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  1. Hello Force, Yes we are still playing Version one because none of us like Version 2, and we are playing our next few games with huge Ships......next weekend we are going to have a 650 point game. Rebels & Scum Vs Imperials.....Trying to run the Blockade with as many big ships and transports as I can, Should be a good fun game. if not a long one ! Had a practice game to get back into it and familiarise ourselves with the rules. I may actually start building again after this has got my enthusiasm back. All the best, Barry.
  2. Crikey, Been a while since I have been back on the Forum. I can see you have all been very busy😎 Haven't played a game since last June, although playing a game this weekend....should reignite my enthusiasm for the game again and start some more builds. Hope your all well. all the best, Barry.
  3. Hey Cyco. Yes there are a lot of great builds that others have done, that are worth looking in on. enjoy viewing all the great looking cars ! all the best, Barry.
  4. Fantastic Stuff. Love the models and re-paints. well done. All the best, Barry.
  5. Very Impressive ! Well done......nice to see new blood on the Forum after I have been away for a while. Excellent job on all of your re-paints. All the best. Barry.
  6. And keeping with the theme of using coloured pencils. other uses for them........ Drawing on the rust and grime streaks after spraying the base colour..........its really easy and good fun ? Yes it has veered away from Star Wars, But I will post more of those as some time back I finished Rouge Squadron X Wings Red 4 to 10 just using pencils. and they came out looking pretty good. will take pics and post those too. All the best, Barry.
  7. Thanks Flooze ? Hey Cyco. Yes I do post on the GASLANDS Forum. Very quite on that forum compared to this one....not as much interest. still great though.
  8. Hello De'Chardains Glad to here my builds helped you get back into the Hobby. I always try to be as helpful as I can as I like to share the Knowledge and help others out should they need. Over the years I have picked up many tricks, Tips and ideas. some people like to keep the info to themselves. I prefer to pass on what I have learned. in my Hobby and in my Job. although my job has been hard as of late and.......Burnt me out slightly. And other things going on. I need to sit back and recharge my batteries. get back to building models again and enjoying the Hobby. I will say I am enjoying seeing what everyone has been building while iv been away. Great stuff on the Forum and lots of new faces too. Good to see. Enjoy your builds my Friend. All the best. Barry.
  9. Thanks Cyco. Fitting really as I used Pencils on these as well to weather the streaks and grime ! Using Pencils comes in Handy on many forms of different models
  10. Yes Its good fun Too. Fun Building the cars and a nice break from X wing. All the best, Barry.
  11. My Republic Version of the C-roc. All the best, Barry.
  12. Great Builds......I see your having fun Cutting and chopping up the models ! Well done, they look superb. All the best, Barry.
  13. Good to see your still building ken, I have taken a break for a while.....but still good to pop in and see what everyone is doing. Looking Fantastic as always. Well done old Chum. All the best, Barry.
  14. Yes It did always look a bit odd, I just wanted something that looks like it could actually fly, plus it has a similar appearance to the death gliders and X302 from Stragate SG-1....Great classic TV ! All the best, Barry.
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