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  1. I can`t remember posting my character drawings in this thread yet.... So here are a few I did in my usual grayscale and pencils style. Besalisk Archeologist (commission for forums member) Three PC` s and an NPC commissioned by a forums member A Commissioned droid npc. An ancient jedi knight Squire My character Jil G` jira the Herglic Big Game Hunter Nar Shaddaa gang enforcer A game of pazaak (For PDF module) Special Agent Qatana Tarkin of the ISB cockeye J`akaar the Devaronian contact on Tatooine Zingo the Ace Driver Three Hutt NPC` s in my game...
  2. My Herglic Big-Game Hunter, Jil. Escaped slave.... Redrawn Bonus.... Still sci-fi
  3. I haven` t done Star Wars characters in a while, but I have lot`s of other rpg related character drawings... Just recently I did this Jungle Fighter of Catachan(WH40k)... At least it` s Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Space Opera too
  4. Haha So true! Boba will hear about this around the Lifeday table this year. .. again! I bet he is getting pretty sick of that old joke by now!... And Granny Fett won't take the picture down from the mantlepiece either. Any wonder why he's a grumpy guy?
  5. Come on! It was a poor design/composition choice or blunder... Still a good piece by a great artist! But once you see it, you can`t unsee it And yes, my brain is a preteen sometimes....
  6. Other than the stupid reedit of Anakin at the end of RotJ? Canon or legends...
  7. Does anyone know how young the youngest jedi who fought in the Clone Wars were? Were they all called generals as well? Long time since I watched the show and I can't remember if only knights and masters were generals or if padawans like Ashoka were called general too...
  8. Do you know anything about these guys that isn't on wookieepedia?
  9. Anyone know about the Black Hole Pirates too, and when they joined up with or was consumed by the Zann Consortium? Wookieepedia didn't have much...
  10. I know. And I like the vagueness, I can absolutely work with that! But if there is anything more solid and hard to go on, from canon or legends, I would love to hear about it!
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