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  1. The Interdictor Star Destroyer is a different ship than the Immobilizer "Interdictor" Cruiser, which is the original interdictor in Star Wars lore. The Interdictor Star Destroyer was probably originally a mistake from an author less caught up on his lore, although I can't say that for certain. As for the Quasar, in Legends, that was never an Imperial ship.
  2. I cannot help thinking this will split the community. Also, we never got our Scum combat Epic ship. Maybe we will get one after Solo, but I wish we got the Crusader instead and I doubt that is going to be in Solo. This kinda just seems like a way to stop supporting Legends, probably under orders by Disney. FFG giving us Gunboat did seem kind of like it might be a last hurrah/"thank you" before complying. And I also super-appreciate that they are doing conversion kits for the old ships. Kind of expensive to convert everything, though. What was it? $300 for 2 kits of Rebels and Imperials each? Plus Scum later? And then any ships you just have a lot of you have to sacrifice. It strictly is a good value, because for that price you are basically doubling the number of games you can use your ships in. But I just have a very bad feeling about this. I grow more discontent with Disney's directions and decisions each day. More and more bad decisions, starting years ago with the 10 year EA exclusive contract. I know this thought that 2.0 is about phasing out Legends is a big assumption, but I would put money on it being correct.
  3. Yoy realize those are both Imperial ships, right? Anyway, it is basically a fighter version of the Lambda. Not sure why you threw in the V-Wing.
  4. The story of Forces of Corruption was among the worst of Legends because of how much of a Gary Stu Tiber Zann was, it probably makes them not want to include FoC characters with the FoC ship (Crusader). But then again, the way Disney writes... We all know it will just be two Gozantis glued tail end to tail end.
  5. So Scum's corvette will be a New Republic frigate. Yeeeah, that makes sense. Personally, I would love the Crusader (with the Protectorate Fighter), but we are probably going to get some trash ship that appears in Solo. Slave II (PES) would be a good addition to the game, but not in a $100 pack.
  6. Rotation speed has nothing to do with it. Just its mass (or volume x density)... and how far the TIE Bombers are from the center of mass when they drop them.
  7. "All Rey's training?" Were we watching the same movie. *Edit* Sorry, I think I mis-read the point of thia post the first time. :-)
  8. Exactly. And let's not forget the BF2 tie-in that has the destruction of Starkiller base immediately preceding the evacuation. You cannot tell they are evacuating in the scene, but the ships are in the same position over the same planet, with Leia on the Raddus.
  9. Er no, AFAIK they are evacuating from their planet from TFA. The action started just before Finn got out of his bacta (or whatever) suit.
  10. It had been years since ANH. Luke had plenty of time to learn a simple trick like that. Ben might have even given him some guidance in the interim. It isn't like he cleared away a cave-in just a week after getting confirmation that the Force even exists. A day or two after getting an explanation of what the Force is (the same description Luke got in ANH). If there had been a time gap between TFA and TLJ, I would at least have been able to excuse Rey's super-awesomeness in TLJ. But no, we didn't get that.
  11. The movie is schizophrenic on the matter. Nobody came to help The Resistance, disproving that nihilism... until Luke shows up, at least. But Rey is so uber-duper force-awesome because the Force "always creates a balance," proving that nihilism.
  12. Yeah. Kamikazes were loaded with explosives, and they were still not one-hit-killing ships. Least of all the largest ships imaginable. If hyperspace were a deadly weapon, there would be hyperspace missiles. That would be the end game of warfare.
  13. That sort of nihilism isn't wise, it is lazy and dangerous. "Oh, I guess I could do something, but it doesn't matter. Someone else will do it." Progress doesn't just happen on its own.
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