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  1. It reads: Response: After attached hero participates in an attack that destroys an enemy, exhaust Rohan Warhorse to ready attached hero. This does not work when the hero attacks alone right? There always needs to be +1 character at least, correct? Can I cause Westfold Horse-breeder to participate in the attack although she has 0 attack?
  2. It would also hit my OCD right in the middle, if I had to add a flimsy carton box between the rest of deluxe and saga expansions. Go find some Arkham Horror LCG unboxings on youtube. L5R and GoT have the same boxes. They look like they will fall apart during shipping alone.
  3. Yup same here. This is how it looks: https://boardgamegeek.com/image/4348540/lord-rings-card-game
  4. Agreed. The only way you can get some saga expansions right now, like the Black Riders, is by spending 100+ dollars on ebay. And that's a used copy even... On that note, I have the feeling that the next reprint run will come in the new flimsy boxes though like every other new LCG right now.
  5. Out of curiosity, now that the core has a smaller box like Arkham LCG, do you think that LotR future expansions will also get flimsy cart-boxes like the latter? Those are way smaller than the current thick ones we get and open from the side only. I usually store an entire cycle in its corresponding deluxe box. It would be kinda annoying if FFG breaks the tradition here.. Unfortunately it seems that this will be the case, since every other LCG already works like that...
  6. Action: Exhaust Bilbo Baggins and move all his resources to this hero. Then discard Bilbo Baggins.
  7. Is it me or are they running out of characters? As it is now we have 96 heroes in all 4 spheres: https://ringsdb.com/find?q=s%3Atactics|spirit|leadership|lore|neutral+t%3Ahero&sort=set&view=list Granted, some have more than one version, but still, I can't think of many interesting characters from the books that have been left out.
  8. So I see that all of the POD standalones are available on the FFG store (while out of stock in most places I ve looked). How does it work? Do I order one and they print it no matter the stock?
  9. You can certainly find some of those if you dig around on the internet. But I feel you. I was looking for the Black Riders for ages until I managed to get one on an ebay auction for around 15 bucks above retail price. Couldn't find it anywhere and it's the beginning of the saga campaign...
  10. True. Didn't think about that. So there is no case where you would need to play an action between encounter cards during stage, right?
  11. So, according to the rules of reference book, there is an action window after the staging step. The rules also say that if a "when revealed" card comes out of the encounter deck you have to resolve it before drawing another one. In that scenario, my question is the following: How can I play an action that for example cancels the "when revealed" effect of the first card without drawing a second one (in a two-player game) in order to complete the staging step (since the action window is after that step)? Can you in those cases prematurely play actions after the first card although the staging has not yet been completed (namely the second card has not been drawn and resolved)?
  12. It's annoying to see a LOTR LCG article on the front page only to find out it's about the digital app. Obviously the two names are are not the same (LotR: The Card Game vs LotR: The Living Card Game). Aside from that the two games are distinctly different in how they play. I am also thinking that this confusion might discourage new players from discovering the paper game if they were first introduced to the digital one and didn't like it (see the mixed reviews on the steam page). Would it be too much to create a distinct tag for the digital app? It's a completely different game.
  13. Also the enemy that deals damage to you from the staging area but you cannot engage him unless there are no enemies in the staging area.
  14. I am all in for the book. Especially if they gather all the manuals from every expansion ever.
  15. I like both your ideas. Whatever it is I hope they don't make them a POD thing for every single scenario in the game. It will be too much to start collecting yet another thing from the beginning.
  16. I got really excited with the discussion in the other thread about what future features/ideas we would like to see in the game. Someone mentioned a new campaign mode and after digging around I found this quote by Caleb: Source (at the bottom) How do you think this could be implemented? Maybe add a kit/box of sorts to the existing line-up that connects scenarios? Or build a new set of expansions that have a tighter narrative like the Arkham Horror LCG? Personally I would love something like that, especially if we can gain loot and other boons moving forward. Other ideas?
  17. I hope the campaign mechanic they are planning comes in one single box for the entire game and not one pack for each deluxe box and adventure pack. I hope that box also includes spare copies of the cards that don't come in copies of 3 in the core set.
  18. https://ringsdb.com/card/12116 I haven't played in a while but does this Response work like this? Something from the encounter deck removes your hero from the quest, and you get to re-commit him/her back to it. Is that it?
  19. Another day failing to track down a copy of the Black Riders.. oh well..
  20. That was lucky. Unless I find it forgotten on a shelf somewhere, I am expecting to get it when it will be reprinted again.
  21. I would like a deluxe expansion with the main focus being on Rohan. Voice of Isengard didn't really do it for me. Also, the existing Rohan decks feel kinda week. Also an expansion in Mordor would be great. I wouldn't mind visiting already explored areas, like Gondor for example. Other timelines would also be cool as others suggested. I just wish that they don't give up on the game now that Arkham Horror and Legend of the Five Rings seem to be the hot LCGs in the hood.
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