Gate Box, as we wanted. Everything was ready to go - Zoey, Mary and Jacqueline were all ready to close at the same time and we were about to finish the game - but unfortunately, the dice did not agree with us. Even with 5 clue tokens, Jackie was not able to close the the R'lyeh gate, even with everyone else closing and leaving just a single clue token. Having Zoey jump through and Wendy devoured, several monsters had ended up jumping into vortexes in Dunwich that turn, and we ended up losing a few useful things - the Mi-go Brain Case and Find Gate were both removed because an all monster movement happened at just the wrong time (Next Act Begins). Even though we had prepped for the eventuality of Glaaki, we were caught off-gaurd because we ended up with two spell Glaaki's in a row (this is right, isn't it? the scenario implies a random Glaaki effect every time terror goes up - allowing for repeats, even during the same turn?). We tried so hard and were just one gate away from a close win, but couldn't pull it off because Jacqueline had 6 dice she coulnd't close with. After that point, the game went downhill. Jackie tried to close again, but it was too late. Another gate opened in Gardner's Place and we needed to get someone through. Jacqueline closed right before the starting Wraith swooped down and killed her. Unfortunately after that close she ended up in Saint Mary's Hospital, shortly afterwards she ended up fighting off a Shan. Our only chance at that point with only one seal on the board and 12 doom was to jump multiple through a gate and try to close quick, but Jacqueline got Devoured by the Shan the 12th turn with the Gate Box and the other Find Gate in her possession, basically making that possibility impossible. I think this will be doable the next time we try if we draw Madnesses a little better for Wendy and put a few more seals on the board thanks to the Gate Box + Police Wagon (seems you can buy this with two of Zoey's cultists, which is basically the only way to get William to move?).
  12. Yeah - it definitely seemed like an oversight that the Witch could be pulled off the board - but after being put through the ringer by scenario two I wasn't going to give up any advantage the rules/mythos offered up. We'll probably try it again at some point so we feel like we did it right, but for now we'll just carry on. Yeah, we definitely got that point drilled into our heads after trying it a few times that way on scenario two. We'll be choosing to our advantage as we carry on through the scenarios.
  13. So it turns out we vastly underestimated the amount of Whiskey cards we'd need to stock up on to handle the soul-crushing weight of these scenarios. As we come back to the real world to restock, I have a bit of time to report on our progress so far. We're up to Scenario 4 and will be starting it today. Scenario 1: Sin and Death We started this scenario as we normally start others - randomly select 2 investigators, keep one. The draws were Norman/Diana and Norman/Zoey. Forgetting Norman started with Find Gate, we both decided to skip Norman. We might have swapped Diana out, looking back at it. Initial setup was okay - Sister Mary started with Endurance and Zoey started with marksman, both of which proved extremely useful with so many vampires on the board, and William started with Will + 1, which made him a pretty solid fighter even with all the harder horror checks on the board. William also started with a Gladius and Molotov. Started out okay - Mary made her way out and faced the cultist vampire, scratch one undead, while William stayed to get a blessing to work on two personal stories. The next turn William went head to head with Dracula and sent him back to the Graveyard but we got stuck with a double doomer rumor - Tattered King. The doom track started accelerating very quickly and we needed to start scrambling, but Diana got pinned in the Curiositie Shoppe. A gate had opened in Dunwich and then another double doomer came out in turn 4. Dracula was blocking a gate over in the Woods, but William sent him back again allowing Mary to get through our first gate. It was seeming like too little two late when 4 more gates opened, but we started getting people through gates and hoping for the best. After turn 10 we got our chance - the doom track stalled with Act I, a monster surge in Innsmouth, then Act II. The second act turned out very useful for Mary, who had picked up the Miskatonic Performer skill. We got Zoey through the Innsmouth gate and had a couple of people in reserve waiting for the next Gate to open, but luckily we had a few more surges and managed to get a close win at turn 14. Impressions: Janus's double evade power along with Death's horror check modifiers made us think twice about trying to get anywhere, and Dracula's ability to hit unstable locations kept things interesting. Luckily we only ended up with a single person getting cursed toward the end - I'm not looking forward to facing that danger again in Scenario 4. Scenario 2: Exodus Earth This one was a pain. It took us four tries and started to get pretty frustrating. Starting in such a hole from Glaaki's first three servants was hard to dig out of. We tried the first two times with the same team, just throwing Jacqueline in the mix as an afterthought. The mythos deck was incredibly unkind and we did not have much chance to take advantage of Jacqueline's ability. In fact we forgot about her so much the second game we didn't notice