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  1. Thanks everyone for your help. 


    My question arose due to my belief that the "successful quest" condition ends once you use Expert Treasure Hunter's response, and thus a second copy does not benefit from that occurrence. 



    Combine it with Wizard Pipe and Hidden Cache for a cash engine. (Props to whoever thought of it first.)


    This sounds really good! I will definitely try it once I get my hands on Hidden Cache.  

  2. As the title hints, I am using Hero Gandalf in order to get some extra info on the upcoming card and potentially play it as his ability allows. 


    In order to augment my card draw, I opted to run Expert Treasure Hunter, which allows to do so by gambling.




    Combined with Gandalf however, there is no gambling in the process.


    My question is, how does it work when there are two copies of Expert Treasure Hunter in play. According to my understanding it goes something like this: (1) given that both attached heroes have quested successfully, (2) you "guess" the first card, (3) pick it up, (4) next card is revealed due to Gandalf's ability, (5) guess the newly revealed card and (6) pick it up. 


    Is this valid?

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