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  1. When should we expect things like the rule book posted and the rules video?
  2. Thanks, it probably says this in the book somewhere, I just couldn't find it.
  3. If I want to use a command token on a secondary strategic action, do I send it back to reinforcements?
  4. I went to respond to that "wasted opportunity on release day" etc...but then I realized you were probably joking about the size of the rulebook...and now I feel stupid.
  5. Their quality and simplicity are amazing. I sure hope they make them, anyone know of any announcements one way or another?
  6. I was with you in spirit, had a last minute business meeting come up. Are you doing it next week? Also, any more word on agot?
  7. Ok, but what do you mean by that? Do they write articles? Do I just look at what decks are the best rated? What!?
  8. Want to get competitive but without players close by I basically construct decks and have my wife play against me. Where can I get caught up on what is going on in the metagame so I can be better prepared for the competitions?
  9. Just found out yesterday that a place called Limited Edition Comics in Cedar Falls has a group going on wednesdays.
  10. If at any time you have a fleet that is 2 or more movements away from a planet - and the last turn comes up - and the base is moved to one of those planets - with 2 turns left it's an auto-win for the rebellion.
  11. Personally, I think there are a lot of things that they could do without ever touching the map. The map is already gigantic - adding in new mechanics would be easy - maybe a scum and villainy faction that could move freely between empire and rebel space and both sides could secretly hire by passing cards or something to him. The third faction could then assassinate leaders or slyly work behind the scenes to give victories. I mean, both sides used bounty hunters at times - it's entirely feasible.
  12. When you roll the sabers and you use it to draw a tactics card - can you immediately play it?
  13. Starter rules, we haven't decided if we are playing again tonight or just waiting for tomorrow but we will play advanced then.
  14. I played the empire - my wife played the rebels. The game is simply amazing. I don't know how it feels so good and so star wars - but it does! I used the long range probe card to "guess" the rebel base - I was correct. The problem was there wasn't enough time left in the game for me to move troops to the location! The only complaint I have is that troop movement needs some work done on it. I know they don't want the ability to move troops all the way across the board in 1 turn - but there needs to be a little more movement freedom imho. Perhaps this is why the "map" is so red right now? Anyways, 9.5/10 FFG - great job.
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