her sliders missing until the second turn. We ended the day feeling pretty defeated, but after regrouping and reviewing other threads on the league we got a few ideas to try the next day. We replaced Zoey and Diana with Wendy and Norman the first time (so Mary, William, Norman, Wendy, and Jacqueline as our team). We'd never played with Wendy - her special ability was incredibly useful for keeping things under control, and her speed made her effective for getting stuff where it was needed. I definitely think we'll be keeping her if she comes up in random draws in the future. We also funneled more clues to Jacqueline for her special ability. The third game ended with just bad luck, but had gone much smoother than the previous two. Our first mythos card was a +1 terror, so we lost the starting common items we had - a shotgun, flamethrower and a tommy gun. While that was pretty demoralizing, we started to get into the groove and were well on our way to two seals on the board when suddenly William was devoured in R'lyeh at turn 6, putting us immediately in an unexpected final combat that we just forfeited, given our lack of any equipment. Norman was pretty useless because he kept getting pinned behind monsters and unable to get anywhere to do anything useful, so we swapped back in Zoey to replace him and ran it again. We used Wendy several times to keep monsters distracted while people started working on closing gates - something very useful especially in Dunwich. While we ended up with a couple setbacks keeping us from getting all the seals we wanted (including Amnesia for Zoey in the first turn through the gate she was going to seal) the mythos deck stalled at just the right moment to give us an early close win. Not taking any chances when we saw the opportunity come up, we had Wendy run in with two Gladiuses (Gladii?) to kill the final monsters that had surged out of Lost Carcosa - ensuring William would get a second shot with the one die he had to roll, but luckily we didn't need it. We were laughing about how we spent most of the game making Wendy play peekabo with monsters and run around with sharp things and guns, a theme we carried on to scenario 3... Scenario 3: Rivalries of the Gods There were a ton of different rules to keep track of here - I think we forgot to do a Lore -1 check to avoid Yuggoth at one point before visiting Arkham Asylum. We replaced Zoey with Norman - he was much more useful with the corruptions deck being played so heavily. We were quick to close the Witch House so that we could move freely without constant will checks, and a lucky early mythos card took the corrupting Witch off the board (I think this was okay - the rules only specified circle gates didn't suck them back in). Things went pretty smoothly after the gate closed. Norman's starting spells included Alchemical Process, so we were frequenting the Curiositie Shoppe and happened upon the Mi-go brain case. Wendy did happen upon Joining the Winning Team while shopping as well. We joked briefly about having the little girl turn to darkness and betray us all, but weren't sure that was in spirit of actually winning the scenario. We were slow getting seals on the board - took us until the 11th turn for our first one, but with Jacqueline's gift we were able to keep the doom track reasonably under control, and Wendy was able to distract monsters in the streets of Dunwich until we could take care of them (anything to avoid the Terror Track Luck Checks, which came close a few times to devouring someone, stealing cluses from a few of our earlier attempts at sealing). Wendy held onto her elder sign long enough for a Personal story pass, just one turn before she was set to use it. She ran to buy another Elder sign, as the doom track had accelerated and we needed a last seal that it looked like was going to take too long to get - everybody was short on clues. Suddenly our luck changed - William had a chance to swap places with the Mi-go case straight to the Science Building (a Hound had attacked just the turn before), cashing in a gate, giving him enough clues to immediately jump back through and get our final seal. But before he could make his way to the gate, Wendy also hit paydirt at just the right moment, and rushed an elder sign to Mary, who had been holding open a gate because she couldn't seal and we couldn't afford it reopening. We got our sixth seal at 11 doom. We're carrying on two Gladiuses, Alchemical Process and the Mi-go brain case (so useful) for the fourth scenario. Time go shopping at the general store for a few more Whiskey cards and get back to it.
  14. Ah - we've already decided for our normal games that keeping up with personal stories AND relationships between two characters for each of us is too much of a hassle, so good to know we can ignore the relationships. Now I'm torn about the gates - if they're not supposed to be in then I could justify taking them out... but I'd hate to take the easy way out. We'll leave them in to start and see how badly the moving gates mess things up.
  15. I think we're all ready to go - got all the heralds/AOs printed out for the first half. Just to confirm - the expansion setup is all in except: - Lurker mythos - Miskatonic mythos - Miskatonic Act cards? - Ancient Whispers from revised CotDP - Kingsport - except as directed Does that about sum it up? I pulled these from another thread - not sure if I got everything right.
